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SLG offers digital Sanctuary for free

SLG describes Stephen Coughlin’s series Sanctuary as part Lost, part Island of Dr. Moreau and part Jungle Book. The Jungle Book influence is easy to get from all the talking animals, but the other two aren’t as immediately apparent. At first Sanctuary reads more like Madagascar, a simple story about a bunch of funny animals hanging out at the zoo.

But things get strange quickly when Coughlin reveals that there are no visitors to this zoo and that the humans running the place may not be helping the animals. And then the first death occurs.

Sanctuary #1 can be downloaded for free from the SLG store.



The SLG store is currently listing it as “Out of Stock” and thus unavailable to order, which seems odd considering it’s a digital comic and not something that can actually be out of stock. Is anybody else having this problem?

When you click the link in the post it should take you directly to the download page. It works for me and I was able to download the PDF version that way. (There are two other downloadable options in addition to PDF.)

Thanks! I see where I was missing the links on the page I was at.

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