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The Power of Greyskull: two killer He-Man and the Masters of the Universe art galleries

Masters of the Universe art by Earl Norem

Masters of the Universe art by Earl Norem

I love He-Man and I don’t care who knows it. To my mind, the Masters of the Universe is one of the great untapped influences/resources in nerddom, a breathless (some might even say senseless) amalgamation of fantasy, science fiction, space opera, superheroes, pulp barbarians, and toyetic skunk dudes named Stinkor that in many ways prefigures contemporary comics’ fast and loose genre riffs and mash-ups, from Orc Stain to Prison Pit. The toys and the cartoon were good fun, but for sheer imagination-firing power, it’s tough to beat the line’s concept art. Aeron Alfrey of the indispensable art blog Monster Brains has assembled two eye-popping galleries of MOTU madness, one dedicated to paintings (in particular the work of the great Earl Norem), the other to comic and cartoon art. They have the power.



he-man is awesome as far as i’m concerned :)

Yeah, Love He-man!! Favorite 80’s property! And his newer series (and comics) from 03 (?) was awesome! Wish both had of lasted longer.

I’m just spewing I never brought one of the newer action figures – they were so detailed!

Of coarse it doesn’t hurt that he is totally buff and wearing practically nothing! haha… ;)

How do I hate He-Man.. let me the count the ways…

Actually, I do have to like him for two things. His success spawned a series for his sister She-Ra, who may be the only superheroine whose bust got bigger when she changed from secret ID to super-doer,

And his success paved the way for lots of better TV cartoons. Thundercats Ho, et al.

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