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Did DC give The Dude a rude awakening?

You’d think with DC revitalizing its entire line of titles this fall that they’d take all the top talent they could get. But for one reason or another, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

That’s the word according to legendary artist Steve “The Dude” Rude, who related in his regular e-newsletter that he was rebuffed when looking for work at DC. Rude left the Big Two a few years back to work on creator-owned work such as Nexus and The Moth, but after neither project failed to provide for him financially as he hoped he was looking to rekindle a relationship with his preffered publisher of the Big Two, DC. Here’s how Rude says it went:

One month ago, I began my contact with DC through an editor that I knew.  Having no success, I tried a second editor.  Then finally, one of the higher-up “exec” types. So far, one editor has responded–with a polite turn down.  The two others I never heard back from. Interesting world, isn’t it?

In this missive to his fans he explained that of all the characters at DC, the ones he was most drawn to currently was Supergirl, Superman, Big Barda and OMAC. But what do you think? Is there a place for Steve Rude at DC or Marvel in the year 2011? And if so, what would you like to see him work on?



YES and Superman. No question. Superman.

Steve could illustrate a phone book and I’d buy it.

Steve is far from the only one DC hasn’t called to help on their reboots. Rich Johnston published a pretty long list, and still left out folks like my husband.

World’s Finest by Steve was one of the best prestige hero books I’d read since Dark Knight. I’d wish Steve could get back to doing comics. We could use a few good visual storytellers again.


Rude is one of the best artists around but regular and monthly? It’s been a long time since he did that. If my job were dependent on hiring artists who were going to keep up the momentum necessary for the relaunch books, I too would think twice about Rude.

i had been wondering about Steve’s staus in all this.
It might be interesting to hear both company’s take on this. To DCs credit, they are in a middle of a seismic shift and may not have been able to accomadate steve if he wasn’t going to do the monthly grind.
To DCs discredit they have a long history of kicking people when they’re down.

To Steve’s and a whole lot of other american creators discredit at some point in a down economy and down industry you have to reevaluate the product that you’re trying to sell people. Nexus is a great character but has been around for decades now and hasnt set the world on fire. And if you’re expecting to cash any checks from a project like the Moth then you’ll definitely be looking for work sooner than later.

This makes no sense to me either. Must be a clash of egos, or perhaps a misguided desire to avoid one.

Steve Rude doing Fourth World books would be an amazing fit.

Mark Kardwell

June 15, 2011 at 2:04 pm

In the 52 new DC relaunched #1s that exist only in my head, I’ll always cherish Steve Rude’s NEW GODS.

Fashion makes people make some silly decisions sometimes.

Unfortunately for The Dude, there is a large talent pool todraw from. I love his stuff but I’m not sure if he can sustain a monthly. The other thing is that the Big Two are pretty unforgiving sometimes about creators who try to go their own way. I’m not saying it’s right; I’m just saying I’ve seen I before.

Any work from The Dude I would buy. Superman, Supergirl, Big Barda, OMAC ? Awww yeah.

Thank God they didn’t get rid of the real storytellers, like Rob Liefeld.


Comics just make no sense sometimes.

I’d buy anything he drew. Among the creators on DC’s relaunch, I can only say that about J.H. Williams III.

Rude’s Mister Miracle Special & Legends of the DC Universe #14 (featuring Superman, Jimmy Olsen & the Manhattan Guardian) would make a pretty nice DC Comics Presents reprint. HINT HINT.

Seems to me Mr. Rude has an unjustified sense of entitlement. Who among us could send three emails (or make three phone calls or whatever) and expect to land a job immediately, especially in this down economy? Between being busy with the relaunch (for which DC has apparently been planning and enlisting talent as far back as February), and Mr. Rude’s timeliness and page rate, it’s no wonder that DC didn’t have anything for him at the moment, and politely declined.

Jeez, I’d much rather have Rude on OMAC than Dan Didio.

In addition to DC’s Superman and New Gods related stuff, I could easily see Rude hop on over to Marvel and do a Thing series, or even take over Fantastic Four. Not just for the visuals that he’d bring to those titles, but also for stories he’d tell.

That Liefeld has a job and Rude doesn’t says everything one needs to know about DC.

Y’know what I say? F**k the Big Two. Seriously. Go talk to Darkhorse. Ask if there is a spot on the Mignola-verse. That seems to be where the best artists who don’t fit into the going house styles go. Yeah I’m looking at you Guy Davis, Corben, and Fregredo you magnificent bastards.

Chris, I don’t know if you’re being overly diplomatic or tactful, or if Rude has changed the way he’s describing this, but here’s the version of it I read earlier:

I’m afraid the words “massive sense of entitlement” come to mind. And some of his Facebook fans seem to have a more realistic grasp of the current market than he does.

The big two are on their knees right now anyway. Three years from now there won’t be any new monthly books coming out from either of them. Hiring Liefeld , and rebuffing Rude? They’re not even trying to save themselves.

Rich Yanizeski

June 15, 2011 at 8:38 pm

No. DC should keep doing books were the art teams leaves every 3 issues and 75% of their pencilers are crap.

They give work to Rob Liefeld but not Steve Rude (or Ron Frenz or Pat Olliffe or any excellent comic artist over the age of 35 for that matter)

Really DC???

Rob the super no-talent hack Liefeld????????

Googam son of Goom

June 15, 2011 at 9:58 pm

Richard J. Marcej said it best. goodbye DC. You are moving on and I am too.

@Richard J. Marcej

Ron Frenz actually had a book sollicited in the previous edition of ‘Previews’.

Back to topic:
No-one is entitled to work in the field of their choice. Sometimes your time is over and you need to move on.

Screw the haters and screw DC.

Hopefully, their loss will be Marvel’s gain. Considering the excellent work Pulido and Martin have been doing on Amazing Spider-Man, I don’t see why a stylistically comparable artist as excellent as Steve Rude couldn’t get some choice gigs thrown his way. I mean, somebody’s gotta draw that second arc of Avenging Spider-Man, right?

Or imagine Steve Rude working with Bendis on one of his Avengers books: if Howard Chaykin phoning it in can get that kind of exposure, getting Steve Rude should be a dream come true for Bendis.

Maybe Rude’s “classic” style doesn’t fit in with what DC’s vision is at the moment. Or maybe it is page rate or timliness. Whatever it is, it’s a business decision, not neccessarily a personal one.

I won’t buy a title written by Krul, or drawn by Liefeld either (and I love the characters they are on), but I wouldn’t buy OMAC just because Rude might be drawing it….

sounds to me that maybe some at dc could still be unhappy over steve leaving them when he left to do nexus. or maybe dc just does not have any thing right now they figure would fit steve style plus proably also do not want to pay his price for pages. pity for would love to see the dude doing something like Omac or maybe one of the new jl titles. or even swamp thing.

Jackson J Edge

June 16, 2011 at 7:35 pm

That cat does gorgeous work. If they are trying to move away from just worrying about the guys going into comic shops every week why would they be bummed over a dude not working the month grind? I think everyone should take their time and just do great stuff.

He’s a great artist but what made him think that he was guaranteed a position and that he fit into to the new editorial mandate/publishing plan? That seems like entitlement to me. I’ve heard that he’s difficult to work with and it’s also obvious that DC has made monthly deadlines a new priority… plus, he left them to pursue his own ventures so who knows if he’s burned bridges? We can’t speculate as to the personal goings-on behind the scenes so, although it’s sad to see a clearly talented artist attempt to get a new assignment and fail, it’s unfair to roll your eyes and call DC a pack of idiots or claim that something is wrong with comics today.

This seems a little sad. Considering some of the ‘talent’ they are choosing to keep. But then, we don’t know how things were left when he chose to do his own thing.

I love The Dude. “Nexus” is one of my favorite comics of all time. I hope he finds a way to contribute to comics in a way that is satisfying for him and commercially successful.

“If my job were dependent on hiring artists who were going to keep up the momentum necessary for the relaunch books, I too would think twice about Rude.”

Someone at DC hasn´t thought twice about Jim Lee, Francis Manapul, David Finch, JH Williams, Guillem March or Rob Liefeld, ROB LIEFELD!

I would buy anything Steve Rude at DC. Period.

I heard about this from someone in the know at DC. What I heard was that DC is very interested in Rude, but at the time they were closing down the old titles and the creative teams on the new 52 were being locked down. It’s just poor timing. When the right project emerges Rude will get the call. He would have been great on OMAC but the images I’m getting from DC on this, well Giffen and Koblish are NAILING it. So many great artists so few projects.

Rude’s opinion of ‘Quesada Marvel Regime’…so true and so sad

Michael Glenn

July 16, 2011 at 8:02 am

Love DC, but this was a huge miss of an opportunity. Him doing any of those books would have been quality.

Message to DC: I don’t buy many comics these days and nothing currently from yourselves. But I would buy anything drawn by Steve Rude. Don’t trust him on a monthly title? Then give him limited series. Or annuals. Or inventory stories. Just give him something – it’s not every day an artist of his calibre comes a-knocking.

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