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The Dark Knight vs. Wolverine in stylish Batman Deliverance

Batman Deliverance

French director Pierre Desgranges and Atomic Production have produced a Dark Knight Returns-inspired short film called Batman Deliverance that takes key elements of Frank Miller’s landmark comic — an aging Bruce Wayne, a Gotham plunged into chaos — and adds a bit of a twist. A hirsute, clawed twist.

The purists may not care for the addition of Wolverine to the story, but they’ll be hard pressed not to appreciate Desgranges’ beautifully shot, noirish film (don’t miss the Batcave!). Check out the video after the break.



first! yes then

That was really cool

This was stupid.

That was pretty cool. I’m just not sure what the point was. So I’m going to watch it some more.

^Seriously? Anyway this was pretty good.

So, wait, this is just some kids Wolverine fantasy with no story and a couple of set scenes ripped from elsewhere? Or is it supposed to be Bruce wayne’s Wolverine wet dream? Looks great but that can’t cover the fact that they forgot to include a middle or an end, or any real point.

French? Bats is skinny with a beer belly and tatoos.
Wolverine? Why?
I like the noir atmosphere, but everything else sucks.

This is how they should do an adaptation for the big screen, very neo-noir and Sin City like. Loved the shot of Bruce dead and how human and vunerable he looked without the mask, really nice touch…


That was mostly dumb.


May 31, 2011 at 7:54 am

Wow…. um… why did Bruce Wayne gave a huge Tiger tattoo on his chest? This was…. weird… just…. weird. I feel like the person who wrote this wanted to make 2 different shorts, and just decided to mash them together for no reason….

Just proof that the French don’t get our heroes.

I liked the actor that played wolverine and the costumes and visual style were excellent, sound was good too. Story was slow and really disjointed making it kinda pointless, and since I put more value on coherent storytelling than on visuals or sound, I’d have to say that this was not good overall.

that almost ruined batman and wolverine for me forever.

I agree with the moodiness … and I dig the Bat-Tank … but I must’ve missed why Wolverine and Batman were fighting beyond the fact that Bruce seemingly wanted out of the Bat-Game …

I stopped the moment ‘wolverine’ went ‘rrr’. Sounded more like he’d squeezed one off.

Bag of wank

Ahhhh, the French.


Christ, leave it to the French to screw up two badasses like Batman and Wolverine.

Wait, that WASN’T the trailer for the eventual WB reboot of Batman???

I think a lot of people fail to realize that this isn’t an actual “movie” but a demo to shop out the director’s style of film making. Think of it as flash fiction instead of a novel and you’ll enjoy it much more.

Is it just me or did Wolverine not land a single blow and ended up getting essentially tasered by Bats?

I don’t get it. I mean I get it’s a demo reel but what was he trying to get across with it? If he wants to show his fight style do something like Batman Dead End. If he was trying to show his story telling abilities he should have had a story. It felt like he was trying to showcase both but didn’t properly commit to either one so it came off feeling like it wasn’t sure what it was trying to be.

I guess it was 25% cool but 75% WTF?

Lol, this was funny.

But the saddest part is, it was better then any Batman film ever made, or any Wolverine film ever made as well.

Look, all I know is that made me really want some Batman cologne.

What the hell did I just watch? The nerd in me wants to argue about how that fight would have actually gone down. Decent job with the effects for a home movie type experience. Wolverine’s claws looked better then they did in the Wolverine Origins movie.

And why does every French short have to end with someone dying tragically?

Like most fan films it took away minutes from my life that I’ll never get back and shows why these people aren’t making real films.

Don’t put the blame on ALL the french.
I’m french and I think that sucked big time too.

…I don’t get it. What was the point of it all? Batman apparently disappears for years, and when he finally gets back into costume… he fights Wolverine? Why? Logan isn’t a villain and they never show him causing problems that would require Bats to fight him. We just jump into them fighting and Bats getting killed. It kinda feels without a point. And why did Bats have to be so old to face Wolverine? Is that because its the only way Batman can be taken down?

Not to stereotype, but this films kinda comes off as one of those pretentious french films that college kids watch to sound intellegent. Only… with Batman and Wolverine. I don’t get what the plot and premise was supposed to be about.

What a LOAD OF RUBBISH… the worst of the worst pompous Euro-trash, totally meaningless, storyless and oh-so wankerly ‘intellectual’. No middle!!! No ends!!! NO NOTHING!!! Even [some] pretty pictures just underline the total and utter EMPTYNESS of this pointless excercise in defacing the modern mass culture icons the way that shows ‘old world cultural arrogance’ towards anything akin to non-esotheric and entertaining.
Now we know why Europe can’t AND WON’T produce [anymore] a decent understandable meaningful film EVER.
See CITY OF SCARS! See BATMAN: DEAD END or WORLD’S FINEST and be in awe how the real stuff should be done.
‘Nuff said.

I liked it.

While I’ll hold off on the negativity, I will say that it was well crafted for the budget they were working with..
While characterization and plot were off to say the least, some work went into this little flick.

Red Robin, I agree with all you say. The noir feel is great. The actual shot of the bat dead and fragile is true to the people I’ve seen in real life when they have been killed or murdered. But Batman like that? That, to me, is BS of the biggest kind. The story starts ok, then the jump to Wolverine vs Batman is just senseless and looses all that was built up before, ruining what little story there was. Unless this is some type of philosophical point being made about how the heroes that kill are taking the place of those that won’t, I don’t see any point to the short film.

well…it looks great…

Ah! I don’t understand it therefore it must be terrible! Waugh! The filmmakers should apologize for making something I don’t like!

I thought this was cool, but senseless. I’d like to see these people do a Dr. Doom vs. Mr. Fantastic with more of a story, I liked Batman’s costume, and I think they’d do an interesting Dr. Doom. I don’t know why these movie people refuse to show Wolverine in one of his superhero costumes, would enjoy that. for once. What’s wrong with Wolverine’s costume? Why don’t they ever show his super-strength or super-speed, or anything besides his claws? Anyway, I think Wolverine would kill Bats if they ever got into a real fight, but Batman is pretty resourceful. His lack of knowledge of who Wolverine is and his powers would cause problems. Tasers aren’t going to do much damage to Wolverine, if any, and Batman obviously didn’t realize that.

Loved Batman’s demeanor and his use of shadows. The fight scene is bad ass in my opinion. The fight really showed their personalities. Wolverine is short, moving back and forth like an animal, grunting, and just generally coming across like Wolverine should. Batman stoic, tall and scary, in complete control of the fight. Effortlessly coming in and out of the shadows, parrying wolverines aggressive movements and striking brutally. Then he nonchalantly pulls of a stun gun and the perfect time and ends it, like Wolverine was nothing.

I’m guessing the point is that Batman is old, burnt out, trying to escape being Batman and subconsciously allows himself to be killed by, born killer Wolverine.

I enjoyed it.

Wow, that was way more artsy than I thought it was going to be. Both in visuals and in content..

Well, it certainly was…French.

Wow! What a waste of some great technology. Batcave looked pretty good. Bat-mobile looked interesting in the real world. But that whole dream nonsense with Wolverine killing Bats, just dumb. That’s the problem with these fan efforts. Too little budget and too much “gee-wouldn’t-it-be-cool-if” nonsense.

That was weird – especially the whole Wolverine scene.

Credit though to anyone who takes the time to make his own home movie. At least he had a vision and was ballsy enough to see it through.

ike the Noir effects, but what is the deal on Bruce Wayne? Emo boy, who doesn’t try to get pass the past. Yes, I am not a bats or Wolvie fan.

Well if it borrowed elements from Frank Miller so does that make it ‘Le Mon Dieu’ Batman?

Bat would never get into a fight unless he was sure of winning it. Someone please give some essential batman to the lame-ass frenchy….

Hahahahaha Oh my Goodness. I feel like I just watched a French Filmclass video on Superheroes, wait that actually was. I will say it was filmed very good, but the whole fight with Wolverine was crazy

I am not sure if I think it was awesome or dumb. wow its tearing apart my very emotions !!

good for a watch:)

The visual was nice but a mess of a story.

Not to sound elitist, but a majority of the comments here display an idiocy that unfortunately perpetuates the good-for-nothing stereotype of comic book readers. We all love flashy action scenes with explosions and professionally choreographed fights, but if thats all comic books and their filmic counterparts do for you – then grow the fuck up.

This was well shot (which is what he was trying to show) but the story didn’t exist and the actors should not have been shown in such a physically demanding role. The quality of the set and effects was very high since this was probably made on a shoestring but still…get a good script first guys…

Bench: – I think most people commenting are really saying “Story first” then action please. You shouldn’t insult comic book readers because you don’t agree with them, you just take comments on the chin. If you post something up for the public to watch then you have to accept the consequences of the millions of online viewers.

I think its great they took their personal time to make this but like all good fights you need tension, you need to create that tension through story. However if you make something like this you have to decide why you are making it. 1. To show studios how you can direct a film hoping to be hired as a director. 2. To show studios you can write a short and be hired as a writer. 3. To show you can do both. 4. To just have fun with characters you love. 5. To use it as a pitch to get a bigger film up. While all of these choices are fine you have to remember one thing: the audience. The audience wants a story, they want to be taken on a journey, if you don’t have a journey you don’t have a story. There is no journey for the great icon characters in this short therefore no story. Great effort through.

Ich finde der Film war eigentlich gar nicht so schlecht.Aber was mich gestört hat war dass Batman am Ende
verloren hat,denn Batman verliert ganz sicher nicht gegen einen Mutanten der knurrt als währe er ein Hund.
Oh und dass Batman so fett war fand ich auch sehr sehr doof .

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