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Invincible versus comic-book renumbering

From Invincible #80, by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley

In what may be an incredible coincidence, an unlikely bit of last-minute dialogue rewriting, or a terrifying example of Robert Kirkman’s precognitive abilities, this week’s Invincible #80 offers a bit of commentary on the hot topic of conversation — comic-book renumbering. It seems the trend doesn’t end with DC’s superhero line and Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men. Even Dead Stuff is affected!

Multiversity Comics catches the panel in which Mark Grayson, aka Invincible, swings by his local comic shop after spending time in space only to discover every series has started over with a new No. 1. “Why do they do that?” he asks. “It doesn’t help sales long term and they always go back to the numbering for the next anniversary issue. What’s the point?!”

“Anything for a quick buck, man,” the clerk responds. “These companies have no integrity.”

Update: And while this doesn’t require prescience, the sequence also takes a perhaps self-effacing jab at a creator pledging to release work on time for a year. Check it out after the break.



Image is always hatin’

Cosmic Book News had this up yesterday, CBR! Get with it! :)

If one website posting about a subject precludes another from doing the same, then the Internet may be headed for trouble. I’ll sound the alarm!

Awesome shout out to James Stokoe and Orc Stain though.

harmless fun being poked at dc.
i see no cause for alarm.

Ah, I didn’t see that “Gronkless” tee until A Cool Guy pointed it out.

He pokes fun at himself with the promise to release all his books on time, too. Gotta love Kirkman!

Ironically, Invincible #80 was *five months late*, having been solicited for January.

I’m WAAAAAAY behind on Invincible, but I like that Kirkman does stuff like that. There’s that joke he did where the panel repeats and they’re talking about panels repeating. Good stuff.

Among all they hype over DC redoing their numbering system, I was wondering when any comic blog sites would point out this observation. It’s especially shows foresight since this was scripted early this year, and was only released recently.

That should be the hallmark of a good comic – their themes and dialogue stands the test of time. Whether this will stay relevant 20 years from now remains to be seen.

The retailer’s comments on Science Dog also seem relevant – comic readers seem reluctant to admit reading anything they actually enjoyed, out of fear that general audiences wouldn’t appreciate it as much. (Even though most S-hero comics have much more un-PC elements that would drive Soccer Moms MADD) It doesn’t matter if the quality of the series remain consistent throughout – comic fans will always find something to complain about. It’s why I like to marrathon comics outside the “Big Two”, so I can get a better feel for the flow of a comic.

I really didn’t like this page at all. Took me right out of reading the comic.

Science Dog is awesome though. I loved the special (#2) that came out last month.

Didn’t Invincible ALSO get a random #1 – instead of a regular numbered issue?


re: Tb

Once again, satire is confused with ‘hating’. *sigh*

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