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DC’s ‘New 52′ video promises relaunch as ‘the mother of all events’

Fans and retailers awaiting the final, polished pitch for DC Comics’ sweeping line-wide relaunch may be interested in “DC: The New 52,” a video presentation snagged by Bleeding Cool.

The two-and-a-half-minute video has closing arguments from Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras, Executive Editor Eddie Berganza and Action Comics writer Grant Morrison, all backed by sweeping shots of the cover art from many of the new titles. As you might expect, they ratchet up the excitement in their pitches, using “new” at least 14 times, “opportunity” four times, and “fresh” three times, focusing on the relaunch and same-day digital as a chance to attract new readers.

But Lee, who comes across as genuinely excited, is by far the most quotable of the five, with comments like, “This is a moment in history, for fans and retailers alike,” “We’re looking to grow the industry” and “We’re going to give them something that’s the mother of all events.”

Watch the video after the break.



They’re really excited over a bunch of ugly, outdated costumes and certain-to-be-canceled comics.

“Things that seemed stale and boring have been revitalized”
[shot of Babara Gordon as Batgirl]
Fxxx whoever put together those images. Fxxx them.

Also “plugged into feelings people are having right now”
[zooms in on the bare chest of Juggalo Hot Topic Harley]
What? Feelings in their pants?

It’s also funny they chose to superimpose Didio over Nightwing… the character he petitioned to kill off because he felt he was useless until fans literally started throwing stuff at him at cons when he joked about the idea.

interesting to see how excited the dc brain trust is over the plan knowing if it fails they will be the ones holding the bag. though have to admit i am intriqued over some of their plans like how they are getting Oracle back in her batgirl suit and jim and geof doing jl.

Dave Wrighteous

June 30, 2011 at 9:24 am

Sure, there’s gonna be haters, but I like this. DC seems truly excited and doesn’t the industry need that?
Don’t you see publishers grinding out fanboy crap to an ever dwindling marketplace hoping/wishing that Hollywood is gonna magically deliver new readers to the local comic shop?
This ain’t 1989, folks..Batmania volume 2 was bright but brief.
DC is doing what they can to push the envelope and drag new readers into comics. Will it piss off long time fans? Sure. But if those fans expect a multi-billion dollar corporation with some of the most recognizable/valuable/lucrative characters (or “brands”) to cater and kowtow to a mere 60,000 comic geeks (myself included) is the pinnacle of absurdity.
Some of the books are gonna suck and get canceled, some will be great and sell well, but at least DC is DOING SOMETHING!!!!
Meanwhile, Marvel renumbers the X-books and does a lame-o crossover “event” and kills a character.
R.I.P. Bucky…AGAIN!
C’mon people, you really need to look at the bigger picture outside of your struggling neighborhood comicshop in the crummy strip mall and see the bigger picture. Comic books are a sinking ship and DC is yelling “All hands on deck, start bailing!!”
As for the product, which many are criticizing 2 months before they’re released, have an open mind.
Read. The. Books.
If they’re good, enjoy. If not, then hate away.
Open. Mind.

Whine, whine, whine. Oh, boo hoo, the costumes have collars and I’m not crazy about a couple of the creative teams, therefore this is doomed to fail!

Talk about missing the forest for the trees. I’m glad that whether they win or lose, Big Picture people have the courage to try something new while the pissants stand on the sideline and gripe.

You may be cool, Jim Lee … but you’ll never be Justice League-popped-collars cool.

Again I’m thankful the comics internet community wasn’t around in 1986. Imagine all of these reactions to just the solicitations for the reboots: Byrne’s Superman and Perez on Wonder Woman; or the relaunches: Baron & Guice’s Flash and the bwa-ha-ha era Justice League; or the inclusion of characters, totally redesigned, from another company: Question, Captain Atom, Blue Beetle; etc etc etc. Imagine the gnashing of teeth – and then actually reading them and realizing how great they were and how they helped DC in the late 80s to hold off their early 80s decline. Imagine all of that and then laughing at the naysayers because they are too afraid to try something new. Thank you DC for 1986. And thank for September 2011.

Dave Wrighteous

June 30, 2011 at 10:39 am

Mikael and D.Peace get it.
Good posts.

I believe I have Relaunch PR Fatigue at this point. Enough already. Show us some art samples, previews, etc., to substantiate all the claims about novelty and excitement. I have no real reason to believe that the same old editorial and creative staffs (plus some ’90s revivalists) will suddenly produce a much-improved product. Please show me that I’m wrong.

(I speak in general terms, btw — I’ll read whatever Morrison, Cornell, or Lemire write for DC or anyone else)

I’m with Rich on this. If they were cleaning house talent-wise for this reboot, i might be able to get more excited than just a bunch of #1s. I’ve been waiting to buy Action Comics #1000 for too long to get excited about this reboot in the first place.

Whats really behind this reboot. Keep in mind they’ve rebooted once every 1-2 years since didio came on (Infinite crisis, final crisis, blackest night, and now flashpoint, all of which were ushered in by identity crisis which, while not a reboot, had a lot of gravitas in the way an infinite reboot does). I feel like the #1 idea is good from the prospect that comics will soon be a digital-only medium (paper’s on its way out, no matter what people like me have to say about it). Doing all #1s is a good way to give the characters a fresh start under a NEW medium in a NEW era.

As of september, the MODERN AGE OF COMICS is OVER. The DIGITAL AGE is beginning.

How long will it last? That’s the big question I have. This isn’t really much of a revitalization of the characters. . .all the talent is the same, just moved around. Its about revitalizing a dying industry moreso than dying characters. Story-wise, I’m afraid this is going to be a turn for the worse.

While its very forward thinking in a business-sense, it’s not really a moment of great creative enlightenment. I was stoked when Identity Crisis hit, then Infinite, then 52. They should have started at all #1s with the 1 year later event. There was so much fresh new potential to be mined then, because the DCU was LITERALLY all NEW! It was a great jumping on point. If they had had the foresight to go digital THEN (honestly, who could blame them for NOT doing so at that point, to be fair), maybe we never would have had to sit through them second guessing their creative choices in Infinite Crisis with countdown and final crisis (boo! why did they have to muck everything up RIGHT after they had CLEANED HOUSE!!!).

I don’t know. . .does anyone else feel like all the books they’ve read and been collecting and loving (and hating at times :) has just been swept under the rug for the sake of new readership? I’m not saying that its wrong for them to go for new readers, but I feel more and more like this is just a party that I’m not invited to…

Again, as someone who’s basically in the target audience for this relaunch (that is, having read only a little superhero stuff up to this point and very little of that being DC) I say: Go DC! Roll out those relaunches.

(Just please don’t slam the door shut on Static Shock if/when the current batch of fanboys doesn’t make it a best-seller. I’ve seriously been waiting /since my childhood/ for a steady supply of Static Shock comics and will gladly hand over my U.S. money-dollars in order to read them.)

But, as I’ve been saying for ages: /Back it up with marketing./ You are DC! You are a multi-million-dollar company owned by a multi-/billion/-dollar company! You’ve already got comics people talking about your relaunch. Now get out there and get the rest of America calling up their local comic shops to reserve copies! Go! Mush!

I really can’t deal with that Superman costume…

As I’ve stated before, I’m giving DC ONE chance with this. I won’t buy any of the new #1’s (I barely buy modern comics anyway), but they have ONE chance to make this worthwhile. They blow it, they hear from me BIG TIME.

Regarding this video, I respect that they seem very excited for this, but this rings of propaganda.

I wish I could like this. I wish I could. I just can’t. I would go into it again, but I can’t. I care less and less about this each passing day. It looks so damned ugly, so damned 1995, so cheap, hasty, stupid and dated.

I’ll say it right now, that Superman costume is the single ugliest redesign I’ve ever seen. The George Perez Superman #1 cover is just…ruined by that costume.



Please don’t tell me that superman now being the first superhero means we are going to see another 1986. For those who do not understand me, it when DC redone anyone origin stories. If this happens again I gonna feel you’re messing with my heroes. I understand we need to save this dying passtime which I love so much. I asking DC with an open heart not forget the history, but enrich the storyline. Don’t forget the writers and artist who start dc comics in the 1930s and those who came after. Keep their legacy alive…keep JSA the first superheroes…..keep true to these heroes.

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