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Fans plan protest at Comic-Con against DC relaunch

DC Comics

A cadre of fans is organizing a walk at Comic-Con International in San Diego to protest the September relaunch of DC Comics’ superhero line.

Planned for Saturday, July 23, the DC Original Protest Walk is intended to bring together disenchanted readers in a show of solidarity against the sweeping overhaul, which will see the release of 52 new No. 1 issues, as well as changes to the origins and appearances of many of the publisher’s characters.

“Are you utterly baffled, disappointed and just ANGRY to see how DC ruins your favorite character’s design and wipes decades of comic history out of the mainstream universe?” reads a message on the event’s Facebook page. “Well, you’re not alone! And why not make some noise at the biggest pop-culture event this year, where creators, artists and writers appear in person — show them how fans – the fans of the classic characters, the (nevertheless slightly changing) designs, the character’s history and personality — really feel about it!”

So far, 130 people have signaled they plan to attend the hour-long protest, which begins at 2 p.m.




I still say, give it six months, and they’ll go back to the “old” DC.

This is perplexing. I wish these individuals would use this energy toward endeavors that actually matter. Volunteer in a soup kitchen; organize against poverty; become a mentor for a Big Sister/Brother organization.

Organizing against DC Comics’ reboot is probably the most selfish and embarrassing thing one could do with one’s power.

Ok I love comics and I’m a big believer in fan attachment to characters, but of all the things people should spend an hour protesting DC’s relaunch is never one of them.

So glad the internet wasn’t in widespread use during Crisis on Infinite Earths…

Let’s put their names on public record so that if they buy a single DC relaunch comic we throw them into prison. #sarcasm

“Organizing against DC Comics’ reboot is probably the most selfish and embarrassing thing one could do with one’s power.”

Besides commenting on blog posts…


This is pretty much the definition of immaturity.

I think at least 130 people need to grow up.

Er, Tyler had it.


What the hell? Who are these people?
Please, people who plan to attend Comic-Con, record this “protest” that there may be a shameful record of their actions for posterity.

So many things to protest over and a group chooses to protest over comic books. Really?

There’s nothing else to protest in the world?

Wow. This sounds like the most boring protest ever. And I live in Washington DC where we have more boring protests than one could possibly count.

Good gravy.

Protest starts at 2pm. Lasts for an hour. Im guessing that by 3:05, nothing is gonna change and relaunch will go on as planned. Get a life losers.

The relaunch took me by surprise. I’m still going to check out series and see what the changes are. If I don’t like them I won’t read them. Comics are ever changing sometimes for the better other times for the worse. But they will always do that, and they should.

i miss 1970’s dc comics

Jeremy Henderson

June 29, 2011 at 2:20 pm

I wonder how many of these marchers will end up buying the books anyway.

Vote with your dollars, not with pointless attention-grabbing acts of “protest.”


June 29, 2011 at 2:24 pm

Hmm…. their legs must be REALLY tied, with the amount of times that Comics reboot and restart. The only reason they are noticing this time is because they all get a #1 on them. Yet it happens CONSTANTLY. How many times has Superboy, Supergirl, BATMAN, Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, Spiderman, Wolverine, ALL of the X-men…. they have all been relaunched and rebooted SO many times… its called keeping with the times and staying relevant. Considering most of the story arcs going on in DC right now either are so convoluted that no one cares anymore, or never made sense to begin with…. I really don;t see it as that big a deal. We will get a fresh start, with ONE universe, not 50 of them scattered haphazardly throughout who knows how many titles…. as long as the stories are goo, who cares if Superman doesn’t have his [incredibly stupid looking] red underpants anymore? People who are THAT pissed off about this… it’s not the characters and stories they are afraid of, it is change in general.

I hope they bought really nice “protest-walk” shoes…. they will need them, as this is not the first time this has happened, and won;t be the last, not by a long shot. Maybe if they weren’t all out walking around, and were actually sitting down and READING the comics they claim to care so much about, the industry as a whole would be in better shape, and wouldn’t need to take such a “drastic” measure.

Another reason why people have said things like “comics are for geeks.” Who am I kidding? What’s more important than protesting Superman’s underwear back on his tights? #getalifelames #DCnU

“Fans plan protest at Comic-Con against DC relaunch”

Awwww… Come on people


But we have not read any of these yet, what if they are good. and what is “Original DC” How many Times has Superman been relaunched? Isn’t Alan Scott the real(Original) Green Lantern? Wasn’t Wally West the Best Flash? How many stupid things has DC to try and get people to buy their comics and time and time again all they do is buy Marvel. Let them at least try this before we throw a freak out no?

There is no “Real” DC. Real is what you make it friends.

Adenoid Hynkel

June 29, 2011 at 2:29 pm

If they’re already at the con and want to voice their opinion, I say go for it. DC is making a lot of folks angry.
It’s not like they’re marching in the streets on DC headquarters or burning comics in a bonfire.


June 29, 2011 at 2:29 pm

Up above, I meant their legs must be *tired, not tied. Doubt anyone’s protest walk would go well if their legs were tied…..

Seriously though, if you REALLY think that taking Superman and Batman’s ridiculous outer underpants off, and making Wonder Woman’s costume FAR less ridiculous looking, really ruins the CHARACTERS…. then you have missed the point entirely, and DC is not doing this for you anyways. I can’t wait till Jim Lee laughs at all these clowns, with all of his mighty 4’5″ stature.

It must be 130 WW fans as she is the only one with who has a major redesign.

People its not really a reboot if past main events still counts. & I agree w/ user: Son of Baldwin.

What ticked off most readers was having this come out of left field. Nobody envisioned Flashpoint being the true heir to the original Crisis, because no previous DC “event” had wiped the slate so clean since 1985.

Giving us some sense of closure before the cancelled books and retired characters were set aside is the least DC could do after decades of cashing on our expense accounts.

I’ll wait until I’ve actually read them before I’m outraged by the relaunch. And even then, I’ll just protest silently by y’know not reading them.

If I were going to San Diego, I would protest too. These new books don’t interest me. I feel like I’m being forced out of comics, and I’m only 25! DC is the only publisher I read (aside from Dark Horse’s Buffy books), and soon I won’t be reading anything.

But characters get set aside all the time. It happens its just not usually on as big a scale. And even if it is they can’t offer closure cause even though their retiring them for the moment that doesn’t mean their gone for good.

Plus we don’t know how Flashpoint causes the relaunch or what the relaunched books are like, so really their are still to many unanswered questions to be judging this as heavily as some people seem to be.

You have got to be kidding me. Grow the hell up and stop embarrassing the real adults who enjoy comics.

These people are becoming just as pathetic as the Sonic fanbase.

This kinda reminds me of the words of a certain disturbed youth:
“I don’t want THIS Earth! Bring back MY Earth! EVERYTHING was BETTER on MY Earth!”

If the whole relaunch fails (which it will) – you will begin to see the fall of the comic book industry as we know it. Whether they end up going back to the “original” universe down the road the damage will be done, fans will leave and not bother with DC’s idiocy any further.

Having been a DC Comics fan for over 40 years, one thing you get used to is change. Who died this week? Who was resurrected this week? Who had a costume change? Does Wonder Woman still have her powers? Which Hawkman are we on now? Is Dr. Fate one old guy, two young kids, or a woman now? See, things are never really set in stone. The important thing to remember is that you enjoy the stories and are entertained by the writers and artists who’ve spent countless hours bringing this to you.

It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that at the heart of this protest, the REAL reason for it is because this bunch of fanboys are ticked off because of the re-numbering of each title and what that’s going to do to the investment value of their meager collection as it’s listed in the Overstreet Guide. Newflash guys: every price guide out there is a LIE! The value of anything, whether it be Action Comics #1 or Classics Illustrated “Wuthering Heights”, is only as valuable as anyone is willing to pay for it. Sure, we’ve all heard about those auctions where people have paid a cool million for Action Comics #1; but do you have any idea what the price is for Action Comics #2? Stop worrying about what it’s worth, whether it’s in mint or pristine mint condition and read the darn thing! Marvel at the artwork inside and the characters who adventures are chronicled there.

All those 130 slack-jawed fanboys who are living in their parent’s basement, eating Cheetos, playing Warcraft , and debating whether Spider-Man or Ultimate Spider-Man would win in a fight need to get a friggin’ life!

This is actually a “thing”?
…Aaand this little protest will accomplish, what?
A missed talk/seminar/signing/game?

They better have some catchy chants.

I wish I could be there and hope more fans join in this protest and Wonder Woman fans are not the only ones that should be concerned, Superman fans and JSA fans have plenty to protest about,. I am shocked by the negative reaction to people speaking their minds here but it is a free country.

This seems unnecessary. I mean, more power to them if they want to spend their Comic Con this way, but there will likely be a whole bunch of DC panels in San Diego where they can actually ask questions and voice their opinions directly to the folks making these decisions.

Unless DC is changing their panel strategy this year, then folks will have plenty of opportunities to tell Dan Didio, Jim Lee and everyone else at DC what they think.

I do not differentiate between geeks-who-protest-comic-book-reboots and geeks-who-mock-geeks-who-protests-comic-book-reboots. Not that I would ever be caught dead doing such a thing. Er, caught dead protesting a comic reboot, not mocking geeks who–

-oh, forget it, this whole post just went to hell.

Kevin, the industry is falling ever since the 90s!
DC is actually trying to solve this problem by providing a jumping-on point for new readers (and there will be)

Only time will tell if the number of new readers will make-up for the number of old readers lost, but even if it fails if will only accelerate the inevitable.
DC and Marvel are both rotting carcasses at this point, and DC knows it.
This is a last ditch effort by DC, they know they have nothing to loose.

Darth Eradicus

June 29, 2011 at 2:53 pm

One of the most extreme cases of fanboyitis I’ve ever seen…

Tory, don’t make me track you down and give you a wedgie!
These protests are pathetic and you know it!

You have the comics you like now thanks to DC doing the same thing back in the 80s
So this makes you a hypocrite on top of all this.

Wow, what some people do to waste time. Protesting something before they have even read it.

And these will be the same people who will praise the new books when they come out.

Seems most people here need to grow up; you cannot say people should be allowed to get excited, but not be allowed to express their disappointment, too.

It sort of makes you wonder if this was organized by DC to get some media attention, as I have a hard time believing there are real people that would waste their time on something like this.

“I have a hard time believing there are real people that would waste their time on something like this.”

Trust me, you don’t want to know

This protest is absurd. Comics are on the decline and Supermans under-Os and wonder womans Go America! bathing suit have no place in modern society. Its time for a big shake up its gonna be fun.

For the people saying “we want closure” you already got closure it began with DC Universe #0 and they told the final story of the New Gods in Final Crisis, the big Green Lantern war in Blackest Night and the resurection of tons of heroes in Brightest Day. Superman brought back the Legion, etc. Everyone got a happy ending and its not like Zoom is going to win at the end of Flashpoint. Barry will win and everyone lives happily ever after. What more do you want? If DC came out and said “These are the final stories and then we are rebooting” then nobody would have bought those stories and the company would be bankrupt.

These people should be embarassed for standing around protesting for the return of Superman’s panties instead of doing something that will actually be worthwhile in this world.

Clutch posted “Giving us some sense of closure before the cancelled books and retired characters were set aside is the least DC could do after decades of cashing on our expense accounts.”

Well, you do realize that the first of these relaunches don’t happen until September, right? (Okay. The new Justice League book is scheduled to ship the last week of August, but still….) That means that ALL the current titles have a chance to give a “sense of closure” before the relaunch. I hadn’t paid close attention to the June Previews until after the “Relaunch Surprise” notice. Then, when I started reading some of the solicit info more closely, I found something amazing: Virtually EVERY single title’s solicit info could be read as implying a resolution to the current storylines.

Aside from giving the books a solid two more months (July and August), I’m not sure how much more “closure” you need. Would you have preferred that DC simply not publish any “DCU” title for two or three months so that things could be better “set aside”? I simply don’t see how that would be practical. It wasn’t practical in 1986 when Wolfman first suggested a complete reset of the DCU even though the Crisis had made the suggestion a very logical re-starting point. In today’s climate, however, not providing anything for DC’s customers for any period of time would simply put DC into the same level as Image, Dark Horse and IDW (all worthy companies but none of whom regularly crack the 5% dollar/sales level). DC isn’t planning on cancelling its Jonny DC or Vertigo lines but the company couldn’t possibly survive with the sales of those books alone–at least not for enough time for the “sense of closure” you seem to be suggesting.

People! Change can be good… give it a chance. If it sucks then complain, then stop buying and they will make an event to pout it all back.
If this is the most dramatic event in your life, count yourself lucky.

Big surprise…lots of jerks here who want to complain and complain but verbally attack these protesters for actually doing something. Maybe you do-nothings should “get a life”? You folks should be embarrassed for being brainless idiots who don’t understand the value of a protest. How do you know that these folks aren’t also active in the world? You DON’T. You’re just moronic fanboys.

130 virgins and a pointless protest.

I hope G4 gets some good coverage of this crap.

Hey, I hated the CRISIS, it took years for the DCU to recover from that unnecessary travesty and here they go again. I am most upset about very poor costume and personality changes and I think DC and Marvel both deserve a bit of this from the relaunchitis going around. I think they should also be taken to task for the overpricing of both the printed page and even moreso the digital one. Here’s a notion, give me the digital copy free if I buy the paper one.

I do not believe this relaunch will gain them many new fans, I think it will do the reverse. If they want new fans, as much as I hate the Wal-Marts, get the books in there and other grocery and drug stores. Get them on the magazine racks and have them at affordable prices. Make magazines and digests as well and when you market products to kids, market the actual quality drawn and written comics to kids, the ones that look quasi realistic, not the ones that look like bad cartoons and do not mean anything to the proper universe if there ever is one.

First World Problems.

F*ck ‘em! I’m psyched DC are rebooting. I want Action Comics and Detective Comics #1 but I won’t pay through the nose for a copy. From Crisis after Crisis after Crisis, it’s just timeto stop and hit that reset button.

These protestors are clowns and won’t change a thing.

Go DC!

Get over it people.
That ship has sailed.
The relaunch is happening. Already too much production in the works to reverse course now.
If you want to protest something, pick a legitimate cause.

I say this protest is a good thing… It gets all the whiny little cry-babies together in one place for convenient disposal. “Oooh i don’t want my comic books to ever change! Change is bad! Whaaa!!!” Yup, let’s take this opportunity to set fire to the lot of them.

From the perspective of someone for whom the relaunch is essentially a buffet of jumping-on points: Oh my gawd y’all, calm down!

Look, there are definitely /parts/ of the relaunch worthy of protest – certain beloved characters no longer having ongoing titles, women only making a tiiiiiny percentage of the writers/artists, Rob Liefeld being paid to do art, etc. – but the very /idea/ of a relaunch throwing you into a tizzy? Yeesh, people, this is why “argumentative basement dweller” is such an annoying stereotype in the first place!

It’s not like Jim Lee’s going to break into your house and steal all your back issues and TPBs. The old stories will still be there! You can still read them, with your eyes and everything!

1) While I’ve got issues with Jim Lee’s designs (the 90’s were abandoned and mocked for a reason, Jim), I like the idea and the industry needs way more change than this. Given how little willingness big companies have to grow and experiment, I’ll take this.
2) Is it really worth getting angry and worked up about this? I mean, I love comics, but really? I’ve been realising I’m too old at thirty to be able to throw a tantrum when things change.

Oh wait, this is the internet. Never mind, all change is evil and wrong. Go back to whining.

There is one thing that was not clear to me with the news of the relaunch. Does this mean everyone will be meeting for the first time and all of the histories they share don’t count?

Here’s the thing: I noticed a lot of comments on this post about spending you time more productively and protest, oh I don’t know, genocide in a third world country. And yes, that’s true. But we could expand that argument to say, don’t spend your money going to Comic-Con, spend it on a trip to Japan to help with earthquake relief. I do my part to volunteer and help others, and if I were going to Comic-Con, I would probably attend this protest. I hate the idea of the reboot and would gladly take the opportunity to let DC know this. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

I have an incredibly subversive idea to protest DCnU: JUST DON’T BUY THE COMICS.

Simon DelMonte

June 29, 2011 at 3:57 pm

It beats Fred Phelps.

the best protest possible in this case- DON’T BUY THEM. ? ’nuff said

As far as the protest being a waste of time: this is America and it’s called free speech. That includes how one spends one’s time, no matter how others feel about it. If you don’t want to march, don’t go. If you want to march, good for you.

As far as my personal feelings about the relaunch, here is my take:

a) I think 52 new #1’s is a great ‘easy-access’ way to inject new interest into the company as a whole.
b) Same-day digital will bring a ton of the attention span challenged, iPad (et al) addicts and digital youth to the medium. And when they find out that there are hard copies to keep forever, many of them could bolster the ranks of us lifers.
c) The line-wide reset allows for minor tweaks and some convoluted history adjustments.
d) I get TWO Legion books, Deadman, Dick Grayson back as Nightwing, and all the dead Satellite-era JLAers back. Plus Aquaman, a lot more overall diversity, and Wildstorm & Milestone stirred into the pot.
e) My only point of annoyance is that many of the costume changes are unnecessary.

Forward-thinking retailers (like Barnes & Noble with its Nook) will have (and master) an e-reader station to show people in the stores the pros and cons of both mediums, and explain the pricing systems, what trades are, and that physical copies in-hand are a much more visceral and permanent way to experience the art and writing. The bottom line is there will always be a place for paper comics. The e-reader didn’t kill the book. iTunes hasn’t killed the CD or vinyl (and rumor has it that cassettes are coming back). I have ten nieces & nephews, to whom I regularly drop off or mail copies of various monthlies. I bring them into the local shop when I am visiting (or my lifelong store, That’s Entertainment in Fitchburg, MA). And they get hardcover trades for birthdays and gifts.

Okay I am rambling. Bottom line (in my opinion): after being a 3+ decade reader, I am looking forward to the new DC. March away, but life moves on.

all the protest is going to do is give into the stero type of comic fans. for an easier way to get the message to dc over the relaunch is to just not buy the comic if one does not like it. other wise the protest is just going to show some comic fans who can accept change and the comic industry doing what it has to do to stay around.

To the protesters who have nothing better to do with lives or no higher causes to fight for, I say: GET A LIFE!

All the sensible attendees to sdcc should be happy that lines will be shorter for part of the day on Saturday.

The negative reaction to this protest reminds me of some similar negative reactions to protests going on right now against ABC and Disney for cancelling One Life to Live and All My Children. These protests show that we care and are passionate about this medium and the stories and traditions that came before and continuing those. There is a deep feeling of disrespect for that which came before permeating society these days and these events are just some of the triggers that sets one off. There is a want and a need to protect our culture and when we see mistakes constantly being made that are detrimental to the preservation and proper presentation of said material then we should make our voices heard.

Yeah, I’m sure DC is going to junk their plans for their entire line with two months’ notice based on less than one percent of SDCC’s attendees staging a whine-fest.

” As far as the protest being a waste of time: this is America and it’s called free speech. That includes how one spends one’s time, no matter how others feel about it. If you don’t want to march, don’t go. If you want to march, good for you. ”

I’m not denying them their right to speak freely, just as I’m not being denied my right to see it as a colossal waste of time on the part of overly entitled man-children.

Who protests the protesters?

Are the people complaining about protesters here any different than the popular stereotypes of the comic book fan community they are using to degrade and dispirit this protest movement?

The best way to protest would be to not buy the comics and to not do anything that draws attention to the relaunch.

Wow how pathetic.

One 130 fans trying to dictate to DC how they should run their business.

Maybe they could put this energy into problems…you know that affect REAL people?

Protesting the reboot is really stupid.It won’t change anything.
The best thing you can do is if you don’t like it don’t buy it.

This is an even worse idea than the relaunch.


The reason why there is a disrespect towards the “protest” is simple. IT”S JUST COMICS! Out of all the things you could protest about. Lack of education funds as are kids get stupider, gas prices shooting through the roof preventing you from going to work, and things that, well you know, actually matter, you guys are actually protesting about FICTIONAL CHARACTERS.

That’s why it’s getting ridiculed, and it deserves every bit of it. People are losing site of what should be important. Food, water, education, not freakin comics.

“This is perplexing. I wish these individuals would use this energy toward endeavors that actually matter. ”

This is a logical fallacy. In fact when you learn about logical fallacies in college the example that’s given is almost word for word what you just said. “why are they doing ____ when they could be curing cancer?”

The explanation in this case of course is that it’s stupid to suggest that people volunteer at a soup kitchen at the same time as they would be at a comic convention. The other problem is that you yourself could have been volunteering at a soup kitchen while you read this article, or posted about it, or collected comics, or did anything else with your life.

Seriously, how arrogant and juvenile are these people? . What heck does “classic “and “wiping out years of history” mean in comics mythology anyway? DC always did that regarding changing and redefining its characters. Who knows, you might see there is more to life than comics. This whole reboot thing has made me ashamed of the way some fans behave. The vitriol they throw at creators and DC management, as if their lives are ruined. Grow up or go and do something charitable with your time and your saved money. You never know, you might change someone’s life and do something good for the world.


right. 10 seconds making a post on the internet and organizing and participating in a public protest…totally the same.

I’m anti-relaunch but I’d rather see them protest something important. Or, better yet, they should get together and start their own comic book company. If you don’t like what the big two are doing, buy comics from the smaller companies.

And this is why sometimes… not often, but sometimes… I’m embarrassed to be a comic fan. :(

Just as well I’m not there – I’d be spending most of my day abusing them for being such clueless nutballs.

So by these fan’s reasoning anything post the “Golden-Age” is wrong. That reboot worked and I think it is high time for another. The idea that Superman is so globally recognized but cannot sell in the Top 10 is ridiculous.

Bottom line, the sales of comics have been pathetic. How many books sell more than 50,000 copies each month? Flash was cancelled going into the original Crisis because it only sold 85,000 copies. A publisher would cream his shorts if he could sell that many books each month today. At least DC is trying to do something to stop the sales plunge. If these morons want all the books to keep going the way they are, they won’t be reading new comics for much longer. They won’t be cost effective to make them anymore. Grow up guys, the industry has been taking a beating. What have you done to change that? Whenever I see DC or Marvel selling a special $1 issue of a particular comic and it’s appropriate for kids, I buy extra copies and give them away at Halloween. I give extra comics to the local Barber shop so kids can be exposed to them. We all need to work to stop this trend of lower sales. Walking around outside a comic book convention in your batman underoos and poo pooing DCs plan is just stupid. Try doing something positive instead of trying to cause a ruckus for your 15 minutes of nerd fame.

Wow, there have been some AWESOME responses in this thread. Just when I was beginning to feel frustrated with comic fans, alot of you guys and gals come thru to save the day.

Best quotes (in no particular order):

Who protests the protesters?

just as I’m not being denied my right to see it as a colossal waste of time on the part of overly entitled man-children.

All the sensible attendees to sdcc should be happy that lines will be shorter for part of the day on Saturday.

The old stories will still be there! You can still read them, with your eyes and everything!

Yup, let’s take this opportunity to set fire to the lot of them.

These people should be embarassed for standing around protesting for the return of Superman’s panties instead of doing something that will actually be worthwhile in this world.

-oh, forget it, this whole post just went to hell.

This kinda reminds me of the words of a certain disturbed youth:
“I don’t want THIS Earth! Bring back MY Earth! EVERYTHING was BETTER on MY Earth!”

Let’s put their names on public record so that if they buy a single DC relaunch comic we throw them into prison.

And then there’s all those who basically said “get a life”. Can’t forget you all as well.

Sooo, to “Tory” and the 129 other @$$-Clowns that have nothing better to do with their lives, except embarrass the rest of comic fandom, have you even thought this thru??? If you will be somewhere (outside, most likely, as I can’t see the SDCC officials letting you do this non-sense inside the building), then Dan Didio, Jim Lee, and whoever else is there, won’t even hear/see your protest.

So not only will they NOT care, they won’t even know that they should.

But I suppose I should thank you for give me a good 20 minutes of entertainment from reading this article and the responses therein.

In the meantime, I can’t wait for the relaunch, even despite a few bad things that they are going to do. But at least they’re doing something.

Sounds like fun to me!

A lot of you folks here need to lighten up. What these protesters do won’t have any bearing on you (and most likely no impact on DC Comics), so why all the vitriol? Do you feel like less of a nerd by shitting on these guys?

But, this reboot and renumbering would be a perfect place for fans to start again.

The writers won’t be writing terrible stories cause they will be returning to the Iconic characters we have always known and loved. By Reintroducing the same Beats we have seen before, we would be able to avoid all these High Concepts. Remember a new Action Comics #1 will be worth Millions of $$$ to collectors. And when the issues reach #1000 we can return to the Iconic numbering system and reboot again. Imagine all the frothing money everyone will make.

“Walking around outside a comic book convention in your batman underoos and poo pooing DCs plan is just stupid.”

No, it isn’t. At least these fans are concerned enough about the situation that they’re not going to simply roll over for the corporation’s benefit. Or waste infinitely more time by grousing on butt-kissing comic book message boards. More power to ‘em.

Perhaps DiDio ought to take out an insurance policy on himself before he shows up for his latest ComiCON.

Bobby Washington

June 29, 2011 at 5:02 pm

“I wish these individuals would use this energy toward endeavors that actually matter. Volunteer in a soup kitchen; organize against poverty; become a mentor for a Big Sister/Brother organization.

Organizing against DC Comics’ reboot is probably the most selfish and embarrassing thing one could do with one’s power.”

Not sure I get this. They’re going to be at the SDCC anyways, so if they choose to spend an hour at a protest instead of waiting in an hour long line to get Joe Shmo to autograph a couple books then that’s their right. BTW, make sure you save your wristband so that you can get back into the con after you step out to organize against poverty between panels.

Leave superman alone!

Leave his underwear outside the costume!


To all of you dissing the protesters: what exactly are they doing wrong? They’re consumers irritated at what they consider a blatant showing of indifference from the people who make the products they like to buy. It isn’t like they’re protesting on the streets, either, but in a rather appropriate place. It’s more of a way to let off steam than anything else. Also, how do any of you know that they don’t already protest for more valid causes?

That said, I don’t think this will achieve anything; DC stopped caring about the fans’ wishes years ago, it’s all lip service. They serve their own agenda, and right now they just want to create a new on-line clientele for their products (which is OK) and to turn the DC Universe into Johns and Lee’s personal playground (not so much.)

Well I don’t feel sorry for anyone who make exaggerations that comics are ruined by this reboot. By all means go and protest and see if the 130 of you (and whoever here feels sorry for themselves as well) actually equate to the thousands of dollars DC lose because people long dropped their product or simply not interested in it as it currently is. Seems to me you don’t know how businesses work and I would much rather they try to revitalize the industry than let it flounder and eventually risk have people lose their livelihood and have to shut down this division of WB. It’s simple really. You do what you must to keep a business viable or you pander to a small group. DC made their choice. And good for them.

As a retailer I have seen a lot of excitement and with that a bit of trepidation but everyone seems to be really excited. Now I know excitement doesn’t mean anything without people actually picking up any books but, hopefully DC (and Marvel) will get smart and start advertising outside of their own medium. Getting back to the protesters let them do what they want I truly believe that they are the small minority and if they want to stop reading it its their choice to do so.

Of course they have the right to do this; do you think these protesters would have the guts to protest if it was against the law?

I hope the rest of the world doesn’t catch wind of this, considering some are losing their lives to protest opressive regimes.

It’s kind of sad when people would rather follow rumors, hearsay, and speculation than actual news about the relaunch. Find those articles about the truth and read them; September wont be that bad. I don’t know if they will allow my site link (, but I wrote an article about the recent DC Retailer Roadshow. Hopefully the little bit of info listed will calm nerves.

Funny enough, the Facebook page the protest had is no longer there.

“Funny enough, the Facebook page the protest had is no longer there.”

It’s there.

Good idea. I wasn´t agree with DC’s relauch from the beginning. Come on.

Childish. Entitled. Brats.

DC is loving it! Free press for the relaunch!

Protest by not buying the books. If enough people stop buying…they will relaunch after the relaunch.

Is anyone organizing a counter-protest? I’m really looking forward to the relaunch and I don’t want DC to get the wrong idea.


June 29, 2011 at 6:08 pm

What a bunch of chumps. “We hate these books that haven’t come out yet! We don’t know why, we just know we hate them… what? Well yeah of course we’re still going to buy them.”

People complaining about these fans’ complaints aren’t equivalent, as it takes very little time and effort to dismiss this sort of deed on a message board, while it takes lots of time and effort to organize a live in-person protest. Time and effort that, as others have said, could be used in a million better ways.

Also agree with all the comments that the most effective means of protest is simply not to buy the books, and do so quietly. Indifference can’t be written off by the bean counters, whereas outlandish protests can.

Laughing at YOU

June 29, 2011 at 6:21 pm

Marching around SDCC will be the most exercise these 130 “fans” will get this year.

Maybe if everyone who attends a comic con actually bought some comics and read them instead of just saying they are comic book fans and bashing bad comic book movies & tv shows, then the companies wouldn’t have to resort to this level of change in order to find an audience.

Maybe these 90’s styles are meant to attract all the lapsed readers from the 90s. Remember when millions of books sold?

Maybe if every time a book was renumbered to #1 people didn’t buy multiple copies or buy them because they magically think they will be more valuable, then maybe the publishers would stop renumbering. Or maybe numbering is just stupid and each comic should be labeled with the month and year?

MAYBE if these 130 people waited until September and bought a new book, maybe even one of the lower profile books, then in 10 years there will still be a SDCC to go to.

Don’t protest the illegal or corrupt activities of the government or anything.. but make sure DC comics get’s what they deserve!…

Honestly, do you know what the worst part about comics are? The fans. In the end, this is a positive for comics as whole, if it doesn’t bring in new readers or not they are at least trying. What a bunch of moronic people, I honestly hope none of them have children.

On the plus side, all the Youtube videos of crappy-looking Jokers and fat chicks dressed like Power Girl getting tasered are going to be hi-larious!

Ah, who cares? Let ‘em protest. Their feelings are understandable; they like things the way they are now and don’t want certain changes happening to their characters. Insulting the protesters and calling them “man-boys” (I’m sure the female fans love that) and what-not may certainly help your egos, but it makes you look as immature you claim they’re being. Could these people spend that time on other, “better” things? Sure, and for all you know, they already do during the 361+ days they’re not at Comic-Con. So I wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

I can’t really count myself among those protesting the DCNu, though. As you guys have mentioned before, all of DC’s previous revamps, retcons and what have you have made me fairly detached from this sort of thing. I am a little sad that some of the things happening currently in the books aren’t going to last (Kelly Sue DeConnick has a good handle on Supergirl), but I’m also looking forward to what the “DCNu” has to offer.

I’m reminded of someone I knew from Trek fandom who publicly opined that a fan efforts to keep Star Trek: Enterprise going for another season were as important, if not moreso, than a fundraiser to help the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

People who actually think like that are a waste of oxygen.

I’m reminded of someone I knew from Trek fandom who publicly opined that a fan efforts to keep Star Trek: Enterprise going for another season were as important, if not moreso, than a fundraiser to help the victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

Now that, on the other hand, is ridiculous.

I_Captain Blanco

June 29, 2011 at 6:47 pm

Kenozoic, I like you.

GOD! Idiots!!! Get a life!!!! DC comics can do whatever they want. there are mor important things to protest about

Here are some suggested chants for the jackasses, err, I mean passionate protestors.

“Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Dan DiDio’s got to go!”

“If it ain’t Earth-1, it ain’t worth none!”

“What do we want? Old DC! When do we want it? When the multiverse re-collapses in to 52 distinct worlds!”


DC won’t give an expletive.

And in all seriousness, they shouldn’t. This is silly/borderline inane.


June 29, 2011 at 7:04 pm

KET wrote: At least these fans are concerned enough about the situation that they’re not going to simply roll over for the corporation’s benefit. Or waste infinitely more time by grousing on butt-kissing comic book message boards. More power to ‘em.

Perhaps DiDio ought to take out an insurance policy on himself before he shows up for his latest ComiCON.

Are you suggesting some wackjob comic nut might cause harm to DC’s leadership over the rebooting their precious continuity? And…you’re actually DEFENDING that mindset? Wow. You might benefit from talking to qualified mental health professional.

As for reboots and the value of protesting, it’s real simple: Votes made with wallets are the ONLY protests that matter. And therein lies the truth: Comics aren’t selling, so they’re making big changes. They’ve done it before, despite still having a sizeable audience of longtime fans. But whining like babies never solves anything.

“This is perplexing. I wish these individuals would use this energy toward endeavors that actually matter. ”

Again (and I say this as someone excited about the relaunch, but w/e) you have no evidence they don’t ALSO protest those things.. elsewhere… at other times. This is being done AT A COMIC CONVENTION.

I support the protestors. What is anyone else doing to show that they have strong feelings for the comics they’ve enjoyed for so long? Anonymously showing support in message board forums? How come there can’t be an equal show of support for the relaunch, if so many people are hating on the protestors against the relaunch? At least THEY can do more than type “meh” about comics on CBR.

If you’re THAT happy about letting DC use a run-of-the-mill event to reshape their ENTIRE line out of the clear blue (this should’ve happened after Final Crisis, imho), please show why you feel the way you do, instead of insulting the other group of fans who are vocalizing a valid viewpoint.

Here’s the best NEW SHIRT to wear to Comic Con!

“If you’re THAT happy about letting DC use a run-of-the-mill event to reshape their ENTIRE line out of the clear blue (this should’ve happened after Final Crisis, imho), please show why you feel the way you do, instead of insulting the other group of fans who are vocalizing a valid viewpoint.”

As a kid who grew up reading Marvel, I ended up branching into other companies, (I mostly buy Image now), but I’d like to try DC. The reality is, to me, a lot of their costumes looked stupid, and a lot of the lore in the books is not only uninteresting to me but cumbersome (I do wish they hadn’t changed Zatana though I loved her costume). Most of the time I find their properties inaccessible, and I honestly just buy the books where I like the art like Frank Quitely’s stuff, and don’t actually read it. I don’t care “which Superman” it is based on the cut of his boots, and I don’t care about the 25 different Green Lanterns. I just want to buy a book and understand everything I’m reading. It’s why I loved Amanda Conner’s Power Girl so much.

These people need to get a life !! come on… I see no problem with the reboot, even if I did why protest??? This is just ignorant !! Protest something that affects people lives, not a reboot of a comic book story or characters..

What about those of us who wanted a FULL REBOOT not some halfmeasure crap where only GL and Batman’s recent continuity is saved (despite most of it not likely to make any sense in context of the DCnU) and those creative teams are exempt from all the changes.

I call bullshit on the backdoor politics of this, Geoff Johns gets his pet project protected, but everyone else’s stories get gutted.

And let’s just say it: Jim Lee cannot design super hero costumes. He can draw the living crap out of them, but design them? No.

It’s messed up, I LIKE what both of these guys do, generally, I am not bitter that they have power, I just think they’ve made some boneheaded and obviously self serving choices here. It’s like Dan DiDio’s rank mediocrity is infectious. Why is he still wrtiting a DC title? He cannot write comics. He killed Outsiders dead. No one wants to read his writing, except maybe his family. Maybe.

But my protest would be the easiest and in the end most effective: I’m probably not going to buy any of these books, even the ones I kinda might buy otherwise.

But damn, man, do they have to be so obvious about their pet projects? It’s kinda disgusting how Johns protected his GL book AND everyone on a GL book, and someone (Lee or DiDio) decided to protect the Batman books, and screw over Jeff Lemire’s Superboy book and hand it to….SCOTT LOBDELL?!

*shakes chubby fist at the sky*
Hell, bring back Karl Kesel, he co-created the Kon-El version, and that old design would fit PERFECTLY with the other 90s retro designs.

I’m beating this dead horse until they stop beating theirs. Fresh?Scott Lobdell? Fresh? Ron Marz? Fresh? Grant Morrison? Fresh? Really? George Perez has never written Superman ‘cept for that Siliver Surfer Crossover IIRC, but Morrison supposedly said his piece on Superman.

All I’m saying is their choices deeply disturb me and I’m…not going to support it at all. Because the choices are egregiously wrongheaded and at odds with their pitch.

But I’m not gonna protest! I’m not gonna protest! (Who’s with me?!) NOT GONNA PROTEST!

People are angry because these stories represent modern mythology. These characters are held dear to our hearts. How many people got upset when they parralaxed Hal Jordan? Or when they killed Superboy? Yes, they might be going to extremes, But if DC killed Kyle Rayner, I would protest too!

But I do urge everybody to try these books before going wild! Some of them look really good, like Resurrection man!


“wrtiting” damn you spell checker, you’re supposed to catch crap like that!

Probably best to actually read the issues BEFORE you complain about them. Who knows, they might actually be good.

Okay, this whole thing is taking it a little too extreme for comic book fandom. I just hope that even if they do pull this off, they do it peacefully and it doesn’t end up like the riot in that episode of The Simpsons, “Mayored to the Mob”. Like a few here suggested, the closest thing to protesting I would do (and which I will do) is not buy the books. Other than that, if I had gone this year, all I’d have done is wear a homemade t-shirt saying “Enough Already!!! Give Reboots the Boot!!!” at the DC panel and ask a head-scratching question. I’d be a formal critic to DC, not a Tea Party-style yahoo. I’d be more like Fraiser and less like Comic Book Guy.

Other than that, this makes me glad I’m just a part-time comic fan and not a full one. Before all this, I didn’t even know that the comic book industry and the fandom were like this. I grew up believing that both kids and serious collectors read them, and that a comic company is supposed to come out with new characters every month or so. I barely buy modern comics; I mostly get trades of old stories (or new ones relevant to old ones), the occasional mini or one-shot, and the majority of what I buy in terms of old single issues? First issues, minis, one-shots, milestones/high points, and final issues. That’s all. The only exceptions (outside the Big Two) are right now the Kirby: Genesis series, Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters, and I hope to get on the GI Joe comic written by Larry Hama, and find a Transformers series from IDW I can get into (I dropped out when it got confusing). Like I said, I’m a part-time comic fan; they’re way low on my top ten. I’m a toy collector, which is why Transformers and GI Joe are #2 and #3, respectively.

That being said, I still am not too keen on this relaunch, but I’m merciful enough to give them (just like I gave Marvel after it got bought by Disney) ONE chance to make their decision worthwhile. I only ask that they reveal if they had any alternatives planned besides this, and I know DiDio stated that they were going forward without any contingencies, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have back-up plans. No one with any sense would make a big decision without a backup plan. If they do indeed have any, what are they?

To finish, I’d like to say that those who criticize the critics of the protesters (without agreeing with the protesters themselves) have my respect. It takes a lot of guts to rise above the stereotype that has been thrust upon our niche.

While I will not be attending this protest as I neither have the money nor the time to attend, my sympathies are fully with the dedicated fans that love of this material has inspired this event. You do not know what matters of protest or participation in any charitable organizations or important causes any of these protesters and their sympathizers have participated in. Just because someone cares enough about something they enjoy and want their kids to enjoy does not mean they do not care for and support other causes.

My own personal view of this, I might have been ok with a reboot if they had stayed true to the costumes, general origins and characterization. They probably should have done a flat out reboot from day one, tasking place on one of the other Earths, leaving this last one more or less intact so as to have some opening for revisits as well as representations of some of the more popular older Earths past. Perhaps they could have co-existed in print. I never understood the Crisis need to eliminate the multiple Earths, I and many like minded fans grasped the concept of alternate realities completely while children. My favorite one growing up was Earth-2 with All-Star Squadron and Infinity, Inc. and I felt the damage done to them from Crisis. This new altered history looks to be even more confusing to the reader and some annoying aspects to me are the elimination of Wonder Woman and Superman’s classic costumes which are slightly alterable but far too altered in this reinterpretation. Further distaste comes from the seeming erasure of those costumes from even having existed. They didn’t change their costumes, they never looked like that to begin with now, at least that is what I get from what I see. I do not like the revamp origin of Firestorm as described and I am sore, very sore of the lack of JSA and the tales of Superman being the first hero possibly meaning their complete elimination.

Now protesters, I again strongly urge you to take up the tasks of accessibility that they are not providing. The whole Comic Shop mentality is why the sales are decreasing, new fans are not being generated due to lack of access because you can not find these books in grocery stores and the prices are severely bloated. Also there should be a plan to market the in continuity books to kids, not those cartoony non continuity kiddie books. Which books did you read as a kid? New Teen Titans or the Super-Friends? Perhaps you read both, I do not know but an 8-12 year old can tell the difference. as a 4 year old I certainly could and I found the in continuity books to be better and they were what drew me in. The marketing of these properties for the last few decades are why the industry is dying not the continuity.

I agree that the relaunch is a horrible plan but wouldn’t the more effective protest be to just simply not buy any of DC’s books? Sadly, it’s pretty much a guarantee that these same people will still buy DC titles while continuing to bitch about how they suck.

The protest also serves as awareness of dissent. The ultimate hope would be to inspire more to rise up and speak up. These protesters will likely not buy the books and would inspire others not to as well. I would say more Resurrection Man interests me but I do not see myself buying DC right now and I reckon that title and the handful of others that I find slightly appealing will not last a year anyway.

“Are you utterly baffled, disappointed and just ANGRY to see how DC ruins your favorite character’s design and wipes decades of comic history out of the mainstream universe?”

they’re wiping decades of comic history out of the mainstream universe? Oh, you mean the fictional one the DC comics you read are set in every month. THAT mainstream universe.

Any news outlet not already comics oriented will use an image of the protest to lead their coverage. Get ready for your friends and coworkers to totally forget any work you’ve done improving how they view comic readership. It’s gonna be as bad as most local news doing coverage on Pride Festivals but choosing only to focus on leather daddies, drag queens, and drunk, half-dressed twinks….

I love the guys playing the “Get a life” card on a comic book website.
First issues are a fine jumping on point.
Who’s ready to jump 52 times?
They just spent the last decade screwing with their characters only to throw their hands in the air and say,”Lets let Jim Lee fix it!”
He did so well with “Heroes Reborn”.
I’ve dropped books with every “event” since Identity Crisis.
There aren’t many left.

It’s silly, overdramatic, immature stuff like this that gives comic book fans a bad reputation among non-comics readers.

DC’s trying something gimmicky and shaking things up, and while I’m skeptical about lots of their decisions, there may be some good titles coming out of this. We got Hitman out of Bloodlines and Starman out of Zero Hour, so who knows? You’d have to try really hard to go 0/52 in terms of quality.

If some of the titles look interesting to you, give them a look. If not, you don’t have to. Maybe check out some other comics. Check out other presses and non-superhero genres and look to manga and other foreign comics.

Yeah, so Superman’s not wearing red trunks anymore and the Teen Titans look like Cyberforce. Oh well–there’s more to comic books than the big two and superheroes. Might be a nice chance to explore new things.


The way I see it, there are only two sides in this battle. To the first, go ahead, cause a riot, ruin Comic-con for everybody and get arrested after that. To the second, at least someone’s sucking it up and just buying comics because they want to! I’m staying neutral like you should.

These 130 idiots are the perfect argument for abortion.

Possible chant?

DC”‘s popped collars/ won’t get my dollars.

Hey…at least it’s not as bad as the drunken idiots in Vancouver who rioted, looted and burned things just because their hockey team lost. (Compare that to people rioting and protesting in Libya, Egypt and Yemen over oppressive governments)…as a Canadian THAT was embarassing.

well at least 130 basement can be aired out by some people’s mothers

They protest because DC changes the “history”?! It’s NOT real guys! It’s a really enjoyable fiction. As it was stated above, actions like this give a bad name to comic fans. (I wonder what those 130 did wen they learned tha Sant is not real; if they know by know.)

Well, maybe they could ‘protest’ the same way I protested the “One More Day” thing in the Spider comics: stop buying the comics. It won’t make any more of a difference to the company, but it’ll save you money.

I’m against the September relaunch, but I’ll speak with my dollars and not buy these DC titles. I’ll wait on the sidelines to see how it all unfolds first.

I don’t think a protest at SD ComicCon is the way to go. Instead, show up at the panels and voice your opinion there (if they allow it).

Wow, 130 people who have already read the books and seen that they are awful. Man and they said that time machines weren’t possible.

THe best thing any comic publisher could do to get more readers is to get a writer to spend more than a few issues with a character. There is no continuity in any title nowadays.

THe best thing any comic publisher could do to get more readers is to get a writer to spend more than a few issues with a character. There is no continuity in any title nowadays.

THe best thing any comic publisher could do to get more readers is to get a writer to spend more than a few issues with a character. There is no continuity in any title nowadays.

Oh come on! Cut these guys some slack. Like most of us in this verbal war, these guys love comics. And they feel strongly enough about comics that they feel the need to protest the changes DC is making. They know they can’t do anything about it, they know the change is coming, but they feel so strongly that they choose to practice the USA’s time honored tradition of holding signs and shouting slogans. Sure they might not be the best of us, but at least they have the balls to go out there and do something. And if they feel this strongly, they;ll probably be in the DC panels with their signs and questions. Are there better causes to protest for? Sure, but this is one they care about, and one they feel has no voice, and looking at most of the responses on this article, the cause does not. So good for them, because if no one gives a voice to a cause, it’s less likely to be heard.

Goodbye DC, we hardly knew ye


I am a bit surprised at the amount of anger expressed here against these guys. Surely, trying to hold a protest about an important event in mainstream comics, at a comic-book convention, isn’t that controversial? It’s a free country isn’t it?

However, I would like to thank them, each & every one, for the 10 minutes I spent lying on the floor, tears streaming from my eyes, in a fit of uncontrollable laughter! And a tip of the hat to some of the comments contributed here.

I also want to thank these folk in advance for the mirth to come, when we view their protest on MyFace etc. I’m guessing there’ll be twice as many people gathered to watch & deride the protest, than there will be participants.

Now, I’m personally very unhappy that as part of this “soft re-boot”, the Justice Society is being put out to pasture. As a result, my pull list come September 1st is already 70% smaller & the new titles that I have selected, are going to have to be rather special, to keep me buying. Let’s wait & see.

Perhaps a letter writing campaign would be more effective? In a move deserving much appreciation, DC revived their letters pages. So, people with something to say should avail themselves of it. If the clamour is consistent & signifcant, the editorial team will take notice, regardless of what they actually say in public.
The clear risk with this protest is that it’s open to such amusing ridicule.

This article began with the phrase “A cadre of fans…”. Now, if ever there was an opportunity for volunteering alternative “collective pronoun” suggestions, then surely this is it.

A debasment of devotees? An embarrasment of enthusiasts? A shame of stalwarts?

Life is short & chill pills should be distributed to both sides of this argument.

Sure, this protest might be kind of premature (since the books haven’t been published yet) and most definitely will prove to be futile.

But all you judgemental people screaming get a life and calling these guys nerds are the real tools: by your standards, we should all just give up on comics and spend our time reading stuff that matters, like Shakespeare and Tolstoy, the Economist and Foreign Affairs, and spend our money on disaster relief, charity and political contributions. At least these protesters are earnest and fortright in their unabashed passion for the comics and characters they love, not secretly loathing themselves like the vast majority of commenters here are apparently.

I mean, seriously David Uzumeri, you write long opinion pieces about fifteen year old Batman movies (and write them well, btw) with a guy who described himself (rightly) as world’s foremost Batmanologist. Fucking nerd!

For the moment there better then Hal Jordan’s fans, for the very fact they haven threaten to kill anyone yet.

Hot dang. A sea of holier-than-thou “get a lifers” … and a liberal sprinkling of “do something productive with your lives!” Because I’m sure that everyone on this message board is posting these from 20-year old computers in homeless shelters while they’re helping out people with real problems and cancelling their comics subscriptions to fund anti-war protesting. I’m sure that those people who are checking this topic and snidley commenting on their smartphones are also on their way to donate their creature comforts to charity, rather than spending all that time and money on their own leisure.

You know, people are protesting the decision of a COMIC BOOK COMPANY at a COMIC BOOK CONVENTION, right? It’s not like they’re performing acts of hooliganism at DC’s offices or parading 24-7 in front of state capitals. Whether you agree with them or not, you should have the decency to respect that they’re taking some time aside to not just complain, but to perform a public gesture of their feelings.

IMO, the sadder people are the ones who are making fun of them for standing up for what they believe in and hypocritically decrying their stance without knowing anything about these people. Because I’m sure that no one on this board has even been made fun of for being a comic book fan in general, asked sarcastically if they really truly like comics, or have been unfavorably compared to some meaningless social benchmark like having sex or a job or a life just because they spend $10 on comics once every couple of weeks.

Surely those fans must realize that it’s now too close to publication date to prevent the relaunch? They do know that comics are produced a couple of months in advance, right? And that DC/Warners are investing so much into the relaunch that it’d cost more to halt it than to carry on?

Presumably those same 130 fans would also be the first ones to complain if DC had continued as they were with decreasing sales and went belly up in a few years? “They should have DONE something” they’d cry. Well, DC are doing something. Let’s see how it turns out.

and i thought I had no life…..

Wonder how many protesters will have their underwear outside their pants as a gesture of solidarity?

As a Pre-Crisis fan I understand the pain but it’s neither going to be all bad or all good. I’m going to see what happens.

Don’t waste your time on protesting.

Just wait and watch DC crush and burn this September.

Someone needs to picket this protest with signs like “We’re Anti-Anti DC Relaunch!!” and “DC Comics shouldn’t NOT have all #1s!”

I support the protestors. What is anyone else doing to show that they have strong feelings for the comics they’ve enjoyed for so long.

Ironically enough, they wouldn’t have had the comics they’ve enjoyed for so long had it not been for a RELAUNCH that occurred 26 years ago (with several new #1s, I might add).

Or even the relaunch in the 60s, Kel-El, when the replaced Green Lantern and the Flash with TOTALLY NEW CHARACTERS! Could you imagine something like that happening today?

If it were possible I would be there. Simply because it is important that DC listen to the fans and just not the minority who have gotten tired of having to do research everytime they write a story. If anything, this wanting to revamp shows how lazy writers at DC are getting. DC is also getting cheap, because now the researchers who look up character histories to make sure that the writers of new storylines are not messing with DC history, will be out of a job. DC has tried this before and it damn near destroyed them as fans walked away and went over to Marvel. Hopefuilly this time they will become smarter and will leave well enough alone. I hope millions show up in protest

Protest by not buying. It’s a convention. Just worry about having a good time.

Steve Broome:

Logical fallacies notwithstanding, I DO volunteer. And if you’d like to help me, The Big Brother/Big Sister Program could use your help:

Instead of going to the Comic Convention and getting worked about about fictional people, use that same time and energy to help real people who need you. No one says you can’t do both, but one is different more important than the other.

Forest, there’s not a million comic book fans on Earth, much less San Diego, and even less going to SDCC. This doesn’t even take into account comic book fans like me who are incredibly excited by the relaunch. I tripled my pull list from August to September and I’m stoked for these new titles! Like they never relaunched Disney characters like Mickey or WB characters like Bugs Bunny… Did you protest outside of Toys R Us when that happened?

Corrected: Instead of going to the Comic Convention and getting worked about about fictional people, use that same time and energy to help real people who need you. No one says you can’t do both, but one is definitely more important than the other.

rage , rage against the dying of the light……

I can totally understand fans protesting against the reboot – DC fans have had to justify retcon after retcon since crisis oie and if the point is to FIX the DCU well none seem to be working cos u know a few years down the line it’s coming again to potentially screw over your favorite title…

Oh and JSA is gone?!… damn it!

Seriously i’m not a golden age obsesive but what DC has in it’s favor is the legacy characters and the charm and magic they possess – 25 years of trying to outdo Marvel at grim and gritty and what do they have to show for it? 4 MAJOR reboots and Batman still sells well, while the others struggle…

As my friends have said, so many problems in the world and we protest comics?

Further, is this really ‘newsworthy’? Reporting on it simply seems to lend this mildly over-exaggeration more credence it doesn’t deserve.


I agree with Andrew. Don’t even give the Westboro of comics a forum…it hurts us all and makes us look like a bunch of entitled basement dwellers.

Thank you,

I can’t judge them without reading some of the comics.

That protest idea sounds a bit intolerant…

This is sad. For those 130 people out of, what?, 300,000? max 400,000? who are reading comics these days?

Why don’t we just give it a go people? While, yes, there are titles I will miss. I am all for it…. although, I may change my tune…. AFTER I read some of the September titles. Or I might end up being even more glad they did it!

Bring on the …. semi reboot DC …. that excludes Batman and Green Lantern!!! haha… ;)

These types of fans are what is killing the idustry by not allowing it to move on and change in the first place.

Oh, by the way!!!

CBR? – Can you take pictures of the people who attend this ‘boycott’ and post them on here! I wan’t to get a look at them. I’ve pictured them in my head – and want to know if I’m right!

Thanks!!! :)

I don’t think I have ever heard someone say, “Get a Life” that actually had an enviable life.

Just like Nintendo’s protest…But unlike us they’re protest is going to land them in jail…But I say go for it! Change is good!

I’ve followed this debate on several forums and I still don’t understand why some people are so angry about the changes. It’s not as if this is the first time DC have revamped their universe. Or are the protesters only interested in keeping the continuity of THEIR experience? Sounds a bit selfish to me.

Apart from appreciating the story and art, surely the reason one follows a comic is to be entertained? A relaunched universe sounds like it might be pretty entertaining. Until more details emerge this is a leap into the unknown for all of us, and that sounds much more enticing than the dull predictability of some current titles.

Besides, we’ve already been informed that some pre-relaunch events are still relevant to the new comics. (I’m not just talking about Batman and Green Lantern.) This isn’t a separate continuity like the Ultimate universe. It’s just being tweaked, in the same way that Crisis tweaked it in the 1980s or the discovery of “Earth 2″ tweaked it 50 or so years ago.

Nothing to get worked up about. Enjoy the ride.

Anyone who calls someone else a nerd on a comic book message board or writes an essay about how other people are wasting their time is in danger of being killed by irony.

Looking forward to DC’s reboot myself, the same characters now with 75% more pants!

sonofbaldwin, apparently *you* are saying these protesters can’t do both (ie get worked up about fictional people AND use time and energy to help real people), since you assume that by doing the former they’re not (sufficiently) doing the latter. But how many of these 130 protesters do you know personally? For all you know, they might be paramedics, volunteer firefighters, campaign workers and heavy-duty donators to charities, each and every one of ‘em. (Lord knows that once they quit reading DC they’ve got more than enough time on their hands..) Furthermore, considering that SDCC has been sold out for weeks now, these people were already going there. Do you simply not approve of any and all convention attendance, and if not how is it any of your business how they spend their time there?

(BTW, I don’t disagree with you that helping other people is on the whole a more noble pursuit, but nobody can be a saint 24/7 – people need leisure time and personal passions just as much)

What are they protesting for? This is only temporary change that last for a couple of months. This is Dc’s
“Age Of Apocalypse” except it will effect every character. I’m pissed off too and it messes up my collecting for a
couple of months, but I’ll be saving money in the meantime though.

This is exactly why DC are doing it. Because these crazy motherfuckers are the only people who buy comics and they want normal people to start reading them too. Congratulations on making their point for them, The Jeff Albertson Beat Combo.

What I STILL can;t fathom is all these people saying they WILL NOT READ THEM……

WHAT if they are REALLY good? You don’t know yet! It’s absolutely ridiculous to say NOW that you will NOT read these just because it has a number 1 on the cover and starts a new arc.

randypan the goatboy

June 30, 2011 at 7:09 am

So let me get this straight. people who have been loyal fans that have been shown the door dont have the right to tell Dc how they feel? Maybe if some of the people who are bitching about this remember this slight and apply it to their own lives they will see that you dont have to be in rage against the machine to protest anything. I hate DCs revamp, i have been a loyal fan for a very long time and It pisses me off to no end that the money i have spent over the years means nothing to the corporate world of DC comics. But i choose to protest with my hard earned money instead of putting on a storm trooper costume and giving jim lee the finger…although…


Who wants a Superman with an underwear on the outside anyway?

It’s actually none of my business at all, Prowler. But this story has been made public, so I think I’m permitted to voice my opinion about it. Let me clarify my position: I was wrong of me to set this up as an either/or proposition. What I really wanted to convey was my displeasure at the protest and how I think it’s an inherently wasteful, meaningless, and selfish idea.

I know it sounds completely judgmental, but I personally would rather these people not do this–not that my opinion has any bearing on their actions at all. I find it embarrassing that this could even be regarded as a “cause” worth fighting and I think it reflects poorly on them. I’m baffled that they aren’t ashamed of themselves. Maybe I should feel just as ashamed for wasting my time commenting on it when I could be actually doing the job I’m being paid to do (I am, after all, at work). And I do–a little bit. ; )

I honestly don’t know what these 130 people do with the rest of their time or if, in their normal lives, they rescue orphans from the streets, but I wish that they wouldn’t spend even a second doing this ridiculous comic book protest. Even if they were already planning to attend the convention, I think the action is silly and juvenile.


@Randypan the Goat Boy
How does the money you spent on DC mean nothing? DC comics is not going to your house, jacking your comics and forcing to buy new ones.

Ian Boothby: The difference, I think, is that I don’t pretend that what I’m doing here has any real significance or value whatsoever.

My god, when your own community turns on you, you know that community is in trouble.

Why are comic readers turning on their own simply because a group of PAYING CUSTOMERS want their voice to be heard? All too often, this community claims that comic readers are cowards because they will hide behind a computer screen to voice their complaints.

Now, no one can say these people are cowards. They are backing up their grievances with bodies, faces and voices; not just hidden identities on a message board. I can’t go to SDCC simply because I can’t afford it but I applaud the courage and conviction behind these readers.

It seems that these days, if someone doesn’t like something and they voice their opinion, the rest of the comic community jumps on them like a pack of hungry wolves; it’s no wonder why no new people want to join this community.

If the rest of the comic reading community doesn’t like the protest, protest on your own by buying all the comics you like that they won’t be reading. Name calling is just immature.

PS. Anyone who claims people should just vote with their wallets should look at DC Comics. DC Comics is doing this relaunch because people voted with their wallets on the current material; in other words, DC is suffering losses in sales, necessitating this relaunch because they told people to vote with their wallets and readers did.

I hate all these changes! Bring back Golden Age Superman! “Slap a Jap!” Ah, good times… :-/

But seriously, I’m hoping there are a few arrests at the protest and tears are involved.

Um…why don’t you protest something that really matters…like how the government is pillaging the middle class and in 2 years you have money to buy food never mind stupid comics. Im a comic book fan but this is retarded. Get a life and grow up…

Well, That’s the problem with the “Me” “Me” “Me” problem affecting certain people. “I want MY favorite character acting the way *I* want, with the costume *I* like, with the cast *I* think is best, promoting the ideas that *I* adopt, etc…” But is it not the prerogative of companies and their crew (writers, artists, …) to make books THEY want to make? It’s their business, their decisions. As a comic book fan, my only role is to buy…or not, accordingly to my tastes and what is offered.

If they want to protest it’s their right under the first amendment, however it seems poorly organized and a bit rash. The way in which is was promoted is drawing as much ire as the act itself. I’m no entirely sold on John’s pet project GL being exempt from most of the changes, but it sold well so it stays. Simple business. What I don’t like is the rampant egotism and nepotism on display with the integration of the WildStorm characters into DC. There is a reason those characters failed. They were dated and unimpressive. Way to dilute the brand even further. As to costume changes clearly Scott Lobdell can’t design anything either as his own artist admitted the changes for TT were largely his idea and Booth was overruled and had to adapt to it. The loss of over 100 issues of previous interaction between the four main characters is also ridiculous. Johns already wrote the four main characters of the DCnU TT better than Scott could ever hope to. Those designs along with the new Jim Lee looks for Harley, Poison Ivy and Black Canary are just god awful. How do you make Canary look unattractive!?

I don’t have a problem with a protest. If they feel they have a grievence then they SHOULD let DC know about it and no better place to do it than SD Comi-con. It’s their money that feeds DC so why should they keep quite when DC makes wholesale changes to characters that so many people have so much time invested in. If you are in the business of making money, it’s usually a good idea to get the paying customer’s pulse before you make drastic changes – or only make drastic changes when demanded by the people paying your bills.

It’s not like these people are rioting – just walking out of the CC for an hour – probably going to grab a quick bite and belly-ache for a bit then head back in to pick up some of those new #1s. But in my mind – the best way to show your displeasure is to keep your $$$ in your wallet.

Joe, you hit the nail on the head. There aren’t enough fans supporting DC Comics, so a relaunch is a valid business move.

Anyone who claims “DC don’t care what the fans think” hasn’t been paying attention over the past 20 or 30 years. It was DC’s pandering to the fan ghetto that turned its comics into a confusing mess that’s driven away old readers and made the comics confusing and boring to new ones.

Organizing a protest march because a few superhero comics are going to be slightly different isn’t “courageous”. It’s just silly. If they’re “standing up for what they believe in”, just what DO they believe? That comics should never adapt to survive?

Good luck to DC. I gave up on their titles a few years ago but I’ll definitely be picking up a bunch of them in September to see what they do.

To clarify my position on Teen Titans, the relaunch doesn’t bother me. It’s the fact that the entire premise looks to be a retread of work that previous writers already did with both Young Justice and John’s run on Teen Titans. I’m pretty sure despite what Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth tell you fans will remember the previous 100+ issues of Conner, Tim, Cassie and Bart hanging out Flashpoint induced first meeting or not. Consequently the entire run will probably be judged against every interaction that was previously published. Which will kill the book before it every really gets started.

Nick Pettigrew

June 30, 2011 at 8:22 am

I think this protest is a silly thing, but the amount of venom being spewed over it is even more absurd. These people are protesting a comic book company at a comic book convention. If there was a time and a place to voice your displeasure about how a company is conducting its business wouldn’t it be at a convention where you know that your criticisms will be heard?

June 29, 2011 at 2:43 pm
These people are becoming just as pathetic as the Sonic fanbase.

Wasn’t Sure if this comment was supposed to be aimed at SuperSonics Fans or not since if it was, you didn’t use the name appropriately but I don’t know of anything else you could be reffering to.
If it is, I’m assuming you’re in Oklahoma. I have nothing against Oklahomans and would have fully supported giving them an expansion Franchise. However, systematicaly arranging the asale and relocation of a 41 year old Franchise from the 13th largest Market to the 45th was pathetic and the fans have every right to hold a grudge.
What’s going to be ironic is the belly aching of the Okie’s in a few years when the Thunder move again! They’re one of the least profitable Franchises in the league now WITH Kevin Durant..what will happen in a few years when he bolts and trust me he will.

As for the DC march…there is STILL free speach even at a Con and if they want to express their displeasure at the move then so be it.


A relaunch is only a valid business move if you get a new captain and team to steer the ship. The current team is responsible for all the poor business decisions that put the company in this position to begin with by trading short term gain for long term loss; these are the guys who, after ten years of rampant failures, have brought DC Comics as a comic publishing entity to its knees.

Using the same team that is sinking your ship to herald the relaunch of a new ship isn’t a vaild business move; its a stupid one destined to fail. Their ten year track record speaks for itself. And for that record, its not something new if all they are doing is slapping a new number and a new coat of paint on an old ship; that’s an illusion.

“market the actual quality drawn and written comics to kids, the ones that look quasi realistic”

Except that today’s kids actually prefer the more stylized art they grew up with, influenced by cartoons, manga, video games, etc., not the Neal Adams-derived “realism” that traditionalist superhero fans prefer. So long as the industry makes the mistake of trying to find ways to sell product to “the kids” without alienating conservative (I mean that in terms of taste, not politics) largely middle aged fans, they’ll fail.

Well said, Joe.

How about you read the first damn issue before you decide you don’t like it?

Hey, Tb, you mention Looney Tunes, there are actually many fans annoyed and heavily agitated by the recently revamped Looney Tunes Show in terms of character design and characterization as well as the removal of classic Looney Tunes from television over the last many years. The fact that many people can not actually see classic Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse cartoons on television are also of great grievance to fans. It is almost as if these things are being quietly hidden away. What we get new in their place is a bland homogenized loud farty safe thing for the babies that stray too far from the source material and one would think why didn’t you just go ahead and create something new than mess with the elements that were never broke in the first place and why did you bury those original great things? Looney Tunes and Disney cartoons entertained for decades and there was no need for a “fresh” take on them, they were universal regardless of period but now they have been suppressed, and wrongfully, a generation has mostly grown up without the chance to truly be exposed to them except for as mascots and stuffed animals. Now we get Yosimite Sam and Marvin rapping poorly, and a Family Guyesque sitcomy take on Looney Tunes and toddler toons for Mickey and his Pals. There are parallels here and we are certainly in the same camp. I imagine when Disney and Warner merge in a decade or so all of these multiverses, Looney Tunes, Disney, Marvel, DC, WB, MGM, RKO, Ultraverse, Wildstorm, Milestone, etc…all one world revamped again. I fear the Jim Lee redesign of Roger Rabbit.

Ray F, I hope you are right but I think he meant Sonic the Hedgehog fans

I think the people who have a major issue with the protest are the biggest issue with comic fandom.. they are always afraid to be lumped in to some stereotype that they will be rude nasty and just evil to keep anyone from making to much noise that will bring less than favorable attention in their opinion … I see the protesters being civil and the non-protesters being hateful asses.. cause that’s how our community is sadly…



How about you read the first damn issue before you decide you don’t like it?

I only hope one of the latenight talk shows or comedy news programs sends a reporter to cover this…… you mean these protestors are gonna have to walk for an hour? most of them have trouble making it to a shower.

@Tory – The original Looney Tunes still exist, if not on TV, then on DVD. The New Looney Tunes show in no way ruins the characters, it’s just another interpretation. I’ve seen a couple episodes and it’s not that bad. I actually like this crazy portrayal of Daffy, because he’s more like the original loony Daffy from Looney Tunes and less like Daffy “Hatin’ on Bugs all Day” Duck that the character eventually became.

WB won’t be sending a striketeam to break into anyone’s house to destroy their classic Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies DVDs or burn their DC back issues.

I’m angry about the DC relaunch as anybody out there namely cause of Lodbell getting 2.5 titles out of the shoot to write but finally coming to realize how depressing the current comics market is without anything to read. Indie or mainstream. So I’ll try to get my head around these titles: Deathstroke, Demon Knights. Cornell on Demon Knights isn’t necessarily bad its just he’s like box office poison after his Action Comics run. #900 for a milestone issue had the lowest says at any point in its history. On Deathstroke I’m guessing we get the Flashpoint retconned version and not any reference to his past histories to Rose or otherwise. Good and bad, but with this relaunch it could get turned back within in a year. So here’s to 52 maxi-series launching in October!

Joe said:
“its not something new if all they are doing is slapping a new number and a new coat of paint on an old ship; that’s an illusion.”

As I understand it, they’re doing a lot more than that. This will be backed by a huge promotion, a move away from “writing for the trade” and other approaches to attract new readers.

Perhaps some fans are a little too focused on the continuity, instead of stepping back a bit and appreciating the art and craft of the comics themselves. Surely all that matters is that the comics entertain, not that sub-plots should tie in with comics of decades ago? Who remembers 30 or 40 years of continuity in detail anyway? I can’t even remember every detail about real life over the past 50 years, never mind some muddled continuity of a fictional universe.

Peter Porker –

Because you have to BUY it to read it. And no one needs to read the first issue when we have sampled the work output of these people the prior month. The public spoke before, they weren’t buying it then and most likely, won’t be bullied or manipulated into buying it now.

And if YOU don’t like reading their comments, don’t worry. You can’t stop people from talking and posting but it is completely in YOUR POWER to stop reading them.

The net result of their protest will be……nil.

From what I’ve already seen, I would assume that the “re-launch” is rhetoric to hide a business decision.

If royalties for Superman are to be paid to the Siegel & Shuster estates, elements of the Action #1 and the other couple of books have to be included.

I’ve been waiting to see how DC would tweek Superman to get around the ruling.

Agree or disagree with the ruling, producing a comic is very expensive, particularily when the overall sales trend is downward.

I agree that Siegel & Shuster got screwed, but DC has invested in the property over the past 73 years. I can understand that they want to protect the investment, so I would imagine that the “re-launch” is a means to an end (and not just for Superman).

What I don’t agree with is that you need to start at #1. When I got into DC in the early ’70s, no attempt was made to lure me in. I read about earlier stories being referenced & continued reading regardless. People who want to read comics will continue to do so, if they want. New people will read them if they regardless of whether it’s Superman #1 or #233.

But do I ever miss the Swanderson Superman.

Comic readers are doomed.

They get abused by industry professionals, insiders and fellow community members. Unless you are bowing at the feet of the itty bitty comic gods, you are doomed. They want to tape your mouth shut because, how dare you not like their work. What entitlement issues these readers have, the audacity of having an opinion or feeling that, after you buy a product, feel entitled not to like it and say something about it.

Comic readers are damned if they do, they’re damed if the don’t. The only hope for anyone still lingering after the ugly lights go on is to get out while you still can, while you still have some glimmer of self esteem left. For the new readers about to jump into the comic community sandbox, I have but one thing to say:

‘Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”


Woww… slow down tiger, give peace a chance. :)

I just want good stories – that’s all.

I’ll give it a go.

a 1 hour protest? lol
What, all of you plan on going back into hall H afterwards? LOL

And this protest is taking place OUTSIDE the convention center? and not AT the DC booth?
How f’n moronic is that?

“Lets rally together to show our displeasure”
“What do we do?”
“Lets protest!”
“Lets do a walk!”
“Outside the convention center”
***crickets chirping***

Im sure Jim and Dan Didio and Geoff Johns will throw away months of planning because of this.

First they came for the Batmans and I did not speak out because I hated Grant Morrison.
Then they came for the Green Lanterns and I did not speak out because I was not a Corpsman.
Then they came for the hard copies and I did not speak out because I liked digital.
Then they came for me.

Speak your mind, or don’t, for whatever reasons, or lack of – it’s America and it’s your right. But at least have some decency in your discussion. These people are brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children – human beings one and all. They’ve done nothing to warrant such ire.

Do we really have to spend every one of our days on the internet proving, again and again, the validity of the Greater F_ckwad Theory?

Here’s what I did:
When the September solicitations were released, I got out my March and May Previews and banged out an Excel spreadsheet showing what I ordered for those two months (May and August shipping) and what I projected ordering for September–along with cover prices and the total amount spent.
The September total was only about a third of the August total and slightly more than a third of the May total.
Then I gave it to the owner of my store, who was supposed to be meeting DiDio in a couple of days.

No snarky comments, no hand-wringing, no histrionics, just “Here’s what I ordered before the relaunch, here’s what I’ll order after.”

And that’s coming from a fan who owns his home, thank you.

Namtab, I do think the Daffy design is a lot better than the others in the show, and the Bugs redesign is atrocious. I still am not a fan of the new series though. I do actually prefer the older truly Daffy Daffy, and his character always had my sentiments in regards to that upstart Bugs Bunny.

While I have my DVDs which is well and good, the removal of Looney Tunes from Saturday mornings on network TV a decade or so ago followed by their removal from Cartoon Network has done a lot to remove them from our culture. I think it is very important to keep those on the air in those sort of positions alongside the new but it seems they have been using a poor strategy that hurt the brand, I think it is similar to removing the comics from the grocery stores, placing them on specialty stations is comparable to specialty comic shops then these places go out of business or are not as easily accessible to the general populace that might not be directly looking for them. Kids can bug their parents to get this comic or that comic if it is in the store on a magazine rack they pass by or at the checkout but they can’t if it is not in a place they regularly go every day. Likewise kids will not develop a fondness for these cartoons if they are not on the stations they watch and at the times they watch. I like a lot of new cartoons, I loved Flapjack, SpongeBob is great, but stuff like Looney Tunes should be there alongside them and should not have been allowed to slip away and they saw it happen to Woody Woodpecker and Heckle & Jeckle before them and they still allowed it. It is a shame.

Continuity, schmontinuity. Here’s my problem with people’s negative reactions to this: 1) they all sound like children who won’t try some food because without even tasting it they have determined for whatever reason that it is ‘yucky’, and 2) for all the folks raging on about continuity and all the history of the DCU being swept away as well as DC’s contention about new readers, jumping on points and such…did you start reading Batman or Superman or any other comic at issue #1? More than likely not, unless you’re around 70 years old. It’s a BUSINESS decision, plain and simple. DC wants to make money, you get to vote with your cash on whether or not they did the right thing. Stomping around a con is not going to get the DC guys on the phone to the decision makers telling them to reverse this. Get over it, things change, you get older, entropy takes hold. All of these things are inevitable. Or you could try some indie books not about brightly colored fist fights. That’s my 2 cents.

Hey if it’s their right to protest fine but it’s other people’s right who paid to go to a Con to sit and enjoy it and not have a handful of idiots shout and ruin their day.

And to Jesse, wtf are you so insensitive to compare comic relaunch to Hitler?

“Hey if it’s their right to protest fine but it’s other people’s right who paid to go to a Con to sit and enjoy it and not have a handful of idiots shout and ruin their day”

Ah ah ah, nice one…..

if any of you bothered to actually watch cartoon network. you would know they show looney tunes at least twice a day during the week. the same goes for tom and jerry. wish boomerang showed a better variety of older toons though.

and about the reboot. if they announced a history of the DCU book for both old and new readers explaining how FLASHPOINT CHANGED the DCU into DCnU, I think people would be more receptive of the change.

What time is the Marvel Comics protest? Because they -you know- suck.

Shorter commenters:

If I post my opinions on a comic related comment board I am awesome.
If you actually take time to act on my beliefs then you are a loser.

While I would recommend waiting to see what the changes actually are before getting upset I find the lack of self awareness on this thread amusing.

Will Sheldon and Leonard and Raj and Howard be there? ;-)

“It was DC’s pandering to the fan ghetto that turned its comics into a confusing mess that’s driven away old readers and made the comics confusing and boring to new ones.”

If DC “pandered to the fan ghetto” we’d still have Earth-One and Earth-Two!
And only two, clearly-defined, Hawkmen…

My beef is that Oracle is gone. I hope that DC realizes that that character reached fans who don’t have very many characters in fiction they can bond with emotionally, or see as attainable symbol on even a small level. Isn’t that what we all hoped for as kids? Utilize this fans, we love what you did, don’t leave us out of this new world..

My concern is that they’re slowly gonna kill Vertigo with DC Dark, but I will give JL Dark and Demon Knight a shot.

Protest away, if anything it makes DC tread cautiously with the new plan. Just air your grievances rationally.

The only thing I don’t like about the relaunch is the usage of a bigot (Rob Liefield) to do the art on Hawk & Dove. It’s bad enough that Marvel employs Orson Scott Card, but Liefield is nearly as bad.

Luckily, both of them are lacking much talent….

But, best wishes to DC with the rest of the relaunch. I’m excited about several of the titles and I hope that they pan out….

I lol’d that you’re telling others to get a life.
How are you doing that exactly, ah yes by commenting on a comic blog / news site.

This is important to some people, let them have their protest. At least they’re trying to make their voice’s heard when they don’t like something.

Carl, thanks for notifying me, I dropped cable before Looney Tunes returned to it. It had been away for many many years though it should also be added to the CWs Saturday morning.

wow they have over 250 saying they will join so far.

I don’t know not much of the reboot is really making me interested but I think people should wait until we actually see if these books are bad or not before actually protesting them.

Adenoid Hynkel

June 30, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Let’s just hope they don’t protest DC’s costume change mandates by marching pantsless.

I’ve been looking for a way to severly cut back on my comic book purchases each month. This is the perfect jump out point I needed.

I don’t get it… Why are they protesting DC’s reboot/relaunch/changing in characters origins??
That’s what DC does… every two, five, or ten years… That´s why I only read Marvel… the same continuity for the past 50 years…
I agree though that the best protest is simply DON’T BUY THE FREAKING BOOKS!!!!

’nuff said


I like how you prove my point Peter… Your just upset that some people don’t agree with you at all.. and they have reason and all the right to not agree with you.. but heck attack people its what the internet all about..

Well at least there been no HEAT like groups threatening people…


Not really cause they just do soft character resets… remember back in the day Reed and Ben both fought in WWII..

Glad to see a rejection of this pointless negativity directed at 52 books no one has read yet. Protesting at a convention does indeed qualify you as a raging nerd. Hope Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is there.

I for one am excited about the new concepts and characters being given a shot here. I’ll be going from two DC books to about 12. Over time I’m sure that number will come down as I figure out which books I really like but I’m sure it will normalize at a number greater than the two I started out with.

Undies on the Outside

July 1, 2011 at 7:53 am

TO BRIEF OR NOT TO BRIEF? That’s the big question for Superman’s underpants. LOL

I am very surprised at the violent reaction in these comments against the thought of some folks publicly expressing their opinion. Where’s the harm, and why all the judgment?
And where does the idea that a protest has to gain some change from the opposition to be successful come from?? Protests are simply a means to communicate that the group involved sees a problem, and they want that problem to have visibility.
In this case the issue involves comics so the protesters have VERY WISELY chosen a comic convention to take their message to.
Now stop being such a bunch of sour Stalinists. Expressing opinion is fundamental to the functioning of a civil society.
Live with it!

The relaunch is already in motion. Protesting it isn’t going to stop it at all. They’ll just look silly.

And I personally am embracing the relaunch. I’ve tried to get into DC comics or at least the Batman universe for a while. it’s just hard to figure out where to begin.

And hey, at least give DC a chance to surprise you. You might like what they turn out.

People have the right to protest anything at anytime. This is an American right, whether you like it or not. or whether to you it seems to be wasteful or not. This is an American act. To protest without violence against something you don’t like. Deal with it. It isn’t about losers or people needing to get a life. Have you ever protested? have you ever felt so mad about something and felt it was wrong and you wanted to do something about it. That ‘s what they are doing. right or wrong. It’s a nice American thing. Personally, I support them. Many in the media might feel this is bold and all that. Not to me. This 52 relaunch, reboot. or whatever it is called to me is a direct insult to all creators who came before. Will all their hard work have been done in vain? All those stories and all those tales some of us have loved. Crisis on Infinite Earths, once more with feeling, just for old times sake, eh? An economic blunder. 52 tossed into the wind and see where they may fall, for where they land I can not tell. It’s not about a first issue thing and not liking it. It’s about why you have to do 52 number ones? what happens to the 1000th issue of Action or Detective? Access? That is also in the past with trades and the like. Access is through older people like fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, and cousins who guide and lead the younger generations to share in the books they like as a kid with them. That is called human continuity. Everything ends again and then begins again. yawn. try something different. throw a real curveball mixed in with a slider, or a sinker, and really shake it up. another new JLA again. new Titans. new Legion. New this, new that. But more things change, the more they stay the same way, again, again and again.

Good for these folks. Show DC that we’re not going to take it up the keister and be happy about it.

Better to get word to DC now that we’re not going to buy any of this crap reboot than in Sept when they find out through sales. They can reverse course quicker this way.

Why shouldn’t people protest. People should make a fuss. These companies forget that without us, the FANS, they would never sell their comics. How much money have we all spent, how much time have we all given to this hobby/medium. I shouldn’t be a little upset at DC disregarding me as a fan, or those who have dedicated their resources to collecting and them to just end and say “feh, ok thanks for buying but we are going to change things now.” This is just crazy!! Listen i know nothing is going to change but if we don’t voice our opinion then they keep taking our money and doing whatever the want. ENOUGH!!! I want some acknowledgement. AND worse off, you just know they are going to go back to original numbering. Marvel did that and what a debacle that was.

Ok i am off the soap box. Who is next???

DAH!!! What is wrong with these idiots in DC?!! And the moron who announced to change things in DC is a HUGE mistaken. If they think for one moment that if they could make money by changing everything and to get more people to read and buy the comics, they are poorly mistaken!!! What the fuck are they thinking!!! the idiot who is in DC, cannot just step and decide to change and white-wash everything because the DC Universe have been just fine and the outfits were just fine the way they were!!!!!!

All their going to do is ruin everything and upset the man, many, many fans and i know that for a fact, because I happen to be one of them!!!

DC!!! Stop messing things up! LISTEN TO THE FANS!!! If you guys truly want to make the dollar, BRING US BACK THE ORIGINALS AND SIMPLY MAKE BETTER STORIES!
A reboot is NOT necessary!!!

I hope this so-called, stupid reboot get soooo much bad buzz by the many increasing fans, they have to somehow to reverse this!

I say we boycott everything that DC puts out the next 2 years, and this includes BATMAN, SUPERMAN, Green LANTERN which already got laughed out of theaters by fans… It’s clear with GL, and the current disaster that is the Man of Steel movie, and now this comic book reboot the DCU is in shambles, and the people running it have no idea what the hell they are doing with their properties…


the culprit of this DISGRACEFUL “reboot”!

The best protest we can made is just not buying any DC comic anymore… at list thats what im going to do.

Every MMO company anywhere has a member of staff utter this one out of public, because who doesn’t love a public hanging? Whatever “it” is that’s supposedly working, saying so on a message forum board is practically a guarantee that the thing in question is horribly broken, or an agility item that improves at the time you buff charisma, or you cannot connected to a drop table despite being a boss mob. I can’t possibly link to all of the bloopers this the person has been connected to a number exceeding the years and months. You’re invited to list out your favorites while in the comments!

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