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Grumpy Old Fan | New DCU revue: DC Comics Solicitations for September 2011

Sexy Black Flash. Sexy. Black. Flash. SEXY ... BLACK ... FLASH.

Even after all the news, and all the reactions thereto, I thought there was still a little to be revealed in September’s DC solicitations. Would the First Wave books or Batman Beyond be there, moved “outside” the scope of the superhero-dominated main line? (Apparently not.) Would there be obscure reprints to pore over? (Oh my yes.) How weird could the Ame-Comi line get? (Three words: Sexy Black Flash.)

Nevertheless, this week I’m looking at the New 52’s impact on my personal bottom line, and — although I am far from the first blogger to do so — offering my take on what looks good for the foreseeable future.

* * *

First, though, a word on the collections included in the September solicits. They’re more business-as-usual than I would have expected, including paperback editions of a couple of “New Krypton” storylines, hardcovers for Batman Incorporated and Batman: The Black Mirror, and Omnibii for the Silver Age Green Lantern, War of the Green Lanterns, and the Geoff Johns runs on Flash and Teen Titans.

I was, however, pleasantly surprised to see a new Justice League of America Archives (#10, in fact), whose early-‘70s reprints will fill some holes in my collection. The one-volume All Star Superman paperback will be more convenient than either my single issues or the two previous paperbacks, and the second Suicide Squad collection is (of course) long overdue. Showcase Presents digs a little deeper for the ‘70s horror series Ghosts, a book which is familiar to me only from house ads of that time. The real rarity, though, is the hardcover reprint of The Bible, adapted by Sheldon Mayer, Joe Kubert, and Nestor Redondo. It’ll go nicely on my shelf next to the Basil Wolverton and R. Crumb adaptations.

Speaking of adaptations, I’m not sure yet about Batman: Noel. It’s too easy to screw up A Christmas Carol, especially by mixing wildly different genres (not to mention incorporating action sequences). Batman and Christmas can go together pretty well, but you have to get it just right.

* * *

On to the main event, and we begin with some numbers. For August, DC has solicited a total of 76 issues in its main line of comics. (The complete list appears at the bottom of this post.) These break down to

– 37 issues of ongoing series (including War of the Green Lanterns, which I figure takes the place of Green Lantern; plus two issues each of Teen Titans and Superboy);
— 24 issues of miniseries (including two issues each of Batman: Gates of Gotham, DC Universe Online Legends, and Flashpoint); and
— 15 one-shots and/or special issues, ten of which are the Retro-Active specials.

For September, of course, there is just one number: 52 issues of ongoing series in the main line, with no miniseries or special issues.

Now, to be sure, the New 52 includes one anthology (DC Comics Presents), whose inaugural five-issue Deadman arc could just as easily have been a miniseries. Likewise, October’s My Greatest Adventure #1 continues two features from the just-concluded Weird Worlds miniseries. It may only last a month, but it’s a significant departure from the superhero line’s usual mix of formats. As I’ve said, an ongoing series implicitly demands a commitment both from the reader and the publisher — and while the publisher might look a bit greedy, the readers won’t be embarrassed if a good chunk of these titles fail.

The big overhaul also forces “jumping-off points” for several of the books I was reading, namely Birds Of Prey, Booster Gold, Secret Six, THUNDER Agents, Xombi, and Zatanna. Those six books represent one-third of the 19 DCU ongoing series I’m planning to buy in August. Two more,Batman Beyond and Batman Incorporated, are going on hiatus, and the rest (Action Comics, Batman, Batman And Robin, Detective Comics, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Justice League Of America, Supergirl, Superman, and Wonder Woman) are part of the overhaul.

Specifically, here’s my DCU list for August:

Ongoings (18): Action Comics #904, Batman #713, Batman And Robin #26, Batman Beyond #8, Batman Inc. #10, Birds Of Prey #15, Booster Gold #47, Detective Comics #881, Green Lantern Corps #63, Justice League Of America #60, Secret Six #36, Supergirl #67, Superman #714, THUNDER Agents #10, War Of The Green Lanterns: Aftermath #2, Wonder Woman #614, Xombi #6, and Zatanna #16.

Miniseries (8+): Batman: Gates Of Gotham #4, Batman: Gates Of Gotham #5, Flashpoint #4, Flashpoint #5, Flashpoint: Batman — Knight Of Vengeance #3, Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #3, Flashpoint: Frankenstein And The Creatures Of The Unknown #3, Flashpoint: Secret Seven #3 (and probably some TBD Flashpoint tie-ins).

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Specials (12): Batman 80-Page Giant 2011 #1, the ten Retro-Active ‘80s and ‘90s books, and Superman Beyond #0.

That’s a total of at least 38 issues. Many of those wouldn’t have been around in September anyway — Gates of Gotham #5 would have been pushed into September, and maybe Flashpoint #5 and the‘90s Retro-Active Specials would have too. Thus, I’d have gone from an adjusted total of 31 DCU issues in August to about 25 in September — not a big drop, because the schedule would’ve been more balanced.

As it is, though, I’m faced with a dramatically different DCU in September, and am choosing to read

Action Comics, All-Star Western, Aquaman, Batgirl, Batman, Batman And Robin, Batwing, Batwoman, Blackhawks, Blue Beetle, Captain Atom, Catwoman, DC Universe Presents, Demon Knights, Detective Comics, Flash, Frankenstein: Agent Of SHADE, Fury Of Firestorm, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Grifter, Justice League, Justice League Dark, Justice League International, Men Of War, Mister Terrific, Nightwing, Red Lanterns, Resurrection Man, Static Shock, StormWatch, Supergirl, Superman, Swamp Thing, and Wonder Woman.

That’s 37 DCU ongoing series, almost as many issues as August’s oddly-loaded lineup. Again, I don’t expect all of these to make it past their first year — and I wouldn’t be surprised if DC cancelled many of them at that point (or even earlier) in order to make room on the schedule for another revival like Doom Patrol or even Justice Society. I don’t expect to fall in love instantly with all of these, and will probably drop at least a few of them after the first couple of issues.

However, there are books I’ve read consistently for decades, and despite thoughts of inertia will not drop anytime soon. These are most of the familiar “foundational” titles: Detective, Action, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, and Justice League. For the most part I’m looking forward to the new teams, especially Grant Morrison and Rags Morales on Action, George Pérez and Jésus Merino on Superman, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo on Batman, and Geoff Johns and Jim Lee (for as long as that lasts) on Justice League.

Sadly, inertia will be a big factor in my reading Detective Comics during the Tony Daniel run. To me, Detective has always been the more cerebral of the two main Bat-books, and while Daniel’s writing on Batman has tried hard, it’s never really held my attention. The same may be true for the new Flash team of Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapul, because I am unfamiliar with their writing chops; but Manapul’s art may make up for any shortcomings there. Otherwise, the foundational books have pretty strong creative teams. None of these is in any danger of cancellation, so the challenge will be to see how well they sell.

The next category includes titles I don’t necessarily read out of love for the character (although there are some), but where the combination of creative team and character has convinced me to give these a try: Aquaman, Batgirl, Batwoman, Demon Knights, Frankenstein: Agent Of SHADE, Firestorm, JL Dark, JLI, Red Lanterns, Resurrection Man, Static Shock, Supergirl, and Swamp Thing. This category’s books on the bubble include the Peter Milligan-written Red Lanterns and JL Dark and the Dan Jurgens-written Justice League International. The first two sound just crazy enough to work, and the new JLI does have Aaron Lopresti’s art potentially outweighing Dan Jurgens’ occasionally-clunky writing. I’m also a little unsure of Ethan Van Sciver co-writing Firestorm, but Gail Simone and Yildiray Cinar are enough to get me on board. Likewise, I’m hoping the new Supergirl creative team brings a different perspective to the character, beyond “innocent teen.”

Beyond that is the “probably” category, where I like either the character or the creative team, but am unsure about the combination. I liked Judd Winick on Justice League: Generation Lost (and wish he were writing the new JLI — why not, DC?), and I am prepared to like Batwing, so that gets on the list. On the other hand, I’ve never gotten into any of the Catwoman series, although I’ve liked the character in the larger Bat-context. I do like Guillem March, though, and he and Winick should do a decent job on Catwoman. Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason didn’t wow me with their previous Batman And Robin arc, but if it’s the only place to see Bruce and Damian in action together, so be it. Same goes for Tomasi writing Guy and John in GL Corps (and I like Fernando Pasarin as well). Paul Jenkins and Bernard Chang are enough to get me on board for DC Comics Presents’ Deadman arc, as are Tony Bedard and Ig Guara on Blue Beetle. Rounding out this category, I’m inclined to support DC’s attempts at genre diversity by sampling All Star Western, Blackhawks, and Men Of War.

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The rest of my picks fall into a “like the character, not sure about the execution” category. Unfortunately, the poster boy for faulty execution is back to being Nightwing, who (ironically enough) always seems a little lost without another hero (or group) to play against. I’m willing to give Kyle Higgins and Eddy Barrows a chance, but after giving Marv Wolfman and Peter Tomasi their shots a few years back, I’m not expecting much. Because I liked Tony Bedard and Tyler Kirkham on GL Corps, the cast is the problem with Green Lantern: New Guardians: I’m just not that thrilled with the Rainbow Corps. Again, it gets a reasonable shot at convincing me otherwise, as does Mister Terrific (because I am unfamiliar with Eric Wallace’s work). The good things I’ve heard about Nathan Edmondson are enough to get me to sample Grifter, and Paul Cornell, Miguel Sepulveda, and J’Onn J’Onzz will likewise get me to pick up StormWatch.

I’m still on the fence about the two Legion titles and I … Vampire!, but there’s not much to get me interested in the rest of the 52. Although Superboy, Teen Titans, Green Arrow, and Dark Knight will probably get along fine without me, I’m not betting on Red Hood, Savage Hawkman, OMAC, Voodoo, Hawk & Dove, Deathstroke, or Suicide Squad to make it to issue #13. The Hawkman, Hawk & Dove, and Green Arrow books seem especially kneecapped by the overhaul, since whatever momentum they had coming out of Brightest Day has been pretty much drained by the overhaul’s square-one atmosphere. At least Swamp Thing got a bridge-the-gap miniseries.

* * *

That’s a lot of analysis based largely on superficial impressions of the books and their creative teams. Indeed, much has been said (most of it by people smarter than I) about the general shape of September’s overhaul, its strengths, and its weaknesses. Regardless, the bottom line is … well, the bottom line — what will you buy (and how), and for how long will you buy it? By recasting the DCU line as fifty-two ongoing series, to the exclusion of just about every other format, DC is betting that it will bring readers along (and new readers in) on a more-or-less permanent basis. I don’t think that all-or-nothing stance will last, and I don’t think DC does either.

For me personally, August-to-September is a change which makes little difference to me financially. Again, I expect to drop at least a few of these books pretty quickly, and I think DC will end up cancelling at least a few of the ones I actually start to like. That sentiment seems more practical than cynical to me, because that’s been my experience lo, these many years. I usually buy about two dozen DCU ongoing series at a time, and eventually I think my “overhauled” Wednesday habits will shake out to that level.

Really, though, now I’m more curious about October — but you know what the music means … our time is up.


August’s DCU titles, grouped by type

Ongoings: Action Comics #904, Adventure Comics #529, Batgirl #24, Batman #713, Batman and Robin #26, Batman Beyond #8, Batman Incorporated #10, Batman: The Dark Knight #5, Birds of Prey #15, Booster Gold #47, Detective Comics #881, Doc Savage #17, Gotham City Sirens #26, Green Arrow #15, Green Lantern Corps #63, Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #13, Jonah Hex #70, Justice League of America #60, Justice Society of America #54, Legion of Super-Heroes #16, Power Girl #27, Red Robin #26, Secret Six #36, Superboy #10, Superboy #11, Supergirl #67, Superman #714, Superman/Batman #87, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #10, Teen Titans #99, Teen Titans #100, The Spirit #17, Titans #38, War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath #2, Wonder Woman #614, Xombi #6, and Zatanna #16.

Miniseries: Batman: Arkham City #5, Batman: Gates of Gotham #4, Batman: Gates of Gotham #5, Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search for Swamp Thing #3, DC Universe Online Legends #13, DC Universe Online Legends #14, Flashpoint #4, Flashpoint #5, Flashpoint: Abin Sur – The Green Lantern #3, Flashpoint: Batman – Knight of Vengeance #3, Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #3, Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons #3, Flashpoint: Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager #3, Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #3, Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #3, Flashpoint: Hal Jordan #3, Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #3, Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #3, Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the Resistance #3, Flashpoint: Project Superman #3, Flashpoint: Secret Seven #3, Flashpoint: The Outsider #3, Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #3, and Flashpoint: World of Flashpoint #3.

Specials: Batman 80-page Giant 2011, DC Retroactive: Batman – The ‘80s, DC Retroactive: Batman – The ‘90s, DC Retroactive: Green Lantern – The ‘80s, DC Retroactive: Green Lantern – The ‘90s, DC Retroactive: Justice League of America – The ‘80s, DC Retroactive: Justice League of America – The ‘90s, DC Retroactive: Superman – The ‘80s, DC Retroactive: Superman – The ‘90s, DC Retroactive: The Flash – The ‘80s, DC Retroactive: The Flash – The ‘90s, DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman – The ‘80s, DC Retroactive: Wonder Woman – The ‘90s, Green Lantern Super Spectacular #2, and Superman Beyond #0.



I’m surprised you’re picking up Frankenstein, but not Animal Man. Lemire is a heck of a writer. I’m interested in seeing his take on Buddy and his family.

Go buy Echoes and you’ll see why people should be excited for I, Vampire.

Nice article! ;)

Birds of Prey is getting an overhaul too. And if you want Booster? JLI stars Booster and its written by Jurgens! The main loss is Jurgens off art.

Lets leave Doom Patrol alone for a few years at least.

Hope your wrong about Red Hood. Jason Todd has become a favorite character of mine – although it has been mostly Winick writing him. Hope Lobdell is up to the task!

I hope that by DC having less titles for Sept – that they do well. Combined with Vertigo, whats that, about 70 titles instead of about 90? And how many do Marvel have coming out for Sept? I’m guessing about 110? – when I’m reading their solicits, it just seems to go on, and on, and on! haha…

See, I’m a bit divided on this DC relaunch. I’m for the updates, and I’m for the new titles. I’m not for the legact titles( Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Action Comics, Detective Comics) loosing their iconic numbering though. I’m for a lot of these concepts as well, but the idea of it all happening 5 years ago is something I’m a bit weary about.

I know this is kind of shameful self-advertising here, but what the hey, we need to start the cause somewhere

The following link is to a Facebook petition I just created. I’m sick and tired of Marvel, and now DC renumbering their flagship titles, and I think it’s about time we all join together (regardless of loyalties to whatever title or characters) to save them these iconic titles from hiding their proud run. Join today, and lets get to work on running campaigns to secure the future of Amazing Spider-Man!

Ideally from here we can go on and organise campaigns for other titles too.

Excited for Catwoman and New Guardians but that’s it. I’m losing Batgirl and Superboy to the stupid relaunch, and I’ve decided this is a good dropping-off point for Batman.

You make an excellent point in that some of the lower tier characters don’t have any momentum and are going to have to make it on their own. Some of those title would be better served as part of a larger story. 52 #1’s gives them even less of a chance. I think well done minis would better serve some of these books. That said, I’m buying more titles in September than I do now.

I am going to go all in, and try each of the 52 new series for probably about 6 issues a piece before I make any cuts. I figure that that’s a fair shake for any writer to wow me. Unfortunately in the TPB world we now live in, I think most of the weaker writer/artist teams will start to falter at that point. They have a great initial pitch to get their foot in the door, but so few creative teams can really sustain a long term title. Especially if the main character isn’t Superman, Batman, or Green Lantern. I thing the new JLA will be awesome, but I have my doubts about the book coming out on schedule. I am a fan of Geoff Johns, but I just don’t know if anyone can truly elevate Aquaman to another level. So many have tried, and it just hasn’t worked, or DC was unable to sustain any momentum that the character did gain. I personally like Grant Morrison’s Aquaman the best from his JLA run. What do you guys think? I think there’s an Aquaman curse or something, and it just can’t be done. I’m all in for 6 issues, then we will see how it goes. I think the titles we won’t see in 6 months are Hawk & Dove, I..Vampire, SGT Rock (even though I love the character), OMAC, Voodoo, Deathstroke (love him too, but I just don’t see a lot of support for him), and maybe a couple others. DC expects that some will fail obviously, and I’m sure they have some replacements in mind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking those characters. I love almost all of them, but times are tight. I’m very fortunate, and I can drop $100 on comics. However most buyers can’t or won’t. When it comes down to choosing whether someone can afford Green Lantern or Voodoo, you know most people will go with Green Lantern (not knocking Marz, but just being honest). Most guys drop $20-$25 on comics, and some of those will obviously be Marvel, Image, or Dark Horse, etc. So even if they drop $12 a week on DC, that’s just 16 maybe 20 titles a month from DC. I’m just rambling about the obvious, but a leaner DC with fewer titles, that avoids irrelevant miniseries (looking at you Marvel) may mean a greater amount of success for DC. The new digital distribution plan may bring in more readers as well. I just know Marvel has had a good ten year run on top, and maybe its time for DC to reclaim the title. Time will tell. I know this based on a facebook message I received from Didio, there will be some more announcements for the fall and beyond. I’m sure others have heard that too, and it was pretty vague, but I think we will see some other big announcements soon.

After reading a ton of articles about DC’s 52 relaunch, I keep coming to one big omission, and (after much thought) a subsequent conclusion: the fate of the JSA. I think that with Superman being the ‘first public hero’ in the new DCU’s status quo the JSA might be the first book to be set on another earth when it’s set to relaunch. That way the ties to WWII can remain intact, characters may be allowed to age, and the original Infinity Inc. concept can take off once again. This would also give Power Girl (and any other characters who were from the original ‘Earth-2′) a chance to shine in her own universe without Wonder Woman, Supergirl, et al stealing her thunder.

Ans peaking of thunder, my theory also works for why there is no Shazam Family title to be seen in the 52 new book lineup. Earth-S may be on the horizon…

I think you’re dismissing Red Hood’s chances. His fanbase mobilizes quickly:

This “reboot” is only temporary. This is Dc’s version of “Age of Apocalypse” after Flash tries to fix what Reverse Flash did to the timeline. Some stuff he’ll get right and other stuff so-so.

Jake Earlewine

June 18, 2011 at 2:07 pm

I’ll probably buy 2 or 3 of the new titles. Instead of the 30 or 35 DC’s I have been buying each month.

I’d rather spend my money on back issues of characters I know and love. All the money I save not buying DC’s new releases will probably be spent in the back issue bins on DC Silver Age and Bronze.

So in August you’re buying almost every DC comic and after the relaunch you’re planning to still buy almost every DC comic.

I’m taking your word that she’s a Flash of some kind or other, but I’d like to point out that the girl in that statue is neither black nor especially sexy.

Green Lantern title and Nightwing are the only titles I’m getting because of the characters involved. I’ve changed my mind on some of the titles I’ll be picking up. I’m going to be giving a lot of odd ball characters a chance because creative teams that I’ve enjoyed in the past are working on them. My current list of pulls is looking something like this:

Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern: The New Guardians
The Fury of Firestorm (Simone)
Grifter (Who’s Jake Ellis convinced me to grab this)
Voodoo (Ron Marz is the reason I’m picking this up)
I, Vampire (Echoes!)
Animal Man (Anything by Jeff Lemire)
Frankenstein, Agent of Shade (Ditto)
Resurrection Man (DNA)

The titles that I’ve dropped because of the creative teams aren’t surprising since they are Teen Titans and Superboy.

I’m taking the opposite approach – after close to 40 years of collecting comics, much of that money spent on DC, I’m calling it quits. I am officially event-ed out and reboot-ed out. This is the latest in a long line of “let’s throw a buch of ideas at the wall, grabs loads of cash while promoting these sweeping changes, then when the ideas don’t really pan out and stick, let’s have another big event or two to get things back to the way they were…mostly.”

I’m not someone who must have continuity to enjoy comics – I got over that a long time ago! :) However, it seems like everytime I’ve invested myself in a title over the past 10 years especially, it isn’t long before many of those stories that I spent my money on are either brushed under the rug or completely written off.

This is it, DC – no more. I refuse to invest my time and money in some big new status quo that won’t even exist in a year’s time.


I agree, these renumberings are getting absurd. As they always seem to return to the original numbering at 50 or 100 marks. Not only that, Wonder Woman was restarted, returned to the original numbering and now restarted again in less than 5 years. I remember cause I was waiting for all my story lines to finish.

Getting off this train. And actually, I suppose the proper tense would be “I have gotten off this train.” I was down to only a few titles anyway, and those are either getting canned in the reboot (Secret Six) or the storyline won’t matter come September anyway.

Nearly 50 years reading, then later collecting. No hard feelings, though. DC’s gotta do what they think they gotta do, and I certainly have enjoyed the ride … for the most part … but like the bard said, “all good things …”


I am not buying any Lobdell book (I stopped reading Marvel for him) and I am obviously buying OMAC for Giffen’s plot and art. It was also my favorite cover among all those ridiculous posters they call covers these days. And I hope to see Giffen continue his Doom Patrol run.

I’ve been reading comics for around 40 years, initially Marvel only, then DC/Marvel/First, and not DC/Dynamite/Dark Horse. Marvel lost me after their bankruptcy. However unlike Marvel’s changes, which really turned me off (Avengers Disassembled, Civil War, BND, and many many others), DC’s Relaunch has me jazzed.

I love the diversity DC is bringing to their publishing line and I’m not just talking about racial diversity (although that is great too). I’m loving the diversity of themes and style DC’s line will have. I think it’s exciting to have so much more than just superheroes coming out of the main DCU line.

In support of this diversity, I will be getting all 52 titles from DC for at least 3 months (because of Diamond’s 2 month order lag) maybe as much as 6 months. Then I will pair down my list based on what titles I am not enjoying. I do not have a ceiling on the number of titles I’ll eventually will keep; it will be strictly based on my enjoyment.

And this is from someone who’s favorite team is the JSA and favorite characters are Wally West, Jay Garrick, and Alan Scott.

Well I’m hoping that the reboot that’s not a reboot doesn’t last long.Obviously something goes wrong in Flashpoint #5 that causes this new universe to exist.So I’m hoping that a few months later someone with the knowledge of the current universe, fights the good fight and restores the current universe.I’m like some of the other people that have read comics for a long time, and feel that this could be a good ” Jumping Off ” point. I really never thought that DC would ever do this renumbering thing to Detective, Action, Batman and Superman. I know that it’s just a number, but it means something more to some people.

I’ll be getting more than double the titles I did in August.

How can people not want to pick up and at least try new series by Morrison, Azzarello, Lemire, Snyder, Simone and Cornell? These are top notch writers.

But unlike money bags further up. I’ll give all the series 2-3 issues max to see if they are worth sticking with.

To all the people leaving because of the reboot? See ya! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! ;)

I have been buying (in order of awesomeness): THUNDER Agents, Batman Inc., Xombi, Action Comics.

I will be buying: Action Comics, Demon Knights, StormWatch.

Most of the other books I’ll start reading in the store and if there’s one I can’t put down, I’ll pick it up. I could easily see Resurrection Man, Animal Man or Static Shock fitting that profile.

I’m really excited about New Guardians. I’ll also be getting Green Lantern and Red Lanterns. These are the characters I’ve kept up with and grown to respect. The jury’s still out on corps though…

I’ve used this as a jumping on point for Batman & Co. cause it’s being left alone and He’s awesome to begin with. However that doesn’t extend to the whole family. I’ll be picking up Detective because I love an intelligent story. Nightwing is a must, and I’m extending that to Tim Drake’s and Jason Todd’s books as well as Batman and Robin cause I want to understand the differences and similarities of the different robins. I might pick up Batwoman if I hear good things down the road. The same goes for Batgirl and Catwoman. Batwing will have to work hard to sell me because books like that are taking up space that I could’ve used to read Sirens.

I’m also trying Superman out but we’ll see where that goes. I really like Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin so why not?

As for everything else, I’ll keep my ears open but I don’t have the money to explore as many books as I’d like. Any suggestions?

“Again, I expect to drop at least a few of these books pretty quickly, and I think DC will end up cancelling at least a few of the ones I actually start to like. That sentiment seems more practical than cynical to me, because that’s been my experience lo, these many years. I usually buy about two dozen DCU ongoing series at a time, and eventually I think my “overhauled” Wednesday habits will shake out to that ”

Ain’t that the truth.

At current I’m only getting 5: Booster Gold, Secret Six, THUNDER Agents, Justice Society of America, Batman Inc. with Detective and Xombi newly added to the list. The others I either browse in store or don’t touch at all.
Needless to say I’m a little pissed about losing some of my favorites but I do find a couple of the new titles interesting enough to get into or at least peek at for an issue or 2.
I don’t really care about the numbering since it’ll probably resume itself in about a year or atleast in time for the newest milestone. I will agree that DC is being a complete embicle about it and the whole musical chairs it’s done with some of the creative teams.

I be trying Demon Knights, DCu Presents, JLI, Red Hood, Animal Man, Batwoman(waiting awhile anyway), Red Lanterns, New Guardians, Savage Hawkman, Catwoman, Legion Lost, Deathstroke, Supergirl, Blackhawks and maybe Men of War.
With Frankenstein, Hawk & Dove, Grifter, Bluebeetle, Firestorm, Mr. Terrific, Capt. Atom and Wonder Woman on the Big Maybe list.

Regardless that’s still more comics than I’ve been getting from Marvel.


June 19, 2011 at 5:54 am

I’m giving up altogether. So much hate has been gene4rated by what use to bring so much joy. You have destroyed my faith DC, Marvel did too with OMD, but this moreso. I always hated Crisis and its effects but turned the other cheek. Then you destroyed a lot in the DCU proper and this reboot is going more in that direction of destruction.

If nothing else D.C. has done what its set out to do…. get folks talking and create some noise! remember no one has a gun to anyones head to read these books. But whats wrong with shaking things up a bit. I’ll bet you’ll find something you’ll enjoy if you try some of these books out

In August, I’ll be picking up:
Ongoings: Birds of Prey #15, Booster Gold #47, and Xombi #6
Miniseries: Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search for Swamp Thing #3, Flashpoint #4, Flashpoint #5, Flashpoint: Abin Sur – The Green Lantern #3, Flashpoint: Batman – Knight of Vengeance #3, Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #3, Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons #3, Flashpoint: Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager #3, Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #3, Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #3, Flashpoint: Hal Jordan #3, Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #3, Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #3, Flashpoint: Lois Lane and the Resistance #3, Flashpoint: Project Superman #3, Flashpoint: Secret Seven #3, Flashpoint: The Outsider #3, Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #3, and Flashpoint: World of Flashpoint #3.
Specials: None.

I was out of reading comics (picking up the occassional TPB, but otherwise nothing), but when I learned halfway through Brightest Day that DC had brought back Hawk & Dove, and they were in Birds of Prey and Brightest Day, I immediately started picking ‘em up (and got all the back issues of those titles and Blackest Night). It convinced me to pick up the JLI for nostalgia and loved the humor of, which got me to buy Booster Gold (which I stuck with because I’m a sucker for time travel stories, though it was starting to wear thin by the end). Paying attention to what was going on in comics again, I heard about Xombi, flipped through the first issue, and started picking it up ever since. I was going to skip Flashpoint, but after hearing about the relaunch, I wanted to see how the event tied into the post-Flashpoint DCnU, so I’m picking those up.

Come September, I’m planning to pick up EVERY title DC puts out. I fully expect to drop most of them. The Bat-books never held much fascination to me except for Nightwing, and that was mostly because of Chuck Dixon’s vision for the character – I stuck around a while after he left, mostly due to inertia, but eventually dropped it. On the other hand, the Greg Capullo cover of the Batman title has captured my attention, and Scott Snyder’s an excellent writer, so I may actually end up picking up a Bat-book. A few of the “Vertigo-lite” books look right up my alley…

So based on the VERY little we’ve seen so far, what do I expect to be picking up in October? Justice League, Aquaman, The Fury of Firestorm, DC Universe Presents (ties in too much into JL Dark and Hawk & Dove not to), Batman, Justice League Dark, Animal Man, Resurrection Man, Stormwatch, Grifter, Teen Titans, and Hawk & Dove. As I said, though, I’m giving every creative team a chance to hook me. I’ll collect Hawk & Dove regardless, and JL Dark will have to REALLY disappoint for me to not give it at least a few issues – the rest are just the ones I expect to succeed in keeping me interested – which, given that when I got back into comics, I was only getting Birds of Prey, Brightest Day, Justice League: Generation Lost, and Xombi, means that I expect DC to get more of my $$ than before the relaunch…

I would never read a Batgirl series starring Barbara Gordon. Will Stephanie Brown play a role in this series? I hope we get a Bryan Q. Miller-penned SPOILER series in the near future.

Like many others, I’m getting off the train here. Too many contradictions in the ‘soft reboot’, Losing some wonderful books (Batgirl, Superboy, BoP) to be replaced by books that are similar in name only. Retcons that contradict other books that aren’t being retconned (Did hawk and Dove go through brightest day? How are they ‘new partners’? If Jason and ronnie are now both students, how did they resolve the BD cliffhanger? How did Tim stop Ra’s attack on everyone if he couldn’t call on his friends in the Titans? If Firestorm and H&D are changing, then how does this affect Green Lantern books ,etc.)

Too much of a mess, too many things I enjoy being lost. Guess it just means I can crawl out of debt faster :-(

Tom Fitzpatrick

June 20, 2011 at 5:22 am

No Vertigo titles? hmmm, well I hope that that imprint remains unaffected by the relaunch.

Of the whole list, I’ll only be getting Xombi, Resurrection Man, and maybe Demon Knights. I do hope that those 3 will survive the the scourge.

Im only concentrating on flashpoint and its tie in minis because it is a one and done complete series plus flash and gl are the only dc books im getting right now.

iIm using this restart or whatever to plunge deeper into dc and as of now im interested in gl, gl new guardians, flash, aquaman, hawkman, wonder woman, jli, captain atom, green arrow, mr. terrific, dcu presents, action comics, superboy, batwing, nightwing, redhood, firestorm, batgirl, jlu dark, swamp thing, animal man, frankenstein, voodo, grifter, stormwatch, blackhawks, teen titans, static shock, bb, and legion lost.

im definetely getting gl, gl new guardians, redhood, firestorm, legion lost, jludark, andthe rest i havent figured it out yet plus im coordinating with 2 other friends.

I’ve been reading Zatanna (WHY ARE THEY ENDING IT??!!! IT’S SOOOO GOOD), Superman, Action Comics and Superboy and I will be reading Superman, Superboy, JLA, JLI, Green Arrow, Action Comics, JL Dark and maybe Voodoo so it’s fair to say that, despite my disgust (and it really is an absolute disgust) for the changes they’re making to the characters, especially Superman, I’ve kinda bought into the whole thing. It’s mainly because they’ve moved writers and artists who I’ve always loved to titles I actually care about, so I’m going to start buying them, but if they’d just changed around the production teams without the reboot I would still have picked up these new titles. Maybe a total mix up in writers and artists was needed, but this whole reboot thing is a stupid gimmick and I fear it will cause me to drop all the titles eventually once I’ve seen what’s been done. DC have just taken it too far, and we all know they’re going to take it back eventually, so why anger all their customers just to change it back anyway? It’s futile and infuriating.

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