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HeroesCon Recap: Photo Essay/Day 3

After Saturday’s set of photos, I tried to get around and photograph a few more folks at the closing day of HeroesCon 2011.

Carla Speed McNeil

Khary Randolph

Jen Van Meter

Tony Harris

Craig Rousseau

Todd Dezago

Jim Zub

Nathan Edmondson

David Williams

Chrissie Zullo

Wook-Jin Clark

Jason Latour


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I only met Nathan Edmunson and Wook-Jin Clark out of the pics here, but they both were extraordinarily nice.

Nathan was so personable and excited about his book, Who is Jake Ellis?, that he hooked me up with all the issues at a big discount after I asked for the first two. The book is great, and the first issue has a sublime opening. I encourage everybody to check it out.

Wook-Jin hooked me up with a free, super-nice sketch inside the King Doug book, and his great mini-comic without me even asking!! He’s a super talent to boot, and I can’t wait to see his robot megagogo story!

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