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Rise of Arsenal, Greek Street win awards for ‘accurate depiction of substance abuse and mental illness’

The Rise of Arsenal

Both Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal and Greek Street received PRISM Awards this weekend for, per the group’s website, “the accurate depiction of substance abuse and mental illness.”

Greek Street, for those who may not know or remember, is the now-canceled Vertigo series by Peter Milligan and Davide Gianfelice. The comic was nominated for issues #12-14, a storyline titled “Ajax,” which was about post-traumatic stress disorder. I didn’t make it that far with the series, which was canceled a couple of issues later with issue #16. I loved the premise — Ancient Greek myths told in a more contemporary “crime story” setting — but unfortunately the book never really clicked with me.

The four-issue Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal, on the other hand, didn’t seem to click with anybody. CBR’s Doug Zawisza gave the first issue a one-star review, while retailer and Savage Critic Brian Hibb called the third issue of the book “the worst comic I have ever read.” Chris Sims vivisected it at ComicsAlliance.

The awards are presented annually by the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc., in collaboration with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, FX Network and News Corporation in the areas of film, television, interactive, music, DVD, and comic book entertainment. Other winners this year include Black Swan, The Fighter, Mad Men and Rescue Me.



The last thing we need is someone encouraging DC to produce bad comics.

Wait, so heroin IS a hallucinogen after all? I’m so confused!

Pedro Bouça

May 2, 2011 at 5:24 pm

I keep saying that Rise of Arsenal will be studied at schools in a few years (alongside with Rob Liefeld’s oeuvre), yet no one seems to believe me!

RISE OF ARSENAL wins award for accurate depiction of substance abuse

Funniest headline of all time, meet the internet. Internet, funniest headline of all time. It’s a pleasure to see the two of you introduced.

Yes, of course smoking the China Cat causes intense hallucinations, as well as decreasing sexual performance. It’s important that this very accurate information about China Cat is out there, presented in the context of an award-winning comic book. so that all the kids who read comics can learn about it.


May 3, 2011 at 1:22 pm

“Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal” is very stupid…

It’s all very meta. Substance abuse is just horrible, and that is reflected in this comic about it being just horrible. It’s impressive if you think about it.

Maybe they meant that it was a realistic depiction of substance abuse in the sense that it’s the sort of comic someone would spit out if they were on hallucinogens?

El Santo, when you typed that I got this image of someone on LSD stuffing the comic into their mouth and then frantically spitting it out once the badness seeped into his taste buds.

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