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Quote of the day | Sammy Harkham on Chester Brown’s big…dilemma

its a strange thing when the most visually exciting sequence in a chester brown book are of his dick being inspected. not bad, mind you. I think chester brown has a big dick. he keeps saying it’s six inches, but girls keep saying “ow”, so he’s measuring wrong.

–Via Twitter, Sammy Harkham, editor of Kramers Ergot and author of Crickets, asks the hard questions (sorry) about Chester Brown’s new memoir about his life as a patron of prostitutes, Paying For It. I’m enjoying Fear Itself and Flashpoint just fine, but as far as summer buzz books go, they sure don’t spark conversations like this.

On a more serious tip (sorry!), Harkham also echoes an observation I myself had about the book. I won’t spoil it lest I call down the wrath of Drawn & Quarterly (although Harkham does spill the beans in his tweet, so be warned, I guess?), but by far the most interesting aspect of his relationship with prostitutes, one that pretty much turns everything else in the book on its ear, is crammed into the final few pages and barely dealt with at all. “To me, that’s where the book should start,” says Harkham. “That’s a book.”

Have you read it? What did you think?



I agree with Sam and I think Chester does too, SMALL SPOILER ==> but Denise, the prostitute in question didn’t want the details of their relationship in the book.

Very fascinating book, couldn’t stop reading. To my surprise I still had a few dozen pages of appendices and notes left to read.
There are certain disturbing scenes in the book which still haunt me a bit and in the appendices Chester gives additional controversial views about relationships, prostitution, addiction, etc. ..

Fortunately, there is also a text in which Seth explains that Chester is rather limited in terms of emotions, he is almost a robot, there is something seriously wrong with that guy. Every book by Chester Brown is very much worth the read (what an understatement) , and ‘Paying for it’ is no exception, but the author is really crazy when it comes to his views on sex and relationships. Still have a lot of respect for the artist and his honesty and his openess, how shocking it may be some of the time…

Drawn & Quarterly say on their website that this will be the most talked about novel of 2011, … I can see it happening.

Andrew McIntosh

May 20, 2011 at 11:39 pm

Brown sure seemed to have a big dick in “The Playboy”. Maybe it shrunk with age?

And I’m surprised over the fact that nobody seems to have picked up that he no longer “does the Chester” when he jerks off in “Paying For It”.

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