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Quote of the day | Brian Wood on the WildStorm that could have been

The Authority

The Authority

“Shortly before the decision was made known that DC was closing the Wildstorm imprint, I was asked to pitch a line-wide ‘new direction’ for Wildstorm… not a reboot, but just what would come next after the World’s End thing. A year’s worth of stories for three titles. I was so into it, and now the pitch sits in the vault with all the rest of its friends.”

DMZ, Northlanders and DV8 writer Brian Wood, revealing what might have been if DC Comics hadn’t closed down its WildStorm imprint. Based on the three ongoing series that WildStorm was publishing before they were shuttered, the series Wood references are most likely The Authority, WildCATS and Gen13.

I guess the silver lining here is that DC does still own the characters, so there’s always a chance that we’ll see Authority and the rest again … and who better to revive them than the guy who revived DV8?



I hold no grudge, I should add… it was very flattering to have been asked and I had a blast writing the outlines. I have a lot of very genuine affection for the Wildstorm universe. Even though I’m much more of an indie guy at heart, Wildstorm was a big influence on me early on.

I’m sure Wood’s revamp would have been fine. But even if this had been the best thing since Ennis’ original StormWatch/Authority run, it’s kind of hard to take this kind of thing seriously, because WildStorm seemed to have a major “BOLD NEW DIRECTION” shift every couple of years. I gave up on most WildStorm titles years ago because of this kind of lack of consistancy.

The very fact that all these titles NEEDED revamping so often shows how little faith DC management had in the line as a whole.

Ah, what could’ve been, Brian Wood’s DV8 run was fantastic. I can only imagine what he had in mind for the WSU.

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Yes, I wonder if they hadn’t seen the need to ‘eventise’ it to an early grave (like the Ultraverse) if it would still be around. Or if it would be better if Image still had it and it was a series of short series mostly that connected organically rather than via corporatised crossover hoo-hah?

I think that the biggest issue is that it was a superhero line in a world where superhero books are slowly dying.

I would read the heck out of a Brian Wood-penned Wildstorm reboot…I thought his DV8 relaunch was fantastic. I would say that I think the Wildstorm Universe *desperately* needs a break, as the constant “earth-shattering” storylines over the last few years just completely obliterated interest in all of the titles. If DC can leave the books alone for a couple of years, hopefully interest in and nostalgia for those books can build and they can have the kind of success Marvel did with JMS’s Thor revival. There’s definitely inherent interest in these characters — just look at the initial sales on the ’05 relaunch — so the right relaunch with a creator like Wood could be just what they need to succeed.

The WildStorm Universe titles, during their creative heyday, were never so much about the characters or the universe, but about creators who were giddy to do superhero books that were different from the ones published by Marvel and DC, in terms of what they say and how they say it.

The style that made those comics all the rage in the late 1990s has long been absorbed by Marvel and DC proper. The current market doesn’t need more generic superhero fare, and none of the WildStorm characters are terribly original on their own terms.

If DC finds a way to reconnect with that, I can see the value in giving it another go — eventually, after a few years, and with one book, rather than a bunch at once, and with someone like Wood at the helm.

That’s a pretty big “if,” though.

Looking at the last few years worth of WildStorm comics (or, for that matter, assorted other DC attempts to launch or revive additional superhero lines), I’m rather skeptical. Plainly, either nobody at the publisher gets what those books were about, or they’re actively opposed to doing that sort of thing; see THE BOYS.

(“…to reconnect with that early appeal…”)

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