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As fans await official announcement, final details of DC relaunch leak [Updated]

Superman #1

While most DC Comics fans wait impatiently for the publisher to announce the final details of its sweeping 52-title relaunch, one industrious reader went to work to unearth the covers to Superman #1, Superboy #1 and Supergirl #1.

That leaves only one series, by all accounts Action Comics, which as Comic Book Resources reported last week will likely be written by Grant Morrison. Bleeding Cool contends that Rags Morales is the artist.

The three covers, found Thursday on the DC server by a Comic Book Resources forum member with the time and patience to try numerous file-name combinations, aren’t particularly surprising; Superman and Supergirl, at least, were sure bets for the relaunch, and Scott Lobdell had let slip earlier this week that he’s writing Superboy. However, they seem to confirm Bleeding Cool’s report that George Perez will be drawing, and presumably writing, Superman. Screenwriters Michael Green and Mike Johnson, who worked together on Superman/Batman, are thought to be penning Supergirl, with Mahmud A. Asrar on art (at least judging from the cover).

A question mark remains over Superboy, in part because the character looks radically different on this cover than he appears on the one(s) for Teen Titans #1. (Update: A commenter identifies the Superboy cover artist as Eric Canete.)

DC was expected to officially announce the Superman books today, but as the hours pass it’s beginning to look as if the publisher may hold back until Saturday afternoon, when Co-Publisher Jim Lee and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns appear at the Hero Complex Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Update 2: DC officially unveiled the remaining titles this afternoon after all, confirming Morrison and Morales on Action Comics, Perez writing but Jesus Merino penciling Superman, Green, Johnson and Asrar on Supergirl, and Lobdell, R.B. Silva and Rob Lean on Superboy. Comic Book Resources has the details.

Check out the covers for Superboy #1 and Supergirl #1 after the break.

Superboy #1

Supergirl #1



looks interesting.
the reason for the change in outfits is that they can be two different superboys like one in teen titans can be connor and this one could be chris kent or they could be superboy at two different points of his career. For example this one could be him just starting out and the one in teen titans could be a older him that is a bit more seasoned.

Or it could be a robot being made to look like Superboy.

“Or it could be a robot being made to look like Superboy.” Sure, because that’s NEVER been done before.

With the exception of Batgirl, these are the only relaunches I have a problem with.

First I’ll note the positives. The Supergirl costume is very much to my liking. Perez writing and drawing Superman, monthly, and then Scott Lobdell writing Superboy, and then the confirmed Grant Morrison Superman book, most likely action.

Now for everything negative. What the hell are they doing? Superman is wearing armor? Superboy is a robot!? One thing I will say for this relaunch, is that it has successfully made me realise how much I do actually care for Superman! Also, the modified S! Whilst Perez draws a more classic version of the emblem than Jim Lee, why the hell did it need to be updated! The Superman S is recognised as much as the Christian cross and the other religious symbols. In fact, I’d argue more people walk around with the Superman insignia that do the Christian cross. No matter what changes DC felt was necessary to the Superman franchise( I agree something needed to be done) the S is the one thing that should NEVER be touched.

The Superboy cover is by Eric Canete, by the way. That’s his signature “e” behind the machinery on the left.

Also, these details were leaked yesterday on bleeding cool.

Could there be two Superboys?

@Jolewist, the reason for the modified S is no doubt to further distinguish Superman from the Superman mythos that DC is losing the rights to. Some have speculated that, in fact, this entire reboot of the DCU is driven by that same intention.

@Jolewist – The “S” has only been changed on Supergirl as far as I can see. Or, if it has been changed on the other two, it’s been changed in the most minor way possible. It’s still entirely recognisable on Supergirl; in fact, it looks the “electric” 90s logo in blue and yellow, which is cool for the five of us who actually liked electric Superman.

Joelwist: Actually, it appears the covers were first discovered by someone on the CBR Forums and Rich didn’t credit where he found them, but claimed it as his own. Rich does that sometimes.

I wonder if the new Superman costume is similar to the design in the upcoming movie?

If Lois and Clark are no longer married, there is no way in hell I will pick up a Super-book until the marriage is restored.

and every move on superman in the past 7-8 [heck all the way back to Electric Blueperman] has been touted by fanboys in the “i dont know” that they are doing superman this way now because they are about to lose the rights…..

I really wish people would stop speculating that because everytime they say it there is no basis in truth or reasoning for it.

The onbly fact in the above statement is that there is no doubt that XK has no idea what he is talking about because there is plenty of doubt for the change in the S

What the heck happened to the arms of superboy? they didn’t grow correctly? :D


June 10, 2011 at 11:59 am

Why the hell does Supergirl’s costume have a collar? That’s horribly ugly.

I fail to see why DC wouldn’t have the rights to the S though, as the current S wasn’t created by Siegel and Schuster?


I liked electric Superman as a brief change, but not permanently. Also, I’m fine with the change on Supergirl, it’s just on Superman that I object too.


Not keen on the Superman costume (not the lack of pants) the whole ‘vengeful god’ look in what looks like (from the way it’s drawn) armour?

The rest, whatever, they’ve had so many reboots and redesign, like Supboy, Supergirl looks a mess.

Though I’m glad the S is normal.

So that’s it then? No JSA? No Power Girl? No Shazam (Cap Marvel)? But we get Westerns, War and Blackhawks?

I still think it’s all fake, and we’ll find out this is one of the 52 earths. I still think they’re not finished telling the story they’ve been leading up two for years, with the Anti-Monitor, 52 Earths, etc. I think we’ll find everything back to normal after a month or so.

See…. I don’t mind the suit. The red underpants have ALWAYS been dumb. His belt has a reason now (has his family crest on it). As far as his chest ‘S’ shield, it looks far more traditional than Lee’s original take in the Justice League teaser image. I don’t mind the lines in the suit that make up the “armor” look, though I wouldn’t have made them shiny… as he doesn’t need ACTUAL armor, but it is nice to see his suit look a little more alien/Kryptonian. In my opinion, those lines could stay, but should have been more like stitching or accents, rather than what appears to be armor plates. My MAIN problem is that his chest looks like it’s about to explode. Its about 3 times bigger than it should be compared to the rest of his body… I will never understand how these artists get COVER jobs…. the cover should be the most perfect part of the comic, as they rely on that image to sell the book, and that’s unmissable. I am still excited for this relaunch, as it will be nice to see some NEW ideas for once.

I am very interested in where the Superboy arc goes… as he appears to be a robot… though at the same time, he could also be a clone that is not fully developed. A lot of the “machinery” around him appears very organic/ biological in nature, so it stands to reason that his arms just aren’t done being grown, and they have covers on them to keep his skeleton from being exposed. i must say however, that I like this Superboy a LOT more than the tattooed guy on the cover of Teen Titans, with a piece of paper taped to his back with the ‘S’ on it…. WHAT was up with that? Also… why does he have gloves on that don’t even cover all of his hands? Looks like he stole them from Madonna.

Supergirl, I have NO problems with her design. I love every part of it, and I would love to see that artist draw the new Superman. I think we would all have less of a problem with him if he was drawn by the right person. I feel as if a lot of these artists as of yet do not fully understand Lee’s ‘vision’ and are not portraying these designs as they were truly meant. At least that is my hope.

@ lead sharp

That’s exactly how I felt! I’ve been desperately begging for an updated pants-less Superman, and now that it’s here, I’m hating it.

Also, the S in the Superman cover, isn’t what it usually is.

‘So that’s it then? No JSA? No Power Girl? No Shazam (Cap Marvel)? But we get Westerns, War and Blackhawks?

Leak. Not announcement. These images leaked and these books have not been officially announced.

When a company announces something it’s not a leak. It’s an announcement.

And I don’t think there have been 52 titles announced. I don’t have the official count, but doesn’t feel near 52.

Hey Superboy is ASTROBOY now. WTF?????????? whole DC line is gonna implode qucker than the 70s, when DC tried their first comic explosion


I wholly agree with your comments on Supergirl, and partially agree on the Superman design. The lines on the Superman costume aren’t the problem, is the fact the costume appears to shine like armor. If DC could fix this and make it appear like fabric, then I would have less of a problem. For the belt I feel they should go for a more Superman Returns look than the one they have now, which seems a tad clunky. The boots wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t shiny, or alternatively, I’d use the design showcased in Superman Earth one. For the waist down of the design, I’d use the crotch area on the Supergirl one, and have the legs like they are regularly, and maybe have the red from the crotch extend all the way down to the boots.

Whilst I am not keen on the current design, it’s probably the closest DC have gotten to make a Superman suit that retains the classic nature of the character, and is instantly recognisable as Superman, whilst being fresh and modern. If DC were to find some sort of middle ground between this and the Earth One redesign, it would be perfect.

Guido Sardella

June 10, 2011 at 12:33 pm

@ Drunkjack

They ARE announcement, from The Source (the DC blog) and they are 48. We are waitng just for Action, Superman Supergirl and Superboy, and then they will be all of 52.

The piece of paper taped on SB’s back in the Teen Titans promo art (not the cover, as Brett Booth explained on his blog) was placed there by Bart Allen as a joke. Follow the lightning marking Bart’s path, note the thumb pointing at Superboy, and look at Bart’s expression, and it should be obvious.

DC I hope you take this opportunity of making Superman single. The marriage has been the most boring contrived thing that has done nothing to move the title forward. 15 years and Superman is stagnating. Creative wise this is the right move. I don’t mind the design at all.

Hmm, looks like no Power Girl… 8’/

Isn’t Perez notoriously slow? How is he going to write AND draw Superman every month? That’s as silly as Jim Lee drawing JLA! Oh wait…

This has been planed for nearly 2 years now. Has no one ever thought that the reason Legion Of Three Worlds and the Teen Titans OGN were delayed so much is because Perez was getting a head start on Superman? Same goes for Lee’s delays on All Star, down to him on Justice League? Which reminds me to point out the title is “Justice League” not “JLA”

So I don’t forsee getting any JSA or Shazam book out of this mess. Very sad about that. Big chance to start the big red cheese at a number one and they let it slide again.

Anybody else worried about how often George Perez will be able to get an issue out?


The thing that makes me laugh when people express there disappointment in the fact that DC haven’t announced a new Shazam book, is that fans complain DC are failing to make there heroes modern, and then they mention “the big red cheese”.

Somehow, I don’t think “the big red cheese” is very modern at all..

@Perry, see my previous comment

goodness, Perez writing and drawing a monthly? that can’t be right. i don’t think he’s capable of that kind of workload.

It’s an interesting concept but no one is discussing the real issue for the reboot. DC wants to compete with Marvel in Hollywood. Creating new contemporary costumes and origins for comic characters is exactly what’s done in the movie industry, thus DC is taking a proactive initiative on the whole thing. They are creating the new costumes, origins, stories themselves first in order to have continuity between the new line of movies and comics that are inevitably on their way.

Tim – Perez will just do the writing

Wait… I thought there were ground rules for the reboot where female superheroes were supposed to all wear pants? I thought that was silly… but Supergirl there doesn’t seem to be wearing pants. Unless those are white pants. Which doesn’t look like a great color scheme, all told.

Warren Newsom

June 10, 2011 at 1:31 pm

DC has totally gone Hollywood, no doubt. In the past they made big announcements at comic cons, but they completely snubbed Heroes Con last weekend and made the announcements from their corporate offices. And they could have chosen the Superman Festival in Metropolis, IL this weekend to announce the Superman reboot, but no — they’ll do it from a LA movie convention instead.

The DCU needed a reboot and a simplification, but so far, everything seems to sound even more convoluted than it already was. I predict a major fail at the end of this, and another “crisis” (how many have we had since “Final Crisis”?) to set the status quo back to what it is right now.

Any reboot that involves cancelling Secret Six — so not worth it.

Not for nothing but has anyone thought
1. that these may not be the covers?
2. That the Superman, looks more like a grown Superboy Prime: face, frown, hair & costume
3. That may not be Superboy either, could be his foil?
4. Supergirl looks age & hair like a combination of Supergirl & Powergirl

mackmm: it’s confirmed they are the covers. Also, the Action Comics #1 details just came out – Morrison on Action Comics with Morales – YES!

I’ve been seeing this “Perez can’t keep a monthly schedule” thing for days now…can someone explain it to me? Maybe it’s because my idea of Perez is always the 80s Perez, when he was doing two Titans books a month, so it’s not quite clear to me where it’s coming from. What has he done recently where he was terribly late?

Flip: Thanks

Still thinks it looks more like an adult Superboy Prime in Superman #1 than it does Superman

I Freaking LOVE the New Supergirl Costumes It kicks ass.

Morrison’s AC… whole relaunch was worth it just for this single piece of news.
On the other hand… Perez is only writting Superman? What’s the point then? Pass.

Who created these blasphemous 90’s costumes anyway? Its the millennia think of original designs!!! (GO to JH williams III, or the guy who created the New Blue Beetle or Durko guy at Marvel….they know how to design functional cool looking designs!!) not the lame ass shiny metal ones (ala Jim Lee or Perez)….I mean come on!!! That Superman looks so stupid (whats that S-shield belt? OMG he looks like a clown). I don’t like to say this, but give me a chance and I could design a cool looking updated superman costume for the ages. Formidable and iconic. Take design elements from Supermans heritage: Krypton, keep the color scheme (without red underwear), subtle up the yellow, Add a sense of design gravitas- change the ‘S’ so it looks less 70’s and 80’s and add different lines, and texture, shades of blue, to the outfit. It isnt that hard DC. You have all that talent, get a costume right dammit. Sheesh. Supergirl looks ok…wow no pants, whats up with the bottom of that one piece? And I have no idea what the superboy is about so I wont comment. So disappointed with the costumes.

I miss Supergirl’s skirt. But that’s my biggest complaint here so getting off lightly I guess.

The problem with ALL of these new #1 relaunches is that they are dressed up to be something they are not. I’m not saying that all the creators over at DC are bad, but for the exception of a small few most of their creators are extremely mediocre and hit or miss. More so, almost all of their writing talent needs to be overhauled. The reason for the relaunch is a direct reaction to Marvrl be purchased by Disney and DC fearing they’ll lose even more of a foot hold in the market. If sales were lagging before, then it was the fault of the creators and NOT the characters themselves or their costumes. Put Morrison on Batman and Superman or Bendis on Daredevil and Avengers (both the biggest writers of each company) and you have books and franchises reaching heights they haven’t seen in decades. It’s not a coincedence, it’s a fact. Reading the announcements that DC wasn’t only keeping most of their writing staff, but giving writing duties to artists as well was… ill conceived. Unless the artists have spent a good amount of time breaking in their writing chops on inde titles or, at the very least, one-shots or mini’s, there is absolutely no reason (other than to save money perhaps, than to hire new and qualified talent. It would be like putting lead guitar of one of the most famous bands in the world in charge of drums. They’re two completely different beasts to tame. If you ask me, DC is making some very unprofessional and rookie mistakes.

Supergirl – I hate the boots on the Supergirl costume and I hate the merkin over her crotch. I also don’t like the unnecessary lines in the blue part of her costume. And no, she’s not wearing white leggings. Not unless they are horribly miscolored.

Superboy – I don’t think that the Superboy costume will is the final look. It’s probably closer to what is on the cover of Teen Titans.

Superman – It looks like he has knee-pads and I hate the unnecessary seams on his costume. And I think that the belt should be the same color of yellow that is in the S-shield. But am I the only on who has noticed that the thumb on his left hand (on the viewer’s right as your looking at the picture) is on the WRONG SIDE OF HIS HAND? Come on George! You can do better than this!

It’s going to be a long summer.


Captain Marvel is as modern as anyone wants to make him. He is a fictional character that they can screw up just as easily as Batman or Flash.
They can’t seem to figure out what to do with him and my point is we are beginning at #1 so why not try now.
On second thought after seeing some of this mess we are getting, maybe I should be glad they didn’t let Mr Lee redesign his costume to make him hip and screw him up.

I currently read Gotham City Sirens, Batman, Batgirl, Superboy. The only DC title I will be reading in September is Catwoman.

No pants! I call shennaningans!

These covers are now official.

Why does Superman need a belt? And that Perez drawing has some weird anatomy.

For all the characters which didn’t make the first wave of the New DCU 52, there’s always next year.

No Justice Society? Having read it the past few years, I don’t see how it’s essential to the DC Universe. Why have that when there are three Justice League teams? What makes the Society different from the League? Golden Age old fogeys?

Surprisingly, no one seems to be complaining about the ELEVEN Batman titles.

Personally, I’d like to see Captain Marvel/Shazam recreated as Mary Marvel. Let her be a middle school student who turns into an adult female Captain Marvel. A female power fantasy, with magic!

I wonder… were fanboys this displeased when DC relaunched their comics in 1985?
Having seen what came out in the five years after Crisis ended, I think DC will produce some amazing titles in the years to come.

If the digital domain is successful, then DC can create new and original titles for that market, and perhaps even create titles which will never be printed in a comic… straight to digital, then collected into a trade. We might see an explosion of titles online, as DC delves into other genres.

Not feeling this DC…..all these reboot images look like Jim Lee making the DCU more Wildstorm…Wildstorm was great, loved the Authority and WILDCats but molding these iconic characters that direction seems like a mistake…

Jimmy Olsen of Earth 37

June 10, 2011 at 5:46 pm

Each comic is in its own universe, which is why everyone looks so different, and why there are two Supermans, two Superboys, and etc.

52 comics, 52 parts of the multiverse.


Please let this be a dc heroes rebon..cause this crap sucks….

How Strange we really are going to see this happen.

Okay, the Supergirl costume is decent, but for the rest: BLECH. I’m now going to draw up a complaint letter to the Siegel and Shuster heirs, and Mark Toberoff.

In terms of reading, Superman Retro-Active, Kirby: Genesis, Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters, and others await!

Not loving the new Superman costume. He’s SUPERMAN, for chrissakes, he doesn’t NEED armor or knee pads or visible seams. There was nothing wrong with the classic costume.
I don’t have a huge problem with most of the Supergirl costume, but the cape–oh, man, that collar is frickin’ hideous.
And, yeah, I’m an old-fart comic-book-collector guy, but I have yet to see anything in the descriptions of these books that justifies breaking my 610-issue run of DETECTIVE, my 560-issue run of BATMAN, my 590-issue run of ACTION or my 540-issue run of SUPERMAN. “ACTION COMICS by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales” is going to sell whether it’s #1 or #905. We were talking about this at the store this week. Remember “Hush?” The first story arc, that introduced the character? Sold like gangbusters even though it was BATMAN #608 and not BATMAN: HUSH #1. “Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes” didn’t seem to suffer from starting in ACTION #858 and not yet another LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #1 (there have been quite a few of those).
And the 75th-Anniversary issue of DETECTIVE being #5 (assuming all those #1’s in September are cover-dated November) is just double-“O” stoopid.

Superman is the original indestructible hero , Then why does he need armor ?? Does not compute ..

@mk: Sorry, but you’re wrong. Superman and Lois married set Supes apart from the other (major) heroes of the DCU (and most of the Marvel U for that matter). Seeing what a debacle One More Day turned out to be, I can safely say that making Supes single again would be a huge mistake. Which probably means DC will do exactly that.

But, as others have said, I think this is just one of the 52 Earths and that will be revealed, with things going back to “normal” (and original numbering of the books too) eventually.

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