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Andrew Robinson’s Dusty Star returns

After its debut way back in the halcyon days of 1997, Andrew Robinson’s Dusty Star has been missing in action.  It’s lone two issues impressed those that read it and even garnered praise from Warren Ellis, but it’s been 14 years … but now it’s coming back.

Over on his blog, Robinson has been showing off new pages from Dusty Star and announced the wide-brimmed heroine will pop up in an upcoming issue of IDW’s SAGA Illustrated. Robinson stated earlier that he’s working on a 40+ page story that’ll be published as a standalone graphic novel when finished.

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Mark Kardwell

June 1, 2011 at 1:41 pm

There’s a certain element of “I’ll believe it when I’m holding it in my hands” about that ‘un.

Come on, Mark; have a little faith. You probably don’t believe that Duke Nuken Forever is really coming out either, do you?! ;-)

In fairness though, yeah, your application of the law of low expectations is wise. I will be very excited when I get some new Dusty Star, but until that actually happens I probably shouldn’t build up enthusiasm unreasonably high.

This is one of the comics who inspired me to work on my own stuff like Maya… it’s great to know it will be back!

Andrew’s Dusty Star stuff is so super gorgeous. Can’t wait for more.

1997? Its been that long? I’ll have to dog out my old copies–and hope to see this really happens. Maybe, instead of just 40 new pages, everything could be collected together? Hmmm?

“Drag” out, not “dog out.”

Martin Costello

June 2, 2011 at 11:42 am

There was coloured Dusty Star work brought out by Desperado/ Image Comics around 2005 which was an extended version of the of the first story in Dusty Star issue zero.

Andrew Robinson’s run of covers for Starman and Hawkman remain one of the best in recent DC history. Glad to see more of his superb cartooning and layouts.

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