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Joker breaks out the crowbar (again) in Detective Comics #881

A sequence from Detective Comics #881, by Jock

Last night Jock offered a sneak peek at “some Joker business” from August’s Detective Comics #881, the conclusion of his well-regarded run on the series with writer Scott Snyder, and the final issue before DC Comics’ big line-wide relaunch. It’s “the issue everyone will be talking about,” the publisher promises. That may be hyperbole, of course. But it also may be because Jock’s snapshot of a crowbar-wielding Joker harks back to a 22-year-old scene from Batman #427 that didn’t turn out so well for the character on the receiving end. Oh, sure, Jason Todd got better; it just took him 15 years.

Check out the original sequence after the break. Detective Comics #881 hits shelves on Aug. 10.

A sequence from Batman #427, by Jim Aparo



I would disagree that Jason Todd ever got better.

The crowbar beating of Jason Todd actually took place in Batman #427.

Yep. I’m That Guy today.

the crow bar beating of jason was right up to the moment in death in the family where the joker blows up robin and kills him off. wonder who is going to be on the receiving in this time.


June 28, 2011 at 9:38 am

demoncat…. pretty clearly shows a batman on the receiving end. Now whether it’s dick or bruce remains to be seen…

What does it matter? The whole universe is getting rebooted anyway. Might as well go out with a bang and let Joker kill Batman.

It’s the Dick Grayson Batman. The crowbar is like the Superboy-Prime punch that affects reality and knocks Dick back into being Nightwing. Or, it gives Dick drain bamage and he wakes up from the coma forgetting he was ever Batman. Or, this whole reboot that is not a reboot is just a year-long test of a new DC earth/universe that will be corrected come Multiversity.

Or the DCnu could have ‘all been a dream’ if it fails and Dick Grayson wakes up

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