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Dan DiDio signals the end of the Clark Kent/Lois Lane marriage

Superman: The Wedding Album

DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio has all but confirmed that one of the effects of the publisher’s line-wide relaunch will be the end of the marriage between Superman and Lois Lane.

“Let’s just say it’s being reexamined,” he tells NBC New York’s PopcornBiz blog, “because it’s something that I think is something that is so valuable to the character’s story that you really want to explore all facets of it. Not just as it exists currently.”

Rumblings of the dissolution of the 15-year-old marriage began on May 31, even as the company announced it will debut 52 first issues in September as part of a sweeping overhaul designed to introduce “a more modern, diverse DC Universe.” Among the changes to characters and continuity, Bleeding Cool contended, would be a clean slate in which the big 1996 wedding never happened, apparently freeing Superman to have a relationship with Wonder Woman.

The marriage, depicted in the one-shot Superman: The Wedding Album, was a major media spectacle — it was even billed as “The Event of the Century” on the cover — that coincided with the episode of the popular ABC television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman in which the characters tied the knot.

Fifteen years later, a relaunch of Action Comics — the title whose 1938 debut introduced both Superman and Lois Lane — by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales promises “a new chapter” for the Man of Steel that attempts to “refresh some ideas that have maybe become so well known that people think they’ve got it all figured out.” One of those ideas, it looks like, is his marriage to Lois.

“I think what you’re going to see is a lot of big changes for Superman,” DiDio tells PopcornBiz. “We really went back to the core of the character. And more importantly, we got somebody in Grant Morrison, who’s really taking the character and reinventing him so you feel a real contemporary tone, a really contemporary time, but still staying true to the core. I think it’s so important for us to make sure Superman stays as relevant today as he did when he first was created back in the ’30s.”



BUT, remember, it’s NOT A REBOOT.

Because the Batman and Green Lantern braintrusts would throw a shit-fit if their stories were written out of continuity, so EVERYONE ELSE’s stories get written out. Cept for all the GL and Batman stuff.

Only speculation, based upon the fact that of all the changes to the DCU, the only things that remain steadfastly the same are the recent Batman stuff and recent GL stuff. And their teams all remain basically the same.

Should’ve just been a reboot. It would have been more honest.

Does Neron undo the marriage in exchange for bringing Pa Kent back to life?

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Criswell Predicts…
Them going back to the old numbering just in time for the Action Comics 1000 Wedding Special…

It’s not a reboot unless you’re a female character, apparently.

DC should’ve created a Lois Lane: Intrepid Reporter title to go alongside this.

Good. Marriage was a bore and predictable and since many were not supporting the title…cause Superman’s sales have been bad. I don’t know why there is moaning. It’s like shooting the title in the foot. DC hope you have the balls to go all the way cause pointless rebooting with a young Superman and having him married.

Better yet, Lois Lane and Iris West: Intrepid ReporterS.


June 16, 2011 at 5:19 pm

So I guess then we are throwing out the window…the Batman and Wonder Woman flirtation we have been seeing for so long. Two..equally powerful beings bumpin booties…they’ld break up in a month the first time the other left the cap off the toothpaste. What happened to the old addage…OPPOSITES ATTRACT.

It just doesn’t make sense. Superman is no longer married but Damian is still in continuity. I love Damian’s character but it doesn’t make sense with the new Justice League launch.

Bad and stupid mixed into 1 announcement

I’ve already read that Clark and Lois went on a date and had sodas. But the reboot is going to show me that Clark and Lois went on a date and had malts.

Dc Comics is doing this because they know that when 2013 comes they won’t have the rights to publish any Lois Lane or Clark Kent stories.It has to do with the legal battle that their in with the Shuster and Siegel family over Superman.So I guess they decided to end the wedding now since for the first time ever they are realizing that the end is near and the other half of the copyright will go to the Shuster family.If they hadn’t been too busy counting their billions of dollars and hadn’t treated the creators of Superman like dirt then they would never be in this mess in the first place.

They literally were given Superman for free.Superman who turned out to be an actual golden goose.What Dc Comics did not anticipate was that the copyright law would extend the rights to the creators plus 50 years on top of that.Dc Comics is getting their just deserts and it’s called Karma.Come 2013 all hell is going to break loose as they fight a losing battle to keep the golden Superman,Lois Lane as well as Clark Kent.They’ve already lost the rights to Superman alien origin to the Siegel family.

If they really do this then Comic Book business doomed. They are going to do what they want and go tell fans to go to hell. Doing things like this exactly what they are doing. This makes more and more think Morrison on Superman will be as bad Batman RIP and Final Crisis and less like All Star Superman.



It’s dumb. Just when characters start making progress in new directions editorial decides that they want the “classic” interpretations of their characters to make a comeback. With the exception of Grant Morrison’s “Batman” and the events coming out of that stuff, DC has done nothing but disappoint since “Infinite Crisis.” The biggest failure is Barry Allen as the Flash. I love Geoff Johns but I hate that rather than doing something worthwhile with Wally they have put him into the corner and given Barry (a character who is STILL boring) the spotlight. Now thanks to Barry, and the God-awful so far “Flash Point,” everything which has been collected for the last however many years (except for the brilliant Batman apparently) will be redone. Dan Didio has officially let us down.

Again, how do the put the latest Batman with all of the reboot? My main title I read is Batman and I’m just curious how they are going to have a much older Batman fit with all of the rebooted titles.


June 16, 2011 at 5:52 pm

So DC did hear about Spider-Man: One More Day, the worst piece of literature ever, and struck THAT series down to a point where it will never recover.

Still why are all these people as surprised to hear about a reboot for the DC universe, when we all know this happens every decade in publishing time.

Still Linkara was right, you tell good stories and keep telling good stories consistently by learning from your past, this even extends to mistakes imo, no it doesnt even need to be regarded as an opinion. THAT can go as far as fact.

If you want to try to say business then try to get back to what made the characters great. Not radically change them as DC seems to be doing. No more status quo changing crossover/events every years. No more death and carnage for sake of death and carnage. No more replacing characters just for to fulfill some minority quota. Get back to good stories and remind people why they came in to stores in first place. DCNU won’t do that. It seems to be slap in a face of the reason came in first place. Been 10 years since 9/11 and the idea that you had to get darker has failed. The buisness is dying because of it.

There is no way that Lois can be a strong, capable, intelligent investigative reporter and not figure out that Superman and Clark Kent are the same person. Grant Morrison’s take in All-Star Superman was fun for the mini-series (ie, that Lois simply can’t believe it). However, for me at least, if he goes the same direction for the ongoing that’s kind of boring. It’s just not as much fun to me if she doesn’t know. Even my kids say that Lois comes off as kind of a dummy if she can’t figure it out.

The original creators knew this, hence the story they wrote early on in Superman’s creation.Heh. If you really want to go to the core of the character, then you need to look to Superman’s creators for the story DC didn’t want to publish – The K-Metal from Krypton!

The K-Metal from Krypton!

Whether Lois Lane and Clark Kent are married or not is another issue. But if they go to a ‘nobody knows who Superman is’ kind of status quo, that’s just not much fun.

You know I was going to buy Action Comics till this. It’s not even that I mind too much the fact that the’re not married it’s the whole ‘freeing Superman to have a relationship with Wonder Woman.’ remark.

This is going to sound a little whiny and ‘tarded but, IT’S SUPERMAN AND LOIS, they should be together, even if it means yet another Lois not seeing through the glasses and eventual repeat performance of reveal and marriage.

This and Barbara Gordon back as Batgirl are actually kind of disgusting. Plus as someone mentioned, the GL and the Bat books (but slightly less so) books seem to have got off scott free re’ any changes which does come across as a bit pathetic.

Every time I get enthusiastic for this reboot (oh come on ‘fess up DC) something like this pisses all over that enthusiasm.

Honestly, what is it Lois and Clark were doing married that they couldn’t do single? Once that marriage hit, they were put on autopilot as a couple and nothing interesting has come of it. I’m interested in seeing how separating them works. There’s no doubt that Lois Lane will always be Superman’s girl, though.

I read this, and all I can think is “One More Day, One More Day”.

I mean, honestly… I don’t want to see a Superman being single again. I don’t want to see his foibles at dating again. We’ve seen it. For 58 years out of his 73 years of existance, we primarily read stories about Superman being single and Lois Lane trying to figure out his identity. We watched Lois & Clark, Smallville, Superman cartoons and radio show serial, all telling us stories about Superman being a bachelor character trying to get the girl.

Its not new. Its not interesting. It’s a repeat of 58 years of stories.

Here’s what fans liked. They LIKED Superman and Lois being married. They LIKED the idea of the most powerful man in the world having a normal wife, and being happy. They liked that they weren’t having to ask the question of how dumb Lois Lane could be to not notice that the man she sits across from in the Bull Pen was Clark Kent. I enjoy reading about a happy couple who trusted and loved each other. It was the kind of relationship people dream about.

As for hooking him up with Wonder Woman? Why? I never understand this match up. The only thing they have in common is they’re the most prominent and powerful characters in the DCU. Aside form that, I have never felt any reason for them be together. Wonder Woman has always had more chemistry with Batman of all people, because it was interesting. A person without power and another person with the power of a god. Far more interesting.

First Marvel with Peter and Mary Jane… DC with Clark and Lois……is marriage not respected in America anymore??…… seems like if you want to give the readers new stories……you don’t go “back to the core”….instead, you let life happen and let the chips fall where they may……it’s how the Heroes react to these things that is good writing/reading!


June 16, 2011 at 6:16 pm

I didn’t write this but i feel its a PERFECT SUMMARY of just about every fans feelings when they feel cheated of years having been invested in these characters I.E. The DCU “Reboot”
All Credit in this writing goes to Linkara

No, I don’t care if they’re not calling it a reboot. You can call it what you want, but firing someone and laying them off still mean the same thing: that someone doesn’t have a job anymore, and a reboot and a revitalizing just mean that history’s getting swept under the rug in favor of something that nobody asked for.

Look, people are asking me about my thoughts on this and honestly it’s too early to give any thoughts about this nonsense. I’m depressed about it, not only because ONLY LAST MONTH I wrote up a recommendations list for people and now half of it is completely worthless because those ongoing series I recommended will be ending. I hate that Birds of Prey is being relaunched (AGAIN) without Gail Simone. I’m upset that she’s working on a character, Firestorm, who I have zero interest in. I’m upset that it’s likely that Lois Lane and Clark Kent will probably no longer be together, since they keep hyping up that these are younger versions of these characters. I’m upset that Batgirl is very likely going to be Barbara Gordon again, undoing 20+ years of character development of her as Oracle. I’m upset that Dick Grayson probably won’t be Batman anymore and that Batman, Inc. will probably be ending, too, since I loved the concept and the story itself was awesome to me. I’m upset because Jim Lee is designing new costumes for everybody and frankly Lee, while a great artist, is not exactly the guy I go to for new designs because they just frankly don’t look all that good. I’m upset because they won’t just give a damn straight answer about whether this is a full reboot from scratch, everybody new, etc., etc., or if this is a continuation of everything that has come before.

And I guess what I’m most ticked off about is that this whole thing is, yet again, being done to capture this elusive “new reader” that they always want to get, despite them pulling this crap at least twice before now and FAILING AT IT.

When I was 12 or 13 years old, I had read some Nightwing comics my brother had because he was a fan of Nightwing from the Batman animated series. In one issue, he had a flashback to when he was a member of a team called the Teen Titans. I had never heard of this team before, but it intrigued me and made me want to learn more. When I was at a comic book store, looking for material to read on a trip up to a camp up in the woods for a four-day retreat made by my school, I saw “JLA/Titans: The Technis Imperative.” Since I wanted to know more about the Titans, I picked that up and that’s how I started regularly reading comics. The book has tons and tons of heroes I had never heard of before and it was glorious because it made me want to learn more about them, to learn more about a history I had never thought existed.

THAT is the new reader you want to get, DC. You don’t get new readers by pretending that nothing ever happened before. You get new readers by telling good stories and making them want to know more about the history. You EMBRACE your history, use it as the platform to tell good stories. You have it even easier these days with the internet and its bottomless pit of information about characters and storylines that anyone can look up and read more about.

I am banging my head against my desk that I have to keep reminding the industry about this: tell good stories and the readers will come. They will come through word of mouth, they will come because you have dedicated readers who invest their time and money into these characters. Does it work for every book? No, because opinions vary on it, but you know damn well that a good book is going to last a hell of a lot longer than a bad one.

So, people, you want my thoughts about the upcoming DC reboot? I’m upset about it. Maybe it’ll all work out for the best – maybe I’m overreacting. It happens. But right now? I’m upset and I am going to continue to be upset about it because it feels like I’ve invested money and time in something for over ten years and it was for nothing.

And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, just read HERE or google it.

Also, DC announced they would also release digital comics of those releases on the same day from now on. That’s fantastic and I love it, howevere, there’s a quote from the West Wing that I like to use at a time like this:

“Why is it for every good thing you do around here, we have to endure three screw-ups?”

So how old will Batman be in the new DC? I mean he’s raised two boys to manhood with another
on his way there and now a fourth Robin in Damien. So Bruce Wayne is what late 50’s?

They are getting one thing right though and that’s putting Superman back as the world’s first
super hero.

Now once most of these 52 titles crash and burn they need to restore the JSA to Earth2.

A single Superman!?

He best go clubbing with Jimmy Olsen. In costume.

Rockstar Vodka should be the new kryptonite!

This is gonna be so dope.


June 16, 2011 at 5:28 pm

It just doesn’t make sense. Superman is no longer married but Damian is still in continuity. I love Damian’s character but it doesn’t make sense with the new Justice League launch.”

Something else that doesn’t make sense is that it is okay to have a child out of wedlock, Damian, but marriage is not okay.

People aren’t buying Superman, because he’s married….they aren’t buying Superman, cause he’s been poorly written for several years. Also, the books cost $3 each, and have the wost distribution this side of industry journal magazines. They are sold only in Comic Books Stores….so if you don’t buy would have no reason to go to a comic book store which means few new fans will ever find your product.

Fix the price point (comics at a normal rate of inflation from 25c 1970’s should be about $1.50.) Fix the distribution (put them back into supermarkets and the corner convenience store as well as online)..then tell good stories, and sales will sky-rocket.

From the way this looks, it seems more likely that it’ll happen again rather than them tossing it to the wind like Peter Parker’s marriage.

Charles J. Baserap

June 16, 2011 at 7:01 pm

Said it before, I’ll say it again; this isn’t a reboot, it’s a regression, as Captain Retcon and Didio strive to return as much as they can to the way comics were when THEY liked them with the exception of a few pet projects by privileged creators.

I just learned that my parents are splitting up today and this is the icing on the cake, even though I feel like this is the better storytelling choice.

THIS married guy and long-time (30 years) Superman reader likes the marriage. If Clark’s and Lois’ marriage seems boring to fans, that’s an issue with the writing, not with marriage itself.

I don’t know what Didio’s up to here; maybe the marriage itself will be reexamined, not nullified. Whatever happens, I’ll give it a shot. If I don’t like what I see, the DCnU is just as good of a jumping-off point for us old farts as it is a jumping-on point for the hypothetical young new readers.

Thanks DC and Mr. Didio for ruining Superman. This retcon is the top of all stupidities. As a both fan of Superman and the marriage, I will boycott all DC, Warner product because if they can respect fans, they don´t deserve my money. Maybe Didio and all his editorial clows think they will beat Marvel doing this, WRONG! With this new X-men event or whatever Marvel comes up will beat the hell out DC and as a Superman all time fan,I have to say, well done job DC. Didio, Harras and Johns, if I had some respect for Geoff John´s work, it really got down the toilet, after all, this shows he is just another lame writer, alongside his group of lame editors.

I won’t read a Super-book where Lois and Clark aren’t married. I grew up watching Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, so the idea of them being married has been instilled in my head for a long time. In fact, I don’t read ANY Marvel book these days because they shat away the Peter/MJ marriage. SAVE THE MARRIAGE!!!!!!!!!

Well that confirms it. I’m pretty much done with DC. I heard about this and I didn’t want to believe it. I’ve been a long time DC fan and I’ve stuck with this company through thick and thin. It’s not a reboot? BULLSHIT! Now I can use my money for real publishers… The independents. Marvel lost me and now it’s time to move on to better stories that don’t involve DC as well. To Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Dan DiDio, Bob Harras, Eddie Berganza and the rest of the DC gang, you’ve let me down for the last time.

DCnU, i just don’t care anymore. Screw up you entire history if you want, but DC better have an escape plan more complex then “it was all a dream,” because this may well explode on the launch pad.

Cynical bastards!
DC can do whatever they want with THEIR characters!!
Everyones moaning and groaning as usual, but were
they buying Superman comics for the last past couple of years?
NO! Superman is the flagship character for DC and he’s being out sold
by Batman & Green Lantern, so DC wants to change that or at least try
to shake things up to make Superman more appealing.

F$#@ anyone who tries to hate on my comments

Tom Fitzpatrick

June 16, 2011 at 7:35 pm

Superman needs to find his inner slut-iness.

I honestly don’t even know why DC even bothers with super-heroes being/getting married.
In the long run, it never ends well.

Take Scott Summers of The Uncanny X-men, how many times did he marry that redhead Jean Grey (clone/otherwise)? How many of those marriages ended well?

Hank Pym/Janet (the wasp); Donna Troy/Terry Long; Cerebus/Astoria, etc. etc.

single Superman doesn’t bother me ..never been able to see Superman having physical relations with a human like Lois Lane anyhow .. he’s an alien with superpowers .. he has super ears, super breath, super eyes that emit heat .. goodness knows what he emits when he gets aroused .. :-)

Superman and Wonder Woman that makes sense .. Wonder Woman can handle an alien with super powers ..

Brandon Allen

June 16, 2011 at 7:39 pm

ATTN: DC Comics

Stop trying to be Marvel!

Yes, that’s the problem with Superman comics. His marriage to Lois Lane. And here, I thought it was the underwear outside of his long johns.
Hey Grant and Dan,

Next year is the end of the bull, the wolf and the ass.

No more sweet manna for them.

What goes up, must come down.

The last time I bought a Superman comic monthly was when Geoff Johns was writing Action Comics. Why? Because the story and art were both consistently fantastic. Superman was married and kicking ass and I could not wait for the next issue, and even bought the trades. What DC never seems to realize is that when they put B-list creators on their flagship book (and even take out the main, iconic character for years), yeah, sales are gonna wane. Blaming low sales on the marriage is a cop-out.

I’m a bit of a Morrison-fanboy, so I’m not too worried. I’m stoked to see him on this with Rags Morales. If it was anyone else, though, (including Geoff Johns) I would probably drop off here.

@Jeff “…What DC never seems to realize is that when they put B-list creators on their flagship book (and even take out the main, iconic character for years), yeah, sales are gonna wane. Blaming low sales on the marriage is a cop-out.”

Totally agree.

So much anger over words put into DC’s mouth. Anyone quoting parts of this article not spoken by Didio or DC as if DC said it themselves should have their computers taken away. Take a step back, breathe and realize something – you don’t speak for the masses. Stop talking in generalizations as if your opinions match the entire comic community. And when you buy Action Comics 1 and love and praise it, remember this comments section please so we can make fun of you then as well. Thanks.

Tyler made me laugh so hard, that I peed a little.

“was anyone buying superman?”

I was. If the marriage is nullified, I won’t buy any of the super* books anymore. I stopped buying spider-man the day “Brand New Day” landed and won’t look back there either.

Reading this, I instantly thought of Marvel’s dissolution of Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage. It seems that comics just can’t deal with marriages in their stories, they’re always gonna de-age, revert, reboot, retcon their characters for the younger generation instead of making up some new ones. Really…this is pathetic. We’ve read about the same heroes for years and yet never see them grow up, can’t anyone make some new heroes and just let the old heroes grow (grow not die)? Frankly, I’m starting to not see the point of superheroes having relationships since apparently they can NEVER get married, will ONLY have GIRLFRIENDS for the rest of their lives until they die, single, with no children, only to be brought back to life again so we can watch their single-farce for another 20 years. I had hoped that this would be a reboot so that it would actually make sense for Superman to be single, but if this is still part of continuity…ugh, then they’ve pulled a Marvel and lost my business as well.

And yea. they can do “whatever they want with THEIR characters” they can just expect me not to buy anymore.

Now. Given that Action and the main Justice League title are set in the somewhat recent past, I don’t care if the marriage doesn’t exist in THOSE books. If it doesn’t exist in current DCnU continuity… well that’s a decent chunk of books I’ll never have on my pull list again. I don’t care WHO is writing them.

Can we coin a new continuity term? Something like “That just got Mephisto’d”

Instead of new ideas, rebooting the marriage to sell us with the same tease from the past 60 years will win me over? But then, this is not about me. It’s about new readers, the unlikely ones to care beyond Infinite Crisis? Secret Origins? Batman RIP? All Star Superman?

It really is getting frustrating how every time the Big 2 makes forward progress with their characters, they have to revert everything back to what worked 20 years ago. It happened with Kyle Rayner, Wally West and now Dick Grayson.

I’m at the point where I want to just check out the independent publishers from here on out.

Why do bad creative and business decisions – bad writing, poor art, lack of editing, corporate mandates — get put back on fans by fans, apologists, the curious, and the company? . . . “You’re not buying Superman; sales are terrible; we have to do this; this is your fault . . .

I enjoyed Superman (for example) in the 80s, in the 90s, and even some arcs in the 2000s. But he hasn’t been relevant of late BECAUSE of DC’s moves, NOT because of his character, mythos, or history.

Superman for All Seasons, All-Star Superman, Man of Steel, or “name your arc” here are excellent stories. Will Action v. 2, Superman: Man of Tomorrow v. 2, and other new “family titles” be? I simply don’t know.

I do know that Amazing Spider-Man (in fact, all of the Marvel U) is unreadable. Personal tastes, I know. I am not hopeful that this bold, interesting series of moves by DC will work for anyone’s betterment — the company, the characters, the fans, or for DC history.

What will happen in Flashpoint to make Barbara Gordon walk again?

“This is an imaginary story. Aren’t they all?”


I enjoyed Superman (for example) in the 80s, in the 90s, and even some arcs in the 2000s. But he hasn’t been relevant of late BECAUSE of DC’s moves, NOT because of “perceived” flaws to his character, mythos, or history.

If you can’t write or draw a Superman story, the fault is YOURS, not the character’s . . . same goes for any of the great characters / creations in DC’s 75 year+ history of publishing

At least Craig Thompson has a new graphic novel coming out this September . . .

For Mikael,

You are correct, we should be holding our tongues for things not explicitly stated, but Dan Didio has wavered in both directions. We see amazing advancements for our characters, then he has them treading old waters again. I believe the comic community does not want to constantly be paying for the exact same thing over and over again or there wouldn’t be such a large whiplash from dedicated fans such as I.

I highly doubt I’ll be buying Action Comics #1 as a fan dying in suspense. I’ve been reading Batman only these days as well.

Whoever hired Dan Didio, should have his or her head examined…

Isn’t Diane Nelson workin out great. Green Lantern (the movie) is going to be a huge hit. Um, no. And her leadership of the Publishing Division has yielded what?

June 16, 2011 at 10:24 pm


In some ways, it’s like DC is playing a game of “messing with Sasquatch.” Crazy. OK, it’ll take me a few minutes to make my point, but here we go …

Time to fess up. The last time I TOTALLY enjoyed Superman was when I learned how to read, back in Mort Weisinger’s last year or two, around 1970. Mort may have had enormous faults as a human being, but he knew exactly what to do with Superman. It’s like James Tucker said in his “Draw!” magazine interview: this is a story about a god and the people who hang out with him. You can tell buttloads of stories with that basic scenario, and whether that god can juggle planets or blow up the earth by just thinking real hard shouldn’t have any impact on the enjoyment. He’s not Spider-Man. If Spider-Man juggles planets, it changes everything. Superman can juggle planets and still watch Elmo’s World with his super vision. No biggie.

Hardly anyone seemed to know what to do with Superman in the 70’s. There were a few good movies, but the comics were running out of steam. In comes John Byrne with “Man of Steel,” and suddenly, Superman is cosmetically the same, but he’s depowered and turned into a kind of pseudo-Marvel character. Lots of you guys grew up with that and loved it. I still missed my pal who juggled planets and could do higher math while sitting on the red kryptonite john at the Fortress of Solitude or whatever. Then he turns into a giant gorilla and pandemonium happens. But it’s all good.

I wasn’t crazy about the wedding, but then, I was around when they printed the wedding story the first time – between the Earth Two characters. So there was precedent. And it seemed OK to move ahead to the inevitable.

I started buying Superman comics again during Geoff Johns’ run on Action Comics and the Secret Origins series. It felt like a modern version of Mort Weisinger’s Superman. Morrison’s All-Star was a lot of fun, but it existed in its own isolated little universe.

Now? Well, now I don’t know what is going on. I just don’t. The Superman redesign makes him look like Superboy Prime, with about as much emotional maturity. As with the rest of Jim Lee’s redesigns, it’s very 90’s Image, very Marvel’s Heroes Reborn. The idea that Lois and Clark are going splitsville feels emotionally like those episodes of “Heroes” where everything goes back to square one every five or six shows, and you just want to throw a brick through the TV set.

DC, you had me for awhile. You told some stories I really enjoyed, and the art was cool too. I bought that stuff. You lost me with all of that New Krypton jazz, but you actually had me hooked, even through a lot of that. Don’t go taking my money and then playing “messin’ with Sasquatch” all over me.

June 16, 2011 at 10:36 pm

DC has done 4 revised origins of superman in just the last 10 years. ( technically 3) but still .
2001 had the return of the SILVERAGE krypton which created a continuity mess with JBs MAN OF STEEL.
2003 had BIRTHRIGHT which conflicted with continuity again.
2007 had LAST SON which intergrated Chris Reeve Krypton with ALL the previous revamps.
2009 had SECRET ORIGIN which ignored everything / undid yrs of continuity and just embrassed Last Sons version of Krypton.

LEGION OF SUPERHEROES has had 3 reboots since 2001 as well.

THIS IS WHY DC is unsuccessfull period. They dont have a solid foundation for ANY of their characters except for BATMAN.
The ENTIRE DC universe is incoherent .
And just when they spend yrs trying to make sense out of it all— REBOOT 2011.

The worst insult about it all is that the OVERATTED Bat books and GL titles will retain their recent history – which creates MORE continuity confusion with the rest of DC.

Creative teams come and go people- you need a solid foundation with concepts and designs that endure.
Not a single design or creative team on this company wide reboot will be around by the end of 2012.

I direct everyone to study 1994s ZERO HOUR zero issue month which attempted EVERYTHING DC is trying to do in OCTOBER.
Nothing they tried in 1994 lasted even a full yr.

bad that dc has decided to borrow from marvel and do a one more day thing with superman by ending his marriage to Lois one of the few things that helps make superman feel human like. though always liked the idea of superman and wonder woman being a couple in the regular dcu . as for how the marriage is ended since grant is involved maybe one of his failed super man pitches is gong to play a part

June 16, 2011 at 10:41 pm

anyone who supports the return of long dead characters ( Barry Allen, Jason Todd) whos death resulted in pivitol character progression for decades .
Anyone who supports magically un-marrying couples ( SPIDERMAN MARYJANE)

And people who support RESTART buttons like this DC reboot…… well then u might as well read ARCHIE COMICS.

I ask.. what is the point of reading monthly comics- following character progression and continuing arcs– what is the point of it all if at the end of it– everything gets restarted?

Obviously, someone just mentioned ‘One More Day’ as ‘The worst piece of literature’ and from a Marvel guy I can say ‘that’s correct!’. All of that stuff they had done before was just promising fans stuff they didn’t have the ability to pull off. I would love to have seen a story (albiet temporary) of the world finding who Spider-man really was. But they didn’t even put effort into it. They also mixed it with a bunch of other stuff involving SPider-man’s ‘magic origin’. Man, it was the worst stuff I’d ever seen and I knew it was all about ending the marriage. But it really wasn’t a story at all. It lowered the standard of Marvel’s story telling. I feel sorry for Slott and the other people who have tried to keep Spider-man going. The book is cursed.

But I think DC will actually put some thought into this, gathering from what I’ve read of them in the last couple years. I think they’ll give fans a good story and a reason. Afterall, this IS comic books, the impossible can happen all the time.

It’s not like Lois and Clark still won’t be around… right?

May I suggest creator owned comics for the next decade, at least?

It seems this is the only way to make sure that the characters you love to read about evolve in a consistent manner. Exceptions may arise occasionally, but usually when 1 or 2 people and not a big company have the rights to a character that character does not need a reboot/retake/reset/whatever every couple of years.

I have heard some comparisons to what DC is doing to Marvel’s Ultimate Books. There is one difference here: Marvel gave you a choice as to what books to read. Original universe or Ultimateverse. DC has decided to not give any once a choice. It’s these books or nothing. And a lot of readers are saying enough, and telling their stores to stop pulling DC books for them. But DC is banking on these readers not being able to stay away. If you are unhappy with what they are doing, call their bluff… do not pick up the books.

Let DC see how unhappy you are with your only vote…your money.

Oh look at the ‘tarded semi-literate fanboys are crying withoutv realising that Didio probably means that while the marriage is gone they’re probably still dating so pretty much going back to the ‘Lois doesn’t know Clark is Superman’ status quo which would be accessible for new readers seeing as even i didn’t know they were married/she knew his identity until i read this thread.

Superman’s sales are in the pitts and it’s time to go back to basics to restore that.

@ Jason Levine….Me, i’m giving DC my money. This is the most exciting thing DC has done in a long long time. I’m probably gonna pick up around 10 DC titles come september. I probably only picked up 2 DC titles in the past 2yrs. So if DC can pull me back into the fold, then i’m sure many other readers like myself is getting pulled back in. Exciting times for DC

DAMN YOU DIDIO!!! I’m done with DC.

I skipped majority of the posts for now ( I’m sure its just alot of whinging, crying, boycotting of all DC titles and comparing it to Spiderman).

I actually don’t mind the change. There are so many different facets to this relationship, that it will be great to see it starting to develop – or even before it develops! Seeing Lois act superior to Clark will be fun to see again -but it will be the first time in comics for me!

Well, at least Superman didn’t have to make any deal with the devil

So i’m expecting a deluge of hissy fits and throwing toys out of the pram on par with the geek backlash against the dissolution of Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s marriage.

C’mon you guys

This could mean getting a wedding special written by Morrison.

I know this is kind of shameful self-advertising here, but what the hey, we need to start the cause somewhere

The following link is to a Facebook petition I just created. I’m sick and tired of Marvel, and now DC renumbering their flagship titles, and I think it’s about time we all join together (regardless of loyalties to whatever title or characters) to save them these iconic titles from hiding their proud run. Join today, and lets get to work on running campaigns to secure the future of Amazing Spider-Man!

Ideally from here we can go on and organise campaigns for other titles too.

Out of all of the posts here the one thing that stands out is that the readers like the character the way they are. IT’S THE FACT THAT PEOPLE HAVE NO FRICKIN’ CLUE other than Dan jurgens it seems THAT KNOW HOW TO HANDLE BIG BLUE!!!!! next year give us back the continuity that we LOVE and lets look at some real talent ok?

I honestly do believe that the ALL the comics companies are missing the main point of lessening readership. It really is the price of the books. All the companies, DC and Marvel in particular, should understand that expecting someone to pay $3.99 for a 20-something page monthly, that in all honestly sometimes reads and looks like it was written or drawn by a three year old, is outrageous. They are in competition for the target demographic for both time and money with video games that are basically on-demand, ‘live-action’ comic books. I am well outside the target demographic, I grew up with comics being a primary entertainment source, and I continue to to try to enjoy them and pass that enjoyment on, however, it becomes less attractive at the current price point. Right now, a kid/teenager/young adult can spend roughly the same amount getting a few books which will give them an hour or two of enjoyment or a video game that will give them weeks of enjoyment and can them turn in for credit on the next game. All this continuity mucking is only driving a spike into your consistent readership. DC/Marvel/all others are right, something has to be done, but I think they should look at their business processes and not their product lines, necessarily.

Chris Schillig

June 17, 2011 at 5:26 am

To be honest, I haven’t read Superman in so long that I forgot he and Lois were even married.

That said, I remember reading a comment by the great Steve Gerber (at least I think it was Gerber) a few years back that said once Superman and Lois married, the main point of the Superman story was truly over, because despite all the sci-fi, superhero trappings, it was basically the story of the Superman/Clark/Lois dynamic. Once that dynamic was completed by Lois learning Superman’s civilian identity and settling down with both of them, the major premise of the strip has been fulfilled. There’s a lot of sense in that.

I think I’m going to give Action Comics a try in September to see what it’s all about.

Adam Pearlman

June 17, 2011 at 5:40 am

so if the marriage is over, is it just going to back to the days of Lois wanting Superman and trying to find out who he really is, because no thanks on that, I’d much rather have her and Clark as friends/dating, he hasn’t told her but she already knows but is waiting for him to tell her. Lets face it she’s an investigative reporter surely she can figure out who Superman is. But I think it would make a nice spin that she knows the secret but they’re not together and he doesn’t know she knows

At least the Spider-Marraige still exists in the newspaper strip (written by Stan Lee himself) so there’s always been an alternate source of Spidey-fun for people burned by OMD, but there’s no such alternate source with D.C. I say publish two books…one with a single Supes, and the other allowing the married Supes to do new things, very similar to how D.C are putting out a Superman Beyond AU one-shot written by Tom DeFalco, put DeFalco on Supermarried.

Wow, lots of hand wringing and fury on here. I’ll make a few points.

1) Spiderman OMD was bland and kinda boring that was probably the biggest fault of it. The undoing of PP/MJW marriage was not a big deal. The stories since have been great.

2) Superman has been boring for years. I’ve tried repeatedly to read it and just finding myself have a ‘who cares’ attitude.

3) Undoing fictional continuity for fictional characters to make them more interesting is OK. Repeat, they are only undoing a fictional continuity. They didn’t go back and take away your first kiss with Winnie Cooper. All they did was change the characters a little bit. If you think it’s ruined the whole history of Superman and made all those past issues less worthwhile, well then maybe they have too much importance to you. If you’re that outraged, I’ll give you $100 for your NM Action Comics #1.

4) As a comparison, was everyone’s Huggies Pull-Up’s in a knot because of the altered Star Trek continuity from the last movie? Or was everyone ranting and raving like this one guy in the theater “It’s out of continuity, Spock mom blah blah blah, T’pal blah blah blah”. Even though they explained in the movie like 20 times that “This is a totally different timeline.”

Suck it up, live with it and as Bill Shatner said in SNL “Get a life.”

[sigh] I liked them married. But I guess comics and marriage go together like oil and water. :(

So far the worst part of this whole relaunch is the amount of whiny self entitled fan boys that seem to know more about whats going to happen then the people behind the relaunch.

I really wish DC would open the comments up again on their blog. But anyway, here’s my 2 bits.

I don’t want to be accused of being a “cynical fan-boy” but hey, I’ve been forking over my cash to DC for years and I’m a little disappointed by this “non-reboot-reboot.” I just turned 40 and we’re in a recession. I can’t afford to gamble on 52 different new books. I will be picking up the Morrison book (any Morrison book) and that’s going to be about it. I’m going to have to play the waiting game on everything else and pick up the trades based on reviews and friends responses.

I’ve already been paring down my weeklies and this gives me the perfect excuse to start saving money.

I understand the need to attract new readers, but quality stories and supportive marketing are historically the keys to success. DC is betting everything on the new GL movie attracting young readers and I hope it does because they’re losing a large portion of their core.

Now for all of the folks out there complaining about the overwhelming negative response to this, guess what, too bad! I’ve been following the DCU since the mid seventies and I have a right to speak up.

I have no JSA or related books to look forward to anymore, Batman Inc. is being forced into a hiatus, Xombi is getting canned, all the recent effects of Infinite & Final Crisis seem to be irrelevant, Oracle is gone, Blackest Night is barely going to make sense in a new Universe with the removal of the JSA and numerous other characters & the list goes on.

So again, all of you folks calling people like me a “Cynical Fan Boy” think again. I’m a practical fan-boy. I’m not afraid to try something new, but I’m not going to dump $150.00 plus in one month for 52 new books. Dan, Jim & Geoff must think we’re on one of the 52 Earths that’s not in a global recession. I fear this is going to do much more damage to DC than they’d ever anticipated. I hope I’m wrong, but there is VERY little positive feedback on this relaunch.

As coincidence would have it, RealityCheck made most of my points, saving me a lot of typing. I’ve been a Superman fan for forty-three years. I’ve lived through every continuity change and reboot. I’ve read threads like this (in one format or another) each time. It’s no wonder the life expectancy of the American is dropping with all the stress and drama the bring on themselves. At least wait until the new comic has been out a few issues before having your stroke or coronary.

We’ve all seen the scary signs that our beloved comic books are taking a slow dive. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll be cautiously optimistic and hope for the best — that the new stories are good, the new continuity interesting, and that DC Entertainment’s overall plan is successful. That way I get to keep reading them for another 43 years.

@EN Mitchell

“So far the worst part of this whole relaunch is the amount of whiny self entitled fan boys that seem to know more about whats going to happen then the people behind the relaunch.”

Really? Self Entitled? I’m 100% entitled to my own opinion and entitled to spend my money however I like. As for our knowledge of the reboot, what we hear we don’t like. What do you suggest we do? Spend over $150.00 in a month on every new #1 to see what we like? I guess you’re that guy that’s made of money. Good for you.

The biggest problem is that unlike Spider -Man, where Mary Jane was an integral part of the story and character’s motivation, DC’s writers just sort of dropped the ball with the Clark/Lois marriage as she had become more of an afterthought in the stories. DC, if you want to do the Clark / Lois relationship right, just examine the last season of Smallville.

Hahahaha! The more posts I read, the more I keep thinking of the quote from the Star Trek convention skit on Saturday Night Live with William Shatner,

“Get a life, people!”

I_Captain Blanco

June 17, 2011 at 7:26 am

Sean wrote: “They literally were given Superman for free.”

You clearly don’t understand the meaning of either the word “literally” or the word “free.” Or “given,” come to that. Siegel and Shuster were paid for Superman according to the contracts of the period. That’s not DC (which wasn’t called that at the time) being “given” anything, and it’s not Siegel and Shuster doing it “for free.” Granted, they didn’t get as good a deal as, say, Bob Kane did, but it was their choice. Also, DC had an excellent relationship with the Siegel and Shuster estates for literally (see, this is how the word works) decades, paying them a handsome stipend every year and generally being on good terms until Marc Toberoff stepped in and convinced Joanne Siegel that she could do better.

Sean, you don’t know anything (that time I didn’t say “literally” because I’m exaggerating to make a point). Get your facts straight if you don’t want to embarrass yourself.

DC Comics, you die, you die and go to hell! :)

I’m OK with this. DC hasn’t done a storyline about their marriage in years, or even referenced it in any meaningful way since the early 2000’s.

Superman’s marriage was a bore and a gimmick in the first place! I’ve NEVER liked a married Superman because it’s BORING. Isn’t that the whole point of marriage, to settle down and let your life be boring so you can raise kids and let their lives be exciting instead?

In fiction, marriage is the end of the road for most stories. Think about all those fairy tails, they don’t start with the Happily Ever After, that’s how you know the story is over and it’s symbolized by marriage. Thanks DC, I’ll buy Superman comics again!!!!

Well… “One more day” made me quit Spider-man. The Talkie-ness of Bendis got me to quit Avengers and the majority of Marvels EVENTs. The X-men moving to some stupid Island to fight Vampires was a death knell for me as well.. I placed all hope in DC… Geoff you were my only hope. But now it looks like I’ll just re-read old books and save some money. I’m invested in the on-going DC storyline. I’m not interested in starting over. Am I supposed to for get the “Quiet Darkness,” “Identity Crisis,” “The Killing Joke?” Because I can’t. Ending a story is one thing. THAT can be done with grace and skill; i.e. The Preacher, The Sandman, Y the Last man, Starman. All of those stories knew when the time was right to quietly, or in some cases loudly, into the night. Saying again, I Can’t start over. If all of these stories end, then so does my reading of them. It’s a shame, because it was a really good ride.


June 17, 2011 at 9:03 am

I haven’t read new DC *or* Marvel comics for years, so in all likelihood, I won’t be picking these up either. I think the problem with trying to bring in new readers (that everyone seems to constantly clamor for) is that the characters, teams, and dynamics change at such a breakneck speed casual readers just don’t want to get involved. I have a friend who LOVES the X-Men and Wonder Woman. He won’t read the comics because he can’t just pick up an issue or two and enjoy the story. Instead, he watches them on TV because the stories are concise and fun. And can be digested in 30 minutes to an hour without having to watch a 2-hour documentary to get the gist before going in.

Comics seem to rely, now, on costume changes, de-aging, deaths, and Earth-shaking line-up changes to generate interest. But all these are are cosmetic remedies for a bigger problem. Like getting a nose-job and hoping it cures your cancer. All this says to me is that in trying to purge themselves of messy continuity for new readers, they’re just creating NEW continuity that will inevitably get messy and hard to follow and have to purge it again at some point.

My *personal* solution to the problem is to stop collecting single issue formats and continuity heavy TPB’s. Instead, I get collections that I can pick up and read the story and enjoy it. As long as the archetype and inherent continuity is in place (ie: who they are and their motivations), the “fresh” aspect comes from the incredible situations the heroes are faced with. I don’t need Superman in a new costume in a company wide-web of an event if he’s got a Gorilla head. I just want to find out how he got a gorilla head. And then I’ll come back for the next issue to see why he’s fighting a huge rocket-powered space-unicorn.

So here’s the thing. I’ve been reading comics for 40 plus years and give comic book talks to kids all over the state at libraries. The number one thing we have to remember is the characters are not ours. They do no exist for our personal pleasure. They are everlasting and need to be ever changing.
The same group that complains about characters changing are the same group that won’t read Golden age stories because they are “cheesy” or yell when Morrison taps into old Batman stories and brings them into today. “It’s too complicated…I never read those stories” they scream.
For all the complaining already about the changes to Superman you’d swear he was the number one selling comic book character right now….I mean so many people care about him his comics must sell amazingly well right?
Why don’t we judge the stories for their content…you know, after we’ve had a chance to read them?



June 17, 2011 at 9:43 am

This is simple: The only people that even KNOW that Superman is married are the 30-40,000 fans that bought his books in comic shops over the past 15 years.

That’s a small, SMALL group of people. DC is going to try – TRY – to sell to a larger group now, via digital, via bookstores, and to an extent via comic shops.

But the comic shop regulars who cling to continuity and decades of minutiae like a coat of armor? A lot of them are gonna hate this, because all the changes made in the 90s/00s will apparently remain ONLY if they don’t get in the way of getting back to basics.

Basically, they’re a small enough group that they simply don’t matter anymore. Good thing, too.

I’m sure nobody will read this far down, but since I came on board around the time of Man of Steel, I’ve always felt that Clark (not Superman) and Lois worked best as a team, not competitors.

And I still contend that the dissolution of Clark Kent’s and Peter Parker’s marriages is rooted more firmly in the creative executives’ desires to recreate their respective universes into something resembling what they read when they were growing up than it was to serve any higher notions of story.

Some of your quotations have made the Guardian, by the way:

Siegel and Schuster got $20,000 each per per year for life-beginning in the 70s.. Given the money generated by the Superman properties, I don’t believe that amount constitutes a handsome stipend.

I would be happier with a hard reboot-restarting everything rather than the piecemeal approach. that has been a mainstay of the DC Universe for 25 years. I also would prefer for the DC Universe post September to be another of the 52 universes rather than again reworking the current one.

I am not crazy about many of the choices (e.g. getting rid of Secret Six in favor of another Suicide Squad book), but I will be buying some of the new books: Batwing, Red Hood, Hawkman, Swamp Thing, and Resurrection Man.

its a load of rubbish….a total waste of time.
I dont even bother buying comics anymore but even this wouldnt persuade me to pick it up.

First of all, I don’t care about marriage as an institution. The institution fell apart a long time ago for a lot of reasons. What bothers me most is you’re taking a character who has been around as long as Superman and making her irrelevant. The stories of Lois trying to figure out that Clark is Superman every issue are old and trite and people won’t be interested in that any longer. So what happens to Lois? The same thing that has happened to Jimmy Olsen, they are no longer viable in this day and age. Instead of what could be written as a strong partnership and human interest will be kicked to the curb in favor of making the characters more “modern.”

Morrison is writing?!?!?!?!

I’m SO not there…..

I think it’s brilliant. Same with the Spidey reboot/re-lauch/whatever you’d like to call it. I like the shared-universe with the share continuity to a point. I can’t see how you could publish stories of characters falling in love and getting married without following it through with them settling down, having kids, grandkids and eventually dying indefinitely. It would need to be done in “real” time, or more specifically, characters would need to age beyond “30s”. And having them replaced with legacy characters – well, we all know how commercially popular those moves have been. In the end of the day, the market can’t support to split comic buyers between “Brand new Superman #1″ and “the latest chapter of Supes’ adventures since 1985 (or whenever the last reboot was)”. That said, DC could have given these versions of the characters a better conclusion to their stories than Reverse-Flash rewrites reality!

I am not suprised, but I am disappointed. When I heard that Grant Morrison was writing Superman the first thing I thought about was the Superman 2000 reboot that was going around years ago. His big thing then was to break the marriage and I guess that hasn’t changed. Morrison is a terrific writer, but most of his work is not my cup of tea. They say single heroes appeal to a larger audience, but I can’t help but feel they are alienating readers like me who are happily married. I do agree with the above comment(s) that it seems writers seem to want relive the stories they grew up reading, but to some extent I guess we all do. That said, I will give it a shot because Superman is and always will be my favorite super hero. I am trying to remain positive, who knows, these could be the best Superman stories we have seen in years.


June 17, 2011 at 7:56 pm

I’d like more comics to follow the Judge Dredd example. For every year that passes, Dredd and his world gets one year older as well. Ol’ Stoney Face is in his 60’s now and the stories have adapted and changed as he has.

The reason for reboots here is that no event or story can ever have a lasting impact because the characters can never change from what they are without having to restart.

Hopefully that made some sense.

I really think that it’s a mistake to end the marriage. Just like when Marvel did it to Spider-Man.
I can think of a couple of reasons why Superman doesn’t sell as well anymore.
When they did the New Krypton story, they took Superman out of Action Comics & Superman which was a mistake. Instead they gave him the New Krypton book for 12 issues and told his story there. I like Mon-el , but the Superman book should have been about the title character.
Also killing Zor-El was really bad, but probably even worse was Superman not even having any reaction to his uncle’s killing. For a being that was raised on Earth, he showed no emotion to his uncle’s killing. Then to end the story with all the Kryptonians being wiped out, that was bad too. They could have gone back into the Bottle as they were initially.
Another thing that was bad for Superman was him not starring in Action Comics for another year, instead it was Luthor. That could have been told in a limited series. Then JMS decides to have Superman grounded, of course new readers are not going to care about a story like that.It’s been hard enough for us older readers to care.
So really DC ruined the Superman books, by letting the writers tell stories in Superman’s books that were not about the Man of Steel.
It’s been obvious that the writers on the Superman books had no interest in telling stories about the character, and this has lasted close to 3 years now.
When Geoff Johns was writing Action Comics, the book was selling well even though I didn’t like him killing off Pa Kent..Just because it was done in the movie doesn’t mean that it needed to be done in the comics.
So now the marriage is going away somehow, does this mean that Pa Kent is back and alive ?
Also from the cover of JL , Superman looks like a teenager…that’s not a Superman that I want to read about.
And that cover to the new Action Comics, when did Superman ever wear a short sleeve T-shirt with his trademark S ? Then the other cover with Superman wearing what looks like armor, he doesn’t need that. He’s supposed to be invulnerable. Just from looking and reading the September solicitations, I’m not too excited about this whole reboot that’s not a reboot thing.I will add that Grant Morrison is a really good writer, but I guess that we’ll see.And this all started with Didio wanting to do away with the marriage…..

Note to all the people who are enraged that the people who are complaining are the people who have kept Superman sales at 40k:

The reason why Superman comics haven’t been selling for a few years is because Superman hasn’t been appearing in Superman comics for a few years.

DC Comics, like Marvel is losing readers for one simple reason and it has absolutely nothing to do with a character’s costume, origin or marital status and everything to do with DC and Marvel employees.

Because these are guys who have been in business doing business backwards for so long, losing readers has become accepted as common business practice in the comic industry and ONLY in the comic industry.

If a creator believes Character X is boring, outdated, needs a new costume, needs an updated backstory or needs to be UNMARRIED, it’s because that creator is lacking in the talent and ability to create with the material he was given to work with. So they alter the character to suit the creator and when that creators vision is no longer appealing or said creator moves on, the next creator has to rework and undo everything they did to now suit their ability to tell a story and since they can’t work with the material at hand, they too have to change everything and it becomes a vicious cycle and common business practice for people in the comics industry who have just run out of telling stories but still want to keep their job.

But that’s backwards. You don’t change a character to suit a creator, you change the creator to suit the character. Because changing a character to suit a creator who is only going to be working on said character temporarily is backwards and thus yields backwards results like losing readers because no one can follow what’s going on due to a lack of consistency, not continuity.

They stole this idea from Spider-man and it was probably the worst idea Marvel ever had.

Seriously, there is a ton of whining here and I think you all need to get over it. You’re upset about fictional characters’ marital status? Really? Grow up and get a life. DC is going out on a limb to tell a lot of different new kinds of stories and all you can focus on is if Superman is married or not? Who’s the first superhero? Do the JSA exist? How old is Batman? Is there an Earth 2? Is it a reboot? Ugh. I’m gagging on the nerdyness.

The Shuster lawsuit? Come on. That has NOTHING to do with what DC is doing here. If the Shuster’s win DC will pay them a royalty and keep publishing Superman books. And if you think story decisions made in a comic book represent a larger commentary on Marriage with a capital M then you have way too much time on your hands. You know what? Instead of dismissing 52(!) different comics YOU HAVE NOT READ YET, why don’t you try something new. You might like it.

All this talk about betraying long time fans is just so much hot air from the nerderatti. Again, instead of dumping on all these books or drawing all of these conclusions here in June why don’t you wait until September when you’ve had a chance to read some of them. Then you might actually know what you are talking about. Believe me, you and your favorite character will survive this.

And for those of you who are claiming that DC is trying to give the fans something they aren’t asking for I’m wondering what ARE you asking for? Stories about Lois and Clark shopping for knick knacks at Pier One? The Superman stories I would want to read would have nothing to do with the marriage. Me, I want interesting, original, offbeat stories. That’s why come September I’ll be picking up OMAC, Swamp Thing, Demon Knights, Action, Frankenstein, and probably a few others.


June 18, 2011 at 11:46 am

I would like some Lois and Superman stories that read a lot like an updated Ralph and Sue Dibney. Husband and wife partners in crime that get into all kinds of misadventures, scrapes, and weirdnesses. (You know, before “dark n gritty” mandated “rape n murder”…UGH) Comic Marriage doesn’t have to be boring. Comics don’t have to be boring. Anything is supposed to be able to happen…so let it!

If being married in comic books is supposed to be like being married in real life, YES, it is going to get just a wee bit stale. Comics trying to imitate real life all the time is really silly. But seeing as how this is comic books and your wife could potentially turn into a pterodactyl and eat a commuter train for no reason or get the scoop on a race of man-eating aliens and stow away on their laser rocket to Mars…”mundane” should NOT be the worry.

Oh, boy! I can’t wait to see all the new stories that will come out of this new, exciting development!
“Hey Lois.”
“Super-amnesia beams!”
“Never mind, he’s not. I am such a great reporter!”
Dear god. Did you see the terrible sales and overwhelming fan backlash that came out of One More Day? Did you decide that you wanted to get a piece of that action?
You know, Lois and Clark was a great pairing. The country man who has everything, in love with a city girl with nothing but brains. They played off each other beautifully in the animated series, Smallville, Lois and Clark, All-Star Superman, and a thousand other places. Opposites attract, and Lois and Clark are as opposite as they come. Lois, in many ways, is why Superman is still on Earth; she’s his anchor to his life there. The only reason people think it’s boring is because they never utilized it much.
But screw that noise! Let’s have him go together with Wonder Woman!
Again, opposites attract. A varied couple is a good couple. Lois’s shrewdness, arrogance, and skepticism play off of Superman’s idealism, confidence, and humility. Diana, on the other hand, pretty much is Superman. Oh, there are differences, but there aren’t a lot of contradictions. They’re just going to get bored with each other. And sure, Superman and Wonder Woman is common in Elseworlds (and only Kingdom Come ever did it well), but so is blowing up the planet.
Dan Didio, I’ve heard rumors that Warner Bros. Marketing is making you do this. Please, for the love of God, remember 90s Marvel, when the marketers grabbed the company by the balls and forced it to do big stunts for money. Remember the readers leaving in droves, the overproduction, the delays, the horrendous storylines. Remember the bankruptcy.
But then again, you cancelled Batgirl Vol. 1 and turned the main character into a psychotic murderer, so you can frankly go to hell.

Why am I not surprised by this so-called “development”? First, economics. Superman, as a comic, is relatively unprofitable as compared to, eherm, Batman and Green Lantern. People in DC need to take drastic remedies even without looking for long-term consequences. Just short to medium-term solutions. Second, something “fresh”/”relevant”/”connectivity”. With Grant Morrison on helms (oh-oh!), Superman will definitely go drastic changes on one of the most trivial part of American social life-divorce! Morrison is an expert of eschewing the triviality of life. To be relevant equates to connectivity to the general reader/public’s mental milieu! Idealism is being replaced by sheer pragmatism/existentialism/individualism/materialism. Marriage is a commodity, not on sheer love. The “WE” is set aside by “I”. Ideals are just an illusion. I am contented with Morrison’s take on All-Star Superman (the finest Superman story ever!), but here, I’ll skip it altogether. Divorce, then later, marriage, then much later, divorce/separation, ad infinitum! BATMAN RULES!


June 19, 2011 at 11:46 pm

Personally, I always hated the marriage between Superman and Lois Lane. I’m glad DC are splitting them up (that is, of course, if the rumours are true).

Superman will definitely be cooler and more interesting as a swinging bachelor because it will give him a sense of detachment from humanity, which is very intriguing.

And if Superman and Wonder Woman want have a fling … GREAT!!! I’m looking forward it!

I acknowledge DC are taking a risk — it’s clearly upsetting several readers — but if risks were never taken, there would be no ‘Watchmen’, no ‘Zap Comix’, no ‘Mad’, no ‘Sandman’, no ‘Spawn’, heck! Superman himself wouldn’t even exist if no risks were taken.

So well done, DC! If this is what you’re doing then you’ve got my cash!

I haven’t read the Superman comics in years, so I didn’t know if they were still married or not.

However, the Superman/Wonder Woman pairing is something I do not get. The only reason anyone pairs them is ‘Superman is one of the two best known male DC heroes and Wonder Woman is THE best known female DC hero’. That’s it. It’s basically a self-indulgent idea straight out of fanfic-land.

Superman/Wonder Woman shipping has been pretty much a staple of DC’s Elseworlds stories, and, to me, has become a tired cliche. The only time I thought it was done good was in ‘Kingdom Come’, and THAT was in an alternate future where Lois was long dead and the whole superhero landscape had changed.

To be honest, though, I’m more disappointed about Gail Simone being given the boot from ‘Birds of Prey’. Why bother bringing her back to the books if you’re just going to boot her off a year later? Such decisions pretty much make it IMPOSSIBLE for readers like me to be interested in a creators’ run, because at any second the fickle editorial are going to boot the writer from the books and their stories will go nowhere and end up being irrelevant.

I’m a longtime reader of 20 years, and I have no problems with this. If DC thinks a back-to-basics approach will work, I’m willing to give it a shot. Their comics have given me a lot of entertainment over the years, and I doubt that will suddenly change because Superman and Lois aren’t married, or Dick isn’t Batman anymore, or whatever changes might occur.

I can’t believe DC is throwing everything away at the atlar of “diversity” just for the sake of it. The new Superman film is being directed by Zack “one trick pony” Snyder that will put the nail in the coffin that “Superman Returns” built. And DC is following that lead right off the cliff with these “reboots” of the Superman titles. Look..I’m fine with”reboots” if you can tell a good story but if something has been working..why mess with it? One of the most reliable and endearing aspects of Superman is that his character is “more human” than many humans. The fact that he has such a purity of spirit that he really can be married to Lois with so much affection and dedication that humans today can’t seem to display. Readers love the fact that Kal/Clark and Lois finally got married and the dynamics it brings to the Superman stories. NOBODY liked Peter Parker’s leaving Mary Jane but apparently the “day late and a dollar short” DiDio ethic dictates that DC should destroy DC’s most high profile married couple just so it can be “modern and diverse”. Scratch the Superman titles for me once this “reboot” takes place clearly they’re lost for ideas at DC on how to handle Superman. “Let’s just say it’s being re-examined”…yeah..right Mr DiDio.

Personally I’m okay with the reboot. Lois and Clark will always (eventually) be together, but by temporarily freeing them up you are allowed to explore the larger scope of relationships between all the characters. They can now create a past or possibly current relationship between Diana and Clark, but by no means does it have to stay that way. Diana could become, over time, a former girlfriend in the same way that Lana and Lori are. This past will add emotional weight to any later involvement between Lois and Clark. Let’s be honest, in the current comic-book-only cannon, Clark was a virgin until he married Lois, and Diana is a virgin still. Now while there is nothing wrong with that, it probably stretches the believability factor for a lot of today’s newer readers. The Madonna complex that has shadowed Wonder Woman all of these years has greatly limited what could be done with the character and how she is perceived. And while I believe that it is highly unlikely for DC to do so, from a Amazon’s perspective she could be involved with Clark and Bruce simultaneously (think of it as a comparison between what is acceptable in a male-dominated society vs. a female-dominated society). However, I am also curious about how they will merge Batman’s history into the new timeline. If Damian is 10 years old, then that would mean that Talia and Bruce got together when he was anywhere between 18-21 (only because making Bruce any older than 28-31 seems unlikely). Also, what happens to Dick Grayson? I can’t imagine that they’ll get rid of the original Boy Wonder.

If they break up Superman/Lois just so he can get it on with Wonder Woman then that will be it for me. I will NEVER follow Superman again.

The marriage IS NOT what makes the comics boring, it’s the writers having ZERO imagination and not being able to write a good story. They need to stop making excuses for why the comics aren’t selling, and start learning how to write stories that keep people interested.

Lois Lane/Superman/Clark Kent is the FOUNDATION of the Superman story, and should stay that way. Seriously, do we need to go back to the days when she doesn’t know he’s Superman? What the hell is that going to accomplish?

They’ve been married for 16 years, she’s known for what, a couple before that, but for 50 YEARS before that we had the same crap year after year after year, and now they want to go back to that again. NO THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

What is with all the whingers saying they are going to have to fork out $150 a month – so are deciding to buy nothing! haha… you can’t be for real? Are they the only 2 options in your minds?

Do you buy every title DC publishes now? If you do? Where the fuck do you find the time? Unless you don’t work, don’t have any family or friends, don’t leave your house or have any other interests…

No one is forcing you to buy all 52 titles – just buy what sounds appealling to you!?! – and whoever says none of them – grow up – DCs talent pool may not be overflowing – but they do have 6 of the best writers in the bizz – and their books, at least, are worth checking out.

But… they can’t go around erasing marriages! That’s Marvel’s job!

the best part of that asshole Didio ran down his daddy’s leg.

welp.. clear to me i’ll never pick up DC trash again.

What I found disgusting is, how he discrbed Wonder Woman. She shouldn’t be classfiyed as a homerecker. She was made during a time women were gaining empowerment throught the 20’s-60’s.

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