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DC teases new comic logos — but who designed them?

Over the past week or so, DC Comics has been parceling out logos for some the titles in its line-wide relaunch, a process goosed along by a little enterprising URL farming by Bleeding Cool and others, and the release of the cover for the July issue of Previews.

So far we’ve seen logos for Demon Knights, The Fury of Firestorm, Justice League, Justice League Dark, OMAC, Resurrection Man, Stormwatch and Suicide Squad. But what we’ve yet to glimpse is a designer credit.

Demon Knights, Resurrection Man and Suicide Squad, in particular, look like the handiwork of talented artist Rian Hughes, the designer of such comic-book logos as Batman and Robin, Wednesday Comics, Captain Britain and MI13, Strange Tales and NYC Mech. I emailed Hughes last night to see whether any of the new DC logos are indeed his, but he’s yet to respond.

The Justice League logo bears a passing resemblance to Chip Kidd’s somewhat divisive designs for All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder and All-Star Superman, but that probably owes to the tilt on the Previews cover. It seems unlikely that Kidd, who created the cover treatments for Final Crisis and the logos for Trinity, handled Justice League.

Check out the released, and leaked, logos after the break. And please contribute any designer credits if you know them.



OMAC and Ressurection Man look good…2 out of 8 isn’t bad…

Isn’t that Resurrection Man one identical to the first series?

I think they all look like they were used in 60s TV shows — bad 60s TV shows.

Some of these are okay. OMAC looks pretty cool. Justice League Dark is really awful.

i love the stormwatch logo, i like the justice league and demon knights logo. i would like the suicide squad logo if they took the gun off of it. the bullet holes and the bullseye already let the reader know there is a gun involved. I dont like the justice league dark, i think they should have gone a different route since this is a different type of team. and throwing the word dark on the regular JL logo just seems off. The firestorm logo is odd because he has the power manipulate atomic structures yet it looks like a tornado behind the words. Omac just looks funny.

The Suicude Squad logo is just obnoxious. You shouldn’t design a logo that’s going to have to be edited to not block cover art every month…

Based on the Justice League logo, I assume the first issue opens with the team waking up on a mysterious island after a plane crash.

Clearly the JL Dark logo is meant to convey that the series is part of the JL franchise. If they wanted to disassociate it from JL itself, it would be called Shadowpact.

Slap the old “win a Toys R Us Shopping Spree” banner from 1980 Marvel with JL Dark and you won’t even need cover art, with all the space that occupies. The kerning on League in that logo makes me twitch.

DC should have held a contest, open to anyone and everyone. As soon as they announced the titles, it would have been great publicity and lots of traffic to the DC website, especially if the fans could have chosen the winners.

I’m with Rich – that looks like the old Resurrection Man logo.

Aside from the 2 Justice League ones and Firestorm (which conveys neither fury, nor fire, nor storminess) I think they all look pretty good. Although i think the rifle at the beginning of Suicide Squad is, for lack of a better term, overkill. It’s not even really integrated into the design. Ditch it and the rest is okay.

It is the original Resurrection Man logo. Not sure who designed it. I’m curious to see these on the actual covers. A couple look a bit unwieldy.

Carlos Futino

June 30, 2011 at 5:00 am

I like Firestorm, Strormwatch and Ressurection Man.
Suicide Squad is cool, but a little big.
Omac and Demon Knights are a little too busy. Omac’s O looks too much like a Q.
Justice League Dark… I don’t know. On one hand it’s easy to read and keeps the JL logo tilt to identify it as a Justice League family member. On the other hand, it’s doesn’t stand out at all and is a little big.

I can confidently say… that none of those are mine. So far.

Christopher Burton

June 30, 2011 at 10:09 am

I pretty much agree with everyone else. The only thing I’ll add is that, while I like the Demon Knights logo, I wonder if DC is going to package 3-D glasses with each issue.

The “L” in Justice League Dark is hard to read, the “R” in Dark interferes with the “A”, and the “U” connects completely with the “C”. Add some leading between the two words, unless different colors are being used, like on the Previews cover. Solution: run “Justice League” on top of each other as two lines, then “Dark” next to it at double height on the right.

The rifle on the Suicide Squad logo can go… there’s already a handgun in the logo.

Omac… that strange right angle circuit interferes with the letter shape in the “O”… it could be read as a “Q”. Fade it like the line where “M” and “A” overlap.

Demon Knights looks bad on a white background. With art beneath, it might work better. But why the drop shadow to begin with? It makes it look blurry.

Firestorm looks great.

Justice League Dark… it’s bitter and less fattening. Justice League Dark….The Dark comes after just like everything we do 12 months after Marvel did it first.

Love the Omac logo.

Googam son of Goom

July 1, 2011 at 11:54 am

OMAC wins.

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