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Paolo Rivera’s vintage Captain America: The First Avenger poster

Captain America

Artist Paolo Rivera shares this lovely vintage Captain America: The First Avenger poster, which he created to be given as a gift to the cast and crew of the film that’s due out later this summer.

“I was given access to a vast collection of production stills—each emblazoned with a watermark pattern of my name—from which I selected my favorites,” he writes on his blog. “All of the lettering is hand-drawn, with the exception of the small credits at the top and bottom (I ran out of steam). While I did some post-production work in Photoshop, the original looks more or less like what you see here.”



That’s fantastic! How is this not the official movie poster? You’d get 10x the movie patrons with this one over the ultra-generic real one.

This is a beautiful poster. I wish this was the one in the cinemas!

So fantastic this should be the official poster!

It is a beautiful poster. It would never have worked as the actual poster, though; too niche for general audiences.

I get your point, but come on…who can’t get behind punching Hitler?

I just love how Tommy Lee Jones is going to bring the awesome to this movie and his role.

I think this poster is great and beautifully done. But, here’s a nitpick, why is the Nazi with the gun aiming for Cap’s shield when his body is fully exposed?

Marvel should sell this for the new movie! I’d totally buy one!

@Aaron Frey: Because Nazi’s have the aim of Star Wars Storm Troopers of course.

I totally want one for myself. Marvel, please make it so!

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