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If this was the rebooted Birds of Prey

Songbirds of Prey?

… I’d be down with that. But while that may not be the case, this piece featuring Wonder Woman and other DC heroines in a Runaways-esque pose drawn by Cliff Chiang will be included in the HeroesCon art auction this weekend. Which is pretty rockin’.



You know… redoing The Birds as a Josie And The Pussycats style book of musician/crime-fighters WOULD actually be kind of awesome.

In fact, I dare say it would be… Truly Outrageous. Truly, Truly, TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

Haha! Clever! I love Zatanna/Slash and how Oracle is obviously the drummer.

I love how Wonder Woman’s lasso is the guitar cord.

Eeew. WW is playing an SG.

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