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This Saturday, it’s Free Comic Book Day

art by Darwyn Cooke

Retailers around the world will once again celebrate the greatest holiday of the year, at least for comic fans, on Saturday — Free Comic Book Day. In addition to giving away comics from a wide range of publishers, many retailers will also host creator signings and other events at their shops. To see what’s happening in your area, head over to the FCBD’s event listing page.

For parents wondering what you should pick up for your kids, Katherine Dacey has a great guide posted at Good Comics for Kids.

And after you’ve hit your local comic shop, you can also find some free comics of the electronic variety:

  • Graphicly will have several free comics available via their site and applications on Saturday, including a Free Comic Book Day Edition of Mouse Guard that will appear in all of their user accounts. They will also have issues of Archie, Atomic Robo, In Maps & Legends and many more that can be downloaded for free on Saturday only; head over to their blog for a complete list.
  • ComixTribe and Red Handed Studios have joined forces to digitally release a crossover between their flagship titles, Epic and DynaGirl. You can download it now, right here.

And finally, to see previews of just about all the titles that will be available, head over to the FCBD website. My personal “shopping” list for tomorrow includes everything, but the ones I’m really psyched about include the Amazing Spider-Man one, featuring Shang Chi; DC’s Green Lantern one, mainly for the Flashpoint preview; Robert Kirkman’s Super Dinosaur; Spontaneous #1 from Oni; and of course the Roger Langridge/Chris Samnee Thor/Captain America book, which is the perfect thing to read after we see Thor tomorrow. For more on the comics themselves, Dorian at Postmodern Barney has a rundown.



Simon DelMonte

May 6, 2011 at 10:27 am

Just once I wish that FCBD was a Sunday, since I am an observant Jew. Alternately, I wish it was tied to a DC film instead a Marvel movie.

But I am not particularly bummed. If something is good, I will see it eventually, and if it’s not, I’m not missing much.

“Alternately, I wish it was tied to a DC film instead a Marvel movie.”

It’s not tied to a movie at all, actually. It’s the first Saturday in May regardless of what’s going on at the cinema.

Simon DelMonte

May 6, 2011 at 11:21 am

Yes, but as Marvel seems to grab that spot for a movie, it sure seems like it.

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