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Brian Wood, comics’ newest free agent

Earlier this month, Brian Wood announced that his exclusive contract with DC Comics had expired, and that he was committing to a broad range of projects with the conclusion of both DMZ and Northlanders imminent. Although best known for his creator-owned work, with the success of DV8: Gods & Monsters he proved he could work within the corporate-owned structure and sell some comics. He was penciled in to write for DC’s Fall relaunch before plans changed at the last minute, and with news he’s out from under the DC umbrella, it highlights an interesting situation.

Described as an “entirely new phase of my career” on his tumblr, Wood went on to list a number of projects he has in the near future, from a creator-owned “stylistic follow-up to DMZ” scheduled to be announced at New York Comic-Con to two licensed series, “some big superhero stuff,” a digital-first project, as well as a long-awaited new collection of Channel Zero with the Jennie 1.0 prequel included. Wood talked with us last year about preparing for some of this, including a project he describes as Northlanders but instead of “vikings,”  it’s music.

Although his creator-owned work has a long track record, it’s the idea of Wood committing more to work-for-hire that is sure to raise some eyebrows. His few shots doing work-for-hire like Dv8, GenX and the little-known Vampirella short with Dean Haspiel were all enjoyable; but what if Wood were given the keys to a bigger property from DC or Marvel? What if Marvel put him to work on an Ultimate Daredevil? What if DC booked some time for him in Gotham City? The possibilities are promising but purely speculative at this point — but  what better way to spend the time while we wait for an announcement?



I bet DC screwed up and now he’s on a Marvel book. Would make sense based on previous experiences.

I think he should be given the keys to a city.
A whole city.
Maybe Chicago.

Marvel should have him develop Chicago. And give him several big-name props.
Not stooge characters, such as SG or the GLA,

Know what would also make sense? That he enjoyed his time at DC but decided to take advantage of an opportunity to move on to other things.

His DV8 revamp was better than anything I’ve seen from DCNu so far.

His already published series was better than anything you’ve seen from series that aren’t published yet?

Congrats on the new direction and good luck, Brian. I’ve always enjoyed your stuff.

First new gig: Winner of the David Cross look-alike contest. Make it happen!

“His DV8 revamp was better than anything I’ve seen from DCNu so far.”

What have you sen from DCnu, solicits?

I hope everything goes well for Brian, and hed be awesome in the ultimate u. I hope he sticke to miniseries thoough. I think hed be awesome on Hulk too!

Brain Wood is the man

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