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Dubs, not subs! First look at Iron Man anime

We got to see the first episode of the Iron Man anime at New York Comic Con, but it was subtitled, not dubbed. Now Marvel has posted a clip of the dubbed version on their website, so you can hear for yourself what the voice actor playing Tony Stark sounds like.

The anime will start running on the G4 network on July 29.



They made Wolverine look like a 15 yo girl lol

It’s just one angle. Wait for the whole thing, then see if you like it. I’m very intrigued by this, especially after the way Batman: Gotham Knight was done.

My name’s Tony Stark and this is my best Solid Snake impression.

I’ve never seen a 15 year old girl with stubble. Scud needs to go back and play MGS again if he thinks that sounds like Snake.

Artstyle is a little weird and gonna take some getting used too but this wolvie is alright by me and i hope they use this design for wolverines’s kid in ultimate xmen.

Well I was mainly referring to the very last line. It sounds like someone trying to sound like Snake to me but whatever this looks good.

(Whoever the hell Solid Snake is…) I didn’t think they bothered to make dubbed versions of movies anymore. Looks pretty darn good!

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