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I’d buy this: Tom Scioli, potential New Gods artist?

Black Racer

Tom Scioli’s name might not have popped up in DC’s big list of creators for this September’s relaunch, but maybe it should have. The Godland artist has posted a “decreasingly jokey open letter” to the publisher on his blog, suggesting that maybe he’d be a good choice for a New Gods series.

And he’s got the art to back it up, like the above image of the Black Racer; click over to his post to see more.



Dude’s been doing Fouth World pastiches for ten years now. I enjoyed what I read of his Ballad of 8-Opus and his work on Joe Casey’s scripts has been great. Might as well let the guy do the real thing.

Jackson J Edge

June 9, 2011 at 9:45 am


Jackson J Edge

June 9, 2011 at 9:46 am

THis would be the kind of stuff I wanted out of DC’s Re-whatever, but didn’t get anywhere close to receiving. Giffen Omac still looks dope though.


Who would win in a race between Silver Surfer and Black Racer?

Finally got around to seeing Thor this past weekend, and while I couldn’t care less for the 3D experience, damn if that movie didn’t need some Kirby Krackle somewhere in the background.

@HDO Black Racer is the embodiment of death, so the Black Racer would win.

I love the skull at the tip of his ski pole.

Mark Kardwell

June 9, 2011 at 1:21 pm

I’m a Kirby-as-genre nut. I love the guy, but if I had the call, I’d give the gig to Steve Rude. Or Dan McDaid. Or Keith Giffen, if he wasn’t drawing OMAC. I’d say Ladronn, but he can only produce about 48 pages a year these days. If Walt Simonson wanted the gig, it’d be his.

After SEVEN SOLDIERS and even the initial promise of the ultimately-awful FINAL CRISIS, I’d want Grant Morrison to be writer on any NEW GODS relaunch. He just gets Kirby’s approach inherently, that the New Gods have to be daft gaudy metaphors for the big issues of the era it’s written in.

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