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Kevin Huizenga unveils the cover for Ganges #4

My, but this has some oomph, doesn’t it? That clean block lettering (Helvetica? font geeks, help me out here), all that black…I know I’m excited. The latest installment in Huizenga’s oversized solo anthology series is due in August from Fantagraphics.



So very very excited by this.

Not sure that ‘GANGES’ is plain Helvetica, whilst it’s very similar, the ‘G’ and ‘E’ don’t look 100% right to me — it could just be stretched or one of a million Helvetica rip-offs, however.

That is some form of Helvetica, but as Jon says, it looks like it’s been condensed by messing with the horizontal or vertical scale. For us “font geeks”, that’s bad form. There’s plenty of variations of Helvetica Condensed out there that are drawn properly.

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