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Where the Marvel Heroes live

No trip to Hollywood is complete without buying a map to the stars’ homes. Now you can do the same thing for New York City superheroes in the Marvel Universe. Only – thanks to Dorkly – the map is free. They tell you where to find your favorite heroes’ hangouts, but the best part is that they also have photos of the real life buildings that inspired the fictional ones and/or reside at their addresses.



Spider-Man lives on 5th Ave.? So much for the “down-on-his-luck” super hero…

How does Ben Grimm not live on Yancy Street?

Also, lol at Daredevil being homeless.

This brochure is fantastic.

A few years ago the Travel Channel had a special about Marvel’s New York and Peter Sanderson has a book called “The Marvel Comics Guide to New York City”. Good stuff.

Luke Cage doesn’t live in Harlem?

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