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Check out DC Entertainment’s swanky new headquarters

The Pointe, the new home of DC Entertainment

DC Entertainment’s new Burbank, Calif., headquarters isn’t quite Titans Tower, but it’ll do.

The Hollywood Reporter tracks down the building that, beginning in mid-August, will house the company’s film and television, digital, administrative and consumer-products operations: The Pointe, a new 14-story office tower at 2900 W. Alameda Ave., nestled beside Disney/ABC, and less than a mile from Warner Bros. Studios.

DC has a 10-year lease on the entire second floor, 35,000 square feet of space “valued at roughly $16 million.” Landlord Worthe Real Estate Group advertises a “lobby crafted from the finest building materials; sleek and sophisticated, modern patterned glass with rich, imported Italian marble and travertine, walnut ceiling, and unique waved wood wall system.” The building also boasts “10 foot floor-to-ceiling vision glass for panoramic view of city and mountains,” and “over three acres of picturesque plaza with mature shade trees, walkways and benches.” There’s also a health club and restaurant on the first floor.

Warner Bros. has set up DC with temporary offices at 3400 Riverside Drive, where some have been working since last year, presumably following the announcement in late September of the massive corporate restructuring that leaves the publishing division in New York City while consolidating the rest of the companies operations on the West Coast. WildStorm’s offices in La Jolla, Calif., as well as the imprint itself, were shuttered as part of the reorganization.

Although DC wouldn’t say how many employees will work out of the new space once construction is complete, it’s known that DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson will have an office there and at the Warner Bros. lot.



Yeah, they deserve a place where they can plan future masterpieces like Green Lantern.

They should have built Titans Tower for real. That’d’ve been awesome.

Pretty sure Titans Tower would be structurally unsound.

It is the place where they are planning future masterpieces like Green Lantern the Movie; it’s called the DC Universe #1 initiative (because its not a reboot or a relaunch). By the same people who brought us all those other gleaming works of art and achivement during the past ten years.

Can’t believe they finally found someone to rent in this building. The Pointe – Burbank sat vacant for almost 2 years! The Worthe Real Estate group did a terrible job at marketing this place.

However, if in the unlikely chance that Jonah Hex tanks, Human Target and Smallville goes off the air, Wonder Woman does not get picked up, and the Green Lantern movie tanks, then they really won’t have all that much to do in all that square-footage.
So good thing none of that will be happening.

Now they just need to come up with a good movie that’s not starring Batman. Maybe the priorities over at DC are a little out of whack?

Well if this doesn’t motivate people to drop all things DC I don’t know what will. Any chance that this prime piece of Bubank over development is sitting anywhere near a major faultline? We can only hope.

All hail the kings of the funnybooks….DC Comics!

class of fitness

August 13, 2012 at 9:17 pm

do they own the hole building? or just one floor.

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