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Caanan Grall draws Muppet Thor

For his 24-Hour Comics Day challenge, Caanan Grall came up with a brilliant mashup: Muppet Thor, in which the Muppets discover the mighty hammer Mjolnir and the Thunder God himself makes a surprise appearance with Miss Piggy. Grall does a nice job drawing the Muppets, and the story has some clever twists.

If you can’t get enough of Muppet mash-ups, head over to our sister blog Comics Should Be Good for a few more.



That’s pretty neat.

But… maybe I’m the only one… I’m just starting to wonder if it would be worth arranging some kind of “no mash-up day” (week?), just to create a space for linking to and blogging about ORIGINAL ideas. A time/space in which those would be the only new stuff to look at, and so for once we couldn’t all just skip them in favor of clicking on stuff which includes characters we already recognize.

Wraith, if you visit the site, I also run my webcomic, Max Overacts there too. All original! All it takes is one extra click. (Apologies if you already know of it and read it, or moved on…!)

The sad thing is, I’ve been doing Max there for over a year, and even with the recent Eisner nom, (and a previous all original link from Brigid in this very place in the past) the Muppet Thor comic has brought more visits to my page in a day than I would get in a month.

So it would seem most people love the familiar. Or maybe just the Muppets. :)

Original stuff is hard to build an audience for, I think. Which is why there are 11 batman titles, Transformer movie after Transformer movie, etc. but man o man do I appreciate people like yourself who want original stuff! Not that anything in the world is original anymore, right? Everything is pretty much a variation on Lord of the Rings, Hamlet or Betty and Veronica… It’s all just two ideas rolled into one. Mashups are just a little more obvious about it, and all in good fun, and maybe – just maybe, bring people to find original work by clicking only one more time.

Did not know of it. I’ll look now!

I think a “create an ORIGINAL character” week for The Line It Is Drawn is a great idea. We’ve done crazier things! :D And knowing what our artists can come up already, I’m sure it would be entertaining. Count my vote in!

And Canaan, your take on The Muppets was PERFECT, every joke and character bit was just like I remember them. :) I must say I found the time-travel bit odd since Thor hasn’t had that power since the 70’s and I doubt the Movie version has it, but what the heck, it was a pretty clever way to do a very moving homage. Thank You!

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