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Gail Simone confirms that Secret Six will end with issue #36

Secret Six #36

If the news on the new Suicide Squad comic that Newsarama reported on earlier today wasn’t enough of an indication, Gail Simone confirms that August’s Secret Six #36 is indeed the last issue of the series.

Man, that sucks.

“On behalf of everyone who worked on this book, I want to thank those readers. In this market, there is no way that a book starring CATMAN, of all people, should even exist, let alone be the favorite read of so many pros, readers, and critics. More comics pros and staffers from all companies told me it was their favorite DC book than anything else I have ever worked on. I think the message was that there was room for outsider comics even during a time when the focus is so intent on the icon characters,” she said in a post on her forum over at the Bendis Boards. If you were a fan of the series, click on over there and read everything she has to say.

The current incarnation of the Secret Six first appeared in the Villains United miniseries back in 2005, as Catman, Scandal Savage, Ragdoll, Deadshot, Parademon and Chesire were recruited by the mysterious Mockingbird to oppose Lex Luthor’s Secret Society of Super Villains. The team next appeared in its own miniseries and in Birds of Prey before moving on to their own ongoing series in 2008. Although the membership changed slightly over the years, the tone and quality of the stories has not, as Simone and her artistic partners — Dale Eaglesham, Nicola Scott and J. Calafiore, among others — have shown that B-level villains can be just as intriguing and entertaining as A-list heroes (and sometimes even more so).

Simone says that the editors gave the creative team enough warning about it ending that they were able to end “the way we wanted, with our team intact.” That’s great to hear, and I look forward to seeing what happens to one of my favorite books in August.



Gail Simone’s Secret Six is one of the best titles I’ve ever read. Thanks for three awesome years!

This is upsetting. Sill, I’m grateful for what we got. Maybe it’ll get a relaunch in a year or two.

And this finally shows why the DCnU reboot is a just winding me up, ” the favorite read of so many pros, readers, and critics” gets cancelled in favour of reboots and revisions in a desperate attempt to get new readers, even if it’s at the expense of old ones…

Thank you Gail for an amazing five years of fun, freakishness and frolics.
I never thought Catman could be the sex symbol of the DCU
And I never thought I’d miss that freak Ragdoll, even gonna miss King Shark

Here’s hoping that characters like Scandal have a place in the DCnU

The Fourth Man

June 9, 2011 at 3:56 pm

Boo to DC for canceling such a great book and boo to Gail Simone for making me care so much about a group of murderers and thieves (Don’t worry I’m just kidding Gail, I’ll be reading your Batgirl reboot)

I really think that DC is making a mistake in doing this( but I could be wrong). Books that have been successful should have continued. All the successful books could have continued without renumbering and they could have still done the reboot.Makes one wonder, if it’s the bean counters and marketing people that really run the show and not the creative people that should be.Well just my opinion.

The worst of this is that they’re relaunching a Suicide Squad book with Deadshot and King Shark… and Gail didn’t even know about it!!!

You’d figure they’d give that title to Gail or Ostrander without even second thinking about it…

Ridiculous. I have very little reason to buy any DC title after August.

This relaunch will get big numbers at first… but it’ll fizzle by December.
Then comes damage control and a return to the previous status quo.

Secret Six is the only DC book I read, although it was by far my favorite book every month. I suppose it had a good run, but I”m really going to miss it.

Here’s what gets me about you guys–what about the 1968 Secret Six? Ever hear of them or read their stories?

@Acer: What does that have to do with the impact of Gail Simone’s book being cancelled?

I will miss the Secret Six, and you’re right @Ted: I wish they would have given the book to Gail too.

Sigh… another good book gone. Its really rather sade how a lot of these books which fans really love are being canceled soon. Secret Six, Red Robin, Batgirl…

” Books that have been successful should have continued. All the successful books could have continued without renumbering and they could have still done the reboot.”

I’m not sure I agree Lou07. The entire DCU was supposed to reboot with new number ones after Crisis on Infinite Earths.

The Batman and Superman editorial groups got cold feet and those titles got “soft” reboots, but it didn’t take long before it was forgotten that Batman (“the New Adventures”) and Detective post- Year One and Superman (new #1) Adventures of Superman (renamed original title) and Action post-Man of Steel were in fact new continuities. Old stories that “never happened” quickly crept back in.

I don’t know if the new reboot will be a success or not – I haven’t read any of the books, but I do know that with a readership estimated at 300,000 DC can’t just play the attrition game forever. All of the incensed readers whom are “lost” to DC are going to be gone eventually one way or another and if DC (and Marvel – see end of Uncanny X-Men) can’t somehow attract new readers then this will be a moot conversation sooner rather than later.

I am a huge JSA fan. It looks like the Golden Age is being marginalized, if not erased, in the new reboot. I have every issue of Batman from 100 up and that numbering is ending. I have been collecting most DC titles for more than 25 years solid and intermittently for longer. So, I have deeply vested interests in the long-running books. But in the end comics are about stories, not numbers, and whatever happens, those stories will still exist.

Professwhat think what Acer is saying has everything to do with this generation of Secret Six being cancelled. There were people that the original Secret Six was their favorite comic. There were people who loved the Betty Kane Batgirl. Why did DC create a new Flash and Green Lantern when they already had existing ones?

You can’t catch lightning in a bottle and the DC reboot could be a mess, but I think they almost had to try at this point. There’s really not much left to lose other then a whole medium.

I think it`s worth noting that Gail said in that same forum thread that she was not happy with how DC managed her leaving Birds of Prey. I have the feeling Simone is not happy about many things, and it`s kind of fighting against herself in behalf, I don`t think that her monthly check, but just plain loyalty to the publishing house that helped her to devolpe her writing career.

Hmm.. I wonder when all the dust settles if anyone will finally ask the question that so BEGS to be asked at this point: “Mmmmm.. So tell us, how does FAIL taste, then, hmmm?”

Oh my god…my eyes are getting watery. My heart is breaking…this is truely the one and only book (still wating for the Batwoman to come out, but that’s a differet story all together) that I have been reading from start to finish. And the writing…above anything I have ever read. And it’s been consistant from the beginning.

I love this book, I love the stories, I love the characters. This book was a true work of art (both litrally and figurativly). Gail, you are a super hero in every way – this book would have never gone where it has with out you.

This book was loved by all and I will miss it until the day it comes back (yes, I’m a pathetic optimist).

So Bane, Scandal, RagDoll, Catman, Deadshot, Janette we hope to see you all one day (or at least until DC decides to grow some balls).

@Katz “So Bane, Scandal, RagDoll, Catman, Deadshot, Janette we hope to see you all one day (or at least until DC decides to grow some balls)”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Simone is under appreciated at best.

Googam son of Goom

June 13, 2011 at 6:02 pm

This was one of the last DC books I was buying regularly and now… Well, it’s really to bad but it really feels like that’s it for me and DC Comics. It’s been a long slow fizzle. No Secret Six? Forget it, close the door, turn out the lights. Goodnight DC maybe we’ll meet again some other day.

While Secret Six is my favorite property next to the Batman books, I somewhat have to give them props for providing the characters with a proper ending. I believe that DC is missing a huge opportunity by not giving all of the major characters a “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow” style ending to their personal conflicts, as they of course did with Pre-Crisis Superman. This is their chance to experiment without any regard to future continuity. I do hope that this “reboot” is all that they’re hyping it up to be, though, and not just a retread of Post-Crisis with fewer of the side characters thrown in.

I am really going to miss the secret was an awesome read

Just finished the Secret Six today, so sue me, I’m always a month or so behind on these things. I’ve got say out of the hundreds of comics I’ve been reading lately (I’ve got alot of downtime at work), Secret Six blew them all out of the water. When I’m reading a series, even if its a good one after a couple issues I find the story dragging, I never felt that way with the Six. Although I think DC’s characters are on average goofier than Marvel’s, DC clearly has the better writers, the writing and dialogue on Six was top notch, even when there was no major action going, just seeing the team interact was great, which is something you don’t see much out of comics.

The sendoff was rushed, no two ways about it, another 4 pages or so probably would have wrapped it all up for me, but I still thought it was a fitting end and a great way to close the book. Hopefully we’ll see the six again soon (or was that eight?). Black Alice in particular seemed to take off fast, I can see her coming back for the next run, and of course, some prison breakouts, it’s not like they have no experience in those

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