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Quote of the day | Kieron Gillen on the end of Uncanny X-Men

Uncanny X-Men #544

“When I joined Uncanny after S.W.O.R.D. I thought ‘There’s no way I can get THIS cancelled.’ But there are no limits to my power.”

– writer Kieron Gillen, reacting to this morning’s news that Marvel’s
long-running Uncanny X-Men series will end in October with Issue 544
as a result of X-Men: Schism



The moment a good writer finally takes over the book, the Uncanny Curse ends it.


Have we not learned anything these last 15 years? It still the age of comic publish”cash”ion, I guess! I don’t blame you Kieron. You get to keep your fanbase.

When a book has had greats like Jack Kirby, Don Heck, Neal Adams, Dave Cockrum, John Byrne, Brent Anderson, Paul Smith, John Romita Jr., Marc Silvestri, and Jim Lee (among others) illustrate it, what does it say when the last issue is drawn by Greg Land? Ugh.

At least Kieron Gillian can laugh at himself. :-)

I just hope that when the “totally unexpected” Uncanny X-Men #01 (or whatever title they release) hits the stores, we’ll still have Kieron in it.

I only care for nostalgia reasons. Uncanny X-Force should be the true flagship title. X-Men used to be about a team of interesting and diverse personalities coming together as a family. Now it’s too much about the politics. The “mutants as oppressed minority/new race” metaphor has completely overwhelmed the title. Get back to the characters and super heroics and leave the politics as a backdrop.

Well said, Boooooo

Well, I’m for it to be perfectly honest. The X-Men franchise has been hard to crack for a long time, due to event after event, and crossover after crossover. This could be a new entry point to the X-Men, therefore I’m for it. If Marvel can justify this here relaunch like the have done with the Fantastic Four/FF, then I’m backing this all the way. More to the point, if this brings about quality stories post relaunch(think Matt Fraction on Thor before relaunch-rubbish,relaunched Fraction Mighty Thor, good) then the number on the cover does not matter!

Furthermore, before anyone makes such a statement, this is in no way done to fit in with the studio and the new film. How can I be so bold to make this statement? Simple, the film was out last week, this is ending in October.

Fanboys seriously need to lighten up when it comes to the ending and relaunching of titles. It’s not like their won’t be any more X-Men comics. Even if Uncanny isn’t relaunched, there’s still (literally) another 9 monthly titles(10 if your willing to count Deadpool) and a new upcoming Ultimate X-Men comic. Fans should only be concerned about cancellations when it concerns something like Captain Britain & MI13, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, or Agents Of Atlas, books that are fan favorites and won’t be returning.

If you seriously have a problem with either this, or the DC relaunch, please never buy a book released by the Marvel or DC ever again, and try and progress the industry by buying independent books that never seem to receive such acclaim until either of the big 2 try to progress themselves & really keep the industry going.

Another point to add, this is much needed. Both Uncanny X-Men and X-Men, do not have a roster, leaving the books without a sense of identity. X-Force, Legacy,Generation Hope etc, all have their clear sense of direction & purpose within the X-Men franchise, whereas Uncanny & X-Men are essentially the same title. Have a (relaunched) Uncanny as the majority of X-Men, led by the victor of Schism(presumably Wolverine), and then X-Men being about the rejected mutants as such, who are still loyal to the loser of Schism(Cyclops)

WOW so shocking! Oh wait DC is rebooting their ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Nice try Marvel SNORE.

hahah :) that almost makes me think about considering buying a new UXM #1

almost, but not quite. stupid, stupid Marvel creature.

Well, now we know what Kieron Gillen’s mutant power is.

If it could only be harnessed for good.

All these years and they’re still uncanny? Shouldn’t they be canny by now at least?

I can’t take it anymore. Comic book companies have become what Booster Gold was originally portrayed as, and it sickens me. To all those who still have an ounce of sanity left in them: ABANDON SHIP. Let the comic industry wind up like Morrison, Joplin, and Hendrix.

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