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SLG Publishing goes digital two ways

SLG Publishing has been doing digital comics since before they were cool, and this week had more news on that front: They have signed with iVerse, and their comics will be available in iVerse’s Comics Plus reader. This will definitely help bring their comics to a wider audience. The digital launch includes the first five issues of Nightmares & Fairy Tales, Serenity Rose, and Ben Towle’s Midnight Sun, and the first three issues of Rex Libris.

Checking the SLG site, I also noticed they are doing digital in a different way: They are making Katy Weselcouch’s The Floundering Time available in CBZ format, for use in readers such as ComicZeal, and they say they will be making more comics available in that format in the future. The advantage to CBZ is that you can download it once and keep it. Comics bought through iVerse can only be read in the Comics Plus reader, and if the company or the technology disappears, your comics may disappear as well. Basically, digital comics distributors don’t sell you a comic, they sell you a license to read a comic. CBZ is much more portable and makes it possible to keep your comics forever, independent of a particular distributor or app. The ebook versions of The Floundering Time are priced at a very reasonable $3.99, a considerable savings over the print price of $12.95.



Just to be more specific, we will be selling digital content on our website in three different formats. .CBZ, .PDF and .Epub. Each format has its strength depending on the device you use to view the comics.

In particular, the epub files look truly great on an iPad in Apple’s iBooks reader and the fi,e size is generally smaller.

Anyone coming to Comic-con in San Diego can stop by our booth and see how to buy digital comics from our site and get download codes for some free comics.

This is great news, especially the news that they’re selling in PDF format. PDF is by FAR the most easily accessible format, and more publishers should adopt it for comics!

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