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Leonard Kirk takes over as artist on X-Factor in September

Madrox by Leonard Kirk

If you saw Marvel’s September solicitations yesterday you might have noticed Leonard Kirk’s name in the X-Factor listing. The artist confirms on his blog that he is working on the book now with his former Supergirl collaborator, writer Peter David. And he shares a whole bunch of sketches of the characters from the book, such as the above Madrox; head over there to check them out.



ehh cool.

Cool. I enjoyed Kirk’s work on Atlas, MI13, and Supergirl, and we already know he and PAD are a good fit.

The team with no last name, back together again.

Not the entire team, Livewire. But Leonard is going to ink himself, so no work for my husband (again)…

Simon DelMonte

June 15, 2011 at 1:37 pm

I hope this lasts. X-Factor is one of Marvel’s best written comics, but it suffers from inconsistent art and high turnover.

Kirk’s awesome, but I hope that italian lady they have drawing the book now lands somewhere good. She’s awesome.

Yeah, saw his name and was really pleased! Glad to hear it more than just a one off!

And also nice to see Kirk continuing to work with amazing writers – Johns, Parker, Cornell and David (again!)

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