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Bachalo, Land, Pacheco to draw dueling X-Men titles

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The Associated Press announced this morning that following this summer’s X-Men: Schism event, two series will take the place of the ongoing Uncanny X-Men series. October’s Wolverine & the X-Men by writer Jason Aaron will feature, obviously, a Wolverine-led team, while Uncanny X-Men #1, due in November, will feature a Cyclops-led team written by Kieron Gillen.

But who is drawing them? revealed the art teams for both books this morning. Wolverine & the X-Men will be drawn by Chris Bachalo, who has a long history with the characters. Uncanny X-Men will have two rotating artists — Greg Land and Carlos Pacheco. Land has been drawing arcs in Uncanny X-Men for awhile now, while Pacheco recently returned to the characters to draw the Point One issue.

“The best thing about this split is that the two books hit two very different chords. One is hardcore super hero action and the other is something else entirely that I can’t go too deep into without spoiling `Schism,'” Editor Nick Lowe told the AP. “The best way I can describe it is a return to a structure that made the X-Men what it was.”

The current Uncanny X-Men series ends with issue #544.

Update: Aaron has a post on his blog about the news, where he says not to read too much into the accompanying promo image: “I can’t say who’s going to be on my team, other than Wolverine of course. I can’t say where they’ll be or what they’ll be doing. I will say, don’t assume you know the full roster for either team based off this one promo image. Both sides will feature their share of surprises.” Gillen says something similar on his blog.



and people sai DC was going back to the 90’s with their artists… this is almost the same art teams that were on the titles at the same time during the Seagle/Kelly era [ i supose Lan was still tracing his porn mags during those years]

[heck he still is]

Greg Land. Great. Just Great.

I started making plans to maybe check out schism and the resulting books this summer and fall.

And then Greg Land is still working on the x-books. Oh well.

Psylocke’s on Team Cyclops? Noooo! What does this mean for the Uncanny X-Force?

Really? Greg Land? Still?

I guess this isn’t exactly an ‘All-New, All-Different, Uncanny X-Men’ after all.

So Wolverine is gonna be the head of an X-Men splinter team…AND the head of a black ops X-Men splinter team… and a member of an Avengers splinter team…while making cameo appearances on the covers of all the other X-Men and Avengers teams…and all this when he’s not pursuing his solo adventures and not parenting his various children.

Sam Robards, Comic Fan

June 16, 2011 at 11:05 am

To be honest, I don’t see why this required a renumbering of Uncanny (aside from a short-term sales perspective), but cest la vie.

So now we have about four core X-Books (not counting X-Force and X-Factor) to get each month? Looks like Girshler’s (spelling?) Adjectiveless is on the chopping block. Talk about a book with no direction …

As for these two titles, why can’t they move Land somewhere else? His work is so hideous and static. Pacheco also seems to have dipped a bit in quality recently. But Gillen has really impressed me thus far on Uncanny, and I care more about stories than art.

On Wolvie’s book, I’m just not sure about Aaron. His Wolvie work seems to be too much slashy-slashy and not enough character work (giving him a girlfriend randomly doesn’t count), but he does have his moments (the story he did across Wolverine 73-74 was very good). Bachalo is still doing very well, though he can occasionally be muddy and hard to follow.

Either way, I’ll always be a diehard X-Fan!

I liked the Seagle/Kelly era – even if it did only last a year! ;)

Hope they include some of the more obscure characters. I’m a little sick of the same 10 or so X-men appearing all the time. And a no crossover rule for at least a year would be good. Let the writers tell their own seperate stories!

Then again – I see these both being $4 titles – so that will count me out. A shame :(

Whilst I’m for the rebranding and the divide of the teams, if they were going to keep Uncanny around, what was the need to relaunch it? If Uncanny was ever to be on a period of hiatus, it should return, with the continual numbering, no relaunching, EVER!

I know this is kind of shameful self-advertising here, but what the hey, we need to start the cause somewhere

The following link is to a Facebook petition I just created. I’m sick and tired of Marvel, and now DC renumbering their flagship titles, and I think it’s about time we all join together (regardless of loyalties to whatever title or characters) to save them these iconic titles from hiding their proud run. Join today, and lets get to work on running campaigns to secure the future of Amazing Spider-Man!

Ideally from here we can go on and organise campaigns for other titles too.

i like the split idea..the shaking things up and to be quite true to my x-peeps, things can be said to be simmering between cyke and Logan WAY back when…and the artists they are bringing in for both books are really great on their own looks/slants on each character…we def will be surprised on how well it will be…the MU espcially XU have all been apart of us..good and bad and us “true believers” should support them and all our Children of the X…

i do have a plea though if they read any of this..please please please change some costumes around..ESPECIALLY ROGUE! one facet about her is that she’s always evolving in her character/events and since she has been ALOT of different variations, the costume changes were like “whoa ! ok, thats cool ! ( she ‘s a girl after all and hey do like to change it up sometimes..even the guys do

also, speculating on who goes where on the teams, i’ve been writing and rewriting lists to see if i was going to be close…

i def know that Storm will prob be on Scotts side, but being a voice of reason ….same with Namor..they both have been VARIOUS things and he is a leader, but he can also play a voice of reason along side Ororo…

but i def would like to see Magik on Wolverines side( i mean Scott will most likely get Pixie, so Wolvie needs a teleporter..unless they bring back Lila Cheney ,,,,

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