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Some thoughts on DC’s first wave of relaunched creative teams

Wonder Woman by Cliff Chiang

Following their announcement that they were starting everything over and relaunching all their titles with new first issues this fall, DC Comics today announced the creative teams for ten of the titles.

And while Tom may have other thoughts on his mind this week, here are some of my quick thoughts on those announcements:

Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang on Wonder Woman: Now all we need to know is whether she’s forming a rock band or not … but seriously, art wise, in my eyes, perfect choice. I’m a huge fan of Chiang’s, so I was just hoping we’d see him on any regular title. And Wonder Woman seems like a great fit. Azzarello, meanwhile, probably isn’t the first name I would have thought of when thinking about Wonder Woman, but the more I think about it, the more I like the idea. Of the creative teams revealed so far, this is probably becoming my favorite, or is at least tied with …

Ethan Van Sciver, Gail Simone and Yildiray Cinar on Firestorm: Back at WonderCon in 2010, Simone and Van Sciver teased that they were working together on something. Could they have been talking about Firestorm? Maybe; Simone also said on Twitter that she and Van Sciver have another as-yet-unannounced project they’re working on, so it could have been something else. I like the fact that Van Sciver is co-writing the book (rather than drawing it), and it’s getting a bit of a reboot. “Jason Rusch and Ronnie Raymond are two high school students, worlds apart – and now they’re drawn into a conspiracy of super science that bonds them forever in a way they can’t explain or control.” So you have two writers with very different worldviews writing a character composed of two other characters with wildly different worldviews. That’s actually pretty cool. Yildiray Cinar, meanwhile, has been killing it on Legion, so he’s a plus to a team I was already liking.

Dan Jurgens and Aaron Lopresti on Justice League International: Fans of Justice League: Generation Lost probably weren’t surprised to see this one, since it was teased in the last issue of the miniseries. I think what surprised and disappointed me about it, though, was the lack of Judd Winick, who did an awesome job with these characters. I can’t imagine we won’t see his name somewhere among the 52 titles, but I would have loved to have seen it on this one.

Tony Daniel and Phillip Tan on The Savage Hawkman: Wait, what happened to James Robinson?

Francis Manapul on Flash: Francis Manapul on art is always plus, and like a lot of artists at DC (like Daniel and Dave Finch) he’s making the jump to writing as well.

Mister Terrific

Eric Wallace and Roger Robinson on Mister Terrific: Besides the Ink miniseries that followed Final Crisis, I don’t think I’ve read anything Wallace has done. That being said, I like that DC is giving one of their more interesting team characters, The Justice Society’s Mister Terrific, his own series, so I’ll at least check out the first issue.

Also announced, but I don’t have anything to say about them: Green Arrow by JT Krul and Dan Jurgens, Captain Atom by JT Krul and Freddie Williams III and DC Universe Presents, an anthology title that’ll kick off with a Deadman story by Paul Jenkins and Bernard Chang. And of course Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis on Aquaman, which we already had confirmed.

Overall thoughts: I can’t say anything here really surprised me, in terms of the creators who are involved. Thinking back to Crisis on Infinite Earths and the reboot that came after it, DC made several big announcements and bold moves– John Byrne on Superman, Frank Miller on Batman, Mike Grell doing Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters, even Tim Truman on Hawkworld. Granted this is only the first wave of titles, so we still have plenty of room for some big surprises in the next 40 or so titles they have to announce, but so far the only ones that really came across as potential wild cards were finding out Ethan Van Sciver and Francis Manapul would be writing instead of drawing, and the pairing of Azzarello with Wonder Woman. That being said, none of these really came across as particularly bad movies, either, although whether you agree or not will likely vary based on your own comic preferences.

Of course there’s a long list of names we haven’t seen yet who are currently working for DC and who I’d expect to see in upcoming announcements — Robinson and Winick, of course, as well as Grant Morrison, Paul Dini, Marc Guggenheim, Palmiotti and Gray, Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire, just to name a few writers. And while it’s probably not very likely we’ll see Brian Michael Bendis writing Batman or Jeff Smith taking over Superman, are there some unusual suspects who might pop up? Darwyn Cooke hinted he was up to something with DC. I’m sure there are plenty of other potential wild cards out there — who would you like to see on a DC title?



I can’t wait to read Wonder Woman and Firestorm. However, I’m a little dissapointed by the lack of diversity so far in these announcements. We’re seeing mostly superhero titles starring mostly white characters written and drawn by the same people who have been working at DC for years. I know it’s early, and we’re probably going to see books like Jonah Hex and Static announced, but this isn’t exactly the best front foot forward put out by DC in terms of diversity.

Also, why is everyone so goddamn serious looking? These look like the same type of books DC has been releasing for years. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing what else DC has in store for September, and if they have any nice surprises to offer.

I cannot believe that DC would be so stupid as to hand over the reigns of The Flash to Manapul after he nearly stopped the books momentum in it’s track in the last relaunch. DC really messed up here, I was on the fence about the New DC but right now i’m basically ready to walk away for good again. I’m just waiting on the news about Green Lantern, seriously DC just cause me to lose everybit of excitement I had for Flash post Flashpoint and even for Flashpoint itself crap.

I wanna see Brian Wood write something, anything actually. Think he would have been a nice fit on Green Arrow. Paul Cornell I’d also pick up anything by.. Tomasi on Martian Manhunter would have been cool. Will probably get everything by Lemire too.
I’m thinking a Cyborg solo would have been cool but that doesn’t seem to be happening.
I’ll be picking up maybe 4 or 5 of the new titles for sure.

I have to agree with EJ. Manapul’s consistent lateness with the last “run” of Flash killed all the excitement of having Barry Allen back. That would be bad enough but to then reward him with *writing* the title as well, I just don’t get it.

What lack of diversity. Firestorm + Mister Terrific is two more black comics than we had before the reboot. JLI gives us a team that actually has half it’s members *not* from America.

You’ve seen one fifth of what’s actually coming. More importantly, you got three *very* obvious decisions from DC. Aquaman, Flash, Wonder Woman–did you think they wouldn’t have #1s, or were you hoping for Static, Firestorm, Blue Beetle, Great Ten, Batwoman, Steel, Cyborg, and three random A-List heroes?

As far as these announcements go, I’m impressed. They’re placating fans with these, because most of them are high-level characters people know about. What’s especially interesting is what comes after they’ve exhausted the remaining few titles we were expecting–Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, Teen Titans, Legion of Super-Heroes and maaaaaybe Robin, Superboy, Supergirl, and Batgirl. They’ll still have another 27 or so comics to go.

I would like to see Abnett and Lanning on a monthly at DC. :)

Simon DelMonte

June 2, 2011 at 6:50 pm

Seconding the DnA vote. Given that they are doing two Flashpoint books, I think it’s likely they get a book. A GL-related one? Or maybe BoP?

There are lots of writers I want to see. But I doubt DC will manage to get Waid or Rucka or PAD back anytime soon. And Busiek should stick with getting KBAC going again ahead of any DCU job.

*Sigh* I’m seeing similarities to the narrative in the Beatles song “The Ballad of John and Yoko”.

Acer: You’re getting married and being hounded by the press?

I_Captain Blanco

June 2, 2011 at 7:20 pm

Count me in for wanting Jason Aaron and Paul Cornell in the new DCU (actually, I’m sure Cornell will turn up somewhere, ’cause I think he mentioned signing a new exclusive contract in an interview somewhere recently). Other creators I’m curious about:

Peter Tomasi
George Perez
Scott Snyder
Jesus Merino
Nicola Scott

And that’s just off the top of my head…

DnA on a DC book: Thirded.

Ricardo Amaral

June 2, 2011 at 7:38 pm

Pretty meh for such a strong revamp. It’s just card shuffling so far. Would love to see crazier names with bolder approaches, such as Paul Pope, Terry Moore – indy guys that could get loose. From all I can see, it’s just a way to set characters up for movie purposes – see how all sound pretty much like movie lines…

I want to see Marv Wolfman have another opportunity on Night Force and Keith Giffen get an ongoing Ambush Bug series.

I hear rumor that Brian Wood is doing Supergirl.

How much you want to bet that Wildstorm is going to be included in this re-launch? Seems like this might be what Jim Lee hinted at when the company shut down.

As someone who wants DC to succeed Im happy with this round of announcements.
With the exception of JLI you have some books with strong core concepts that can be expressed in a sentence or two. (Im sure the JLI book will be fine, just pitching it to new readers may be a little tricky).

Personally the only book of these ten I’m interested in is Wonder Woman.

Still got my fingers crossed on a 4th World series and Batman Inc returning.

None of this is going to make any difference in the long run, since none of these creative teams have anything truly creative to offer. When all is said and done, it’s still going to be the same old fanboy-driven, self-referential, continuity-obsessive Corporate Crap that it’s been for the last thirty years. Both DC and Marvel have pretty much had the biscuit and everyone knows it. At most, this will just delay their inevitable demise by a few more months — if it doesn’t HASTEN it by providing current readers with a convenient jumping-off point. After a potential initial burst of curiosity, people will realize this is really just the same old shit with a few minor cosmetic changes, and then the sales numbers will drop off again, and continue their downward slide until the suits at Warner (and Disney, in Marvel’s case) realize that publishing all these new comics is nothing but a waste of time and money — and pull the plug on these companies for good.

Ricardo Amaral

June 2, 2011 at 9:19 pm

Talking about JLI, it’s interesting to point out how influential the original run was in terms of attracting non-comic book readers to DC (me included). And that was just by trying some NEW CONCEPT, not a reboot. Same thing during the Silver Age: new concepts.
Now, they try a “new” JLI with Dan Jurgens, which is probably the most MOR writer in the market: never bad but never good enough. Which shows how DC has no clue to what the revamp should have aimed.

Out of 52 books, I hope David Lapham writes and draws , The Spectre or something

JT Krul on Green Arrow & Captain Atom?

Dan Jurgens writes JLI?

Tony Daniel writes Hawkman?

Francis Manapul writes Flash?

Eric Wallace on Mr Terrific?

For F’s sake, it’s so effing depressing. DC really thinks that new age DCU with fresh innovative storytelling will be created by people who turned current DCU to sh*t? Well, good luck with that, you stupid doomed f***s.

Ricardo – That’s right, yeah, because I’m sure you’ve actually read all of these books already and can tell they’d be perfect film pitches. It’s hardly card shuffling when they’re trying new teams on new characters. Who was doing Firestorm before? Who was doing Mr Terrific? Who was working on JLI? These books didn’t exist before the reboot.

It is good to see the internet have replaced Winnick with Krul as the new whipping boy where no matter what he writes or how he writes it it is judged as crap long before anyone has read it…

And when did the hate of Jurgens come from? His Booster Gold was well recieved, he did a fine job writing superman for ten years, a well recieved Aquaman run [one of the few] An amazing Thor run [80 issues!!!] and one of the most well recieved Justice League runs period…post JLI his was the only run that got great reviews until Morison.

Please find something else to bitch about but these thing are not it. You are all making yourselves look petty and foolish.

I’m not excited about the art on Wonder Woman at all.
The problem we’ve had on THAT one for years is that we get a GREAT writer/bad artist combo, and vice versa. If the story is going well then she’s looking like Crayola finger-paints. Or, she drawn sexy and slick as **** but the writer can barely spell.

If DC – Geoff Johns, Jim Lee and Dan Didio – are smart, they’ll give James Robinson a title where he can do what he does best, which is make something from nothing. He basically created the Starman universe… from spare parts – in a cave! No, he took cast-off parts and characters and created something really cool. Now, if they want to try to acheive something similar to that, they should give him a title and just let him do his thing. A title like Justice League, without the Magnificent Seven, just secondary, legacy characters – I don’t want to read that. You are a better person that I if you do. If it’s a flagship title, with a writer like Robinson – I want to see him use the Big Guns.

Wonder Woman is now a must buy for me. Great creative team. Aquaman as well.

I’m also a bit upset that JLI doesn’t have Winick. But Jurgens on Booster has been great – so I’ll be trying it out.

Definite NO, NO, NO to Flash and Hawkman. I wouldn’t read them for FREE! Not a big fan of artists pretending to write – when they can’t.

But my biggest disappointment so far? EVS on Firestorm. Won’t buy anything with his name on it. They should of had Scott Clark (from Brightest Day) as artist and just Gail.

Also, might check out Mister Terrific – I’ve liked Robinson’s art since JLTF – but unsure of the writer.

@Jorell – try actually reading the article before you start fanning the flames of racism.

Mister Terrific and Firestorm!!! Hello? And this is only the first batch announced.

So far I don’t see no gay characters getting their own series – do you see me going apeshit yet? No. I’ll wait and see. But an Obsidian series would be great! ;)

A lot of these are underwhelming.

Chiang on WW? No. Chiang on something like Power Girl or even Zatanna? Yes.

I agree that Manapul is a bad Flash choice. Jurgens isn’t the writer he was back in the day, and Tony Daniel and JT Krul are horrendous choices for anything.

Ricardo Amaral

June 3, 2011 at 7:03 am

Statham – No, but all their premises sound like movie pitches. In fact, the Savage Hawkman is very similar to the movie pitch they were trying around studios. That would explain why Robinson was booted: maybe in the “new DC”, the big characters have to be tied up to movie and animation pitches.
And no, Dan Jurgens run on JLA was bashed and lasted for less than 3 years, as far as i can recall. It was bad. And JLI had a book and a writer: Judd Winick.
I don’t get what you meant by mentioning two new books. If DC is coming up with 52 books, it is obvious that some will be new. But none so far reflect any kind of new CONCEPT. They all sound “same old business”.

You know what DnA should do? DC should get DnA to write Teen Titans. That franchise needs a fire lit under it and they can do it.

The Dan Jurgens book actually was not bshed and he lasted 19 issues because he left to do other things…. he got overwhelmingly positive reviews especially on the Doctor Destiny 4 parter……for those that were tiring of the JLI he brought it back to a state where there were taken seriously again…BUT the people after him were the ones that were horrible in both art and writing … Dan Vado and Gerad Jones didn’t win any awards by any means… and Chris West Campos? Wotiewovitz? that was the era that was trashed. Dan’s was selling and worked to the point he left. Stop re-writing history to justify internet fanboy bitching

Ricardo Amaral

June 3, 2011 at 7:39 am

jgosu – You mean he lasted a year and a half and that was a success? Right. Doctor Destiny was the only story that was okay, but then they were never even traded, probably because it wasn’t really that good in the first place. It was a mediocre run, at best, and sales plummeted shortly. First thing he did was transform JLI into a joke (which was never the point before) and add grimness to Blue Beetle (oh! now he IS serious!). Sorry, fanboy, but I am not the one rewriting anything here.

Paul Allen

Whoops. That’s what the song was about? Dang it, must’ve been the wrong tune I was thinking of.

Sales were up from when he started.. they never plumented and he left because his workload elsewhere got more intense [Marvel Cap America and Thor] . He didn’t tranform the JLI into a jokle the sales on the JLI were down at the tiume it ended because the joke had worn thing and Breakdowns went on forever with inconsistant art…. when Jurgens took over sales bumped up and stayed up they never dropped on his run and even had an outside bump due to this tie in called Death of Superman.

Try posting some facts instead of what you want to back up your false statement about Jurgens.
His run by all accounts was a success; however the follow up to his run was a dismal failure

These are the same people who were already working for DC comics, on books that didn’t sell throughout the past ten years. And the same arrogant, condescending DC leaders who made bad decisions on the old books are still running things on the new ones.

These are the same folk who didn’t want to hear comments from readers who didn’t like their work, the same writer who used Superboy prime as a metaphor for all of DC Comics readers who dared to call a spade a spade; the same folk who in a supreme act of stupidity and hubris, told their customers NOT to buy their product with the infamous, ‘Hey, if you don’t like it, vote with your wallet.”

Consumers did exactly what these dummies told them and now, they’re running like dogs chasing their tail in a circle that goes nowhere.

What DC is doing is neither a change or something new. It’s the same business that Didio and Johns initiated ten years ago.

Make a mess, clean it up with a new mess. That says it all in a nutshell.

52 new books all with the #1 attached. Yikes. and in this economy despite the pledge for $2.99. And just how long will that last, I wonder. So do your version of an Age of Apocalypse in Flashpoint to reboot and relaunch your entire universe. Every single possible issue and some new ones while chucking so old ones. A good number of those 52 new titles or revamped won’t last by either the end of 2012 or by mid 2012, I bet. Time to kick Didio to the curb folks. Nuff said.

Didio isn’t the one in charge overall… or are you just placing an irrational towards the man? this isn’t just a decision by him…. in fact it is probably less him than the others shouldn’t you say kick Dan ,jim Goeff and dianee to the curb? or are you just trying to direct hate toward the man.


If DC comics is a ship and the ship had a hole that prevented it from travelling long distances, the sane thing to do is to hire a repair man to repair the boat. But this repair team, not only doesn’t repair the first hole, they make another. When the ship sales, the boat gets off to a great start but after traveling 6 miles, begins to sink.

Are you going to call the same repair crew, the one who not only didn’t fix the first hole but made another instead? Ok, we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt; you call the repair men back to correct their work. After the job, the boat now sales 4 miles then starts to sink again. You look at the bottom of the boat, not only is the first and second hole not fixed, but now there is a third.

Are you going to call back the same repair crew? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Ok, some people like making a career of being a fool. You call those repair men back. But now they say, the problems aren’t the holes in the boat. The problem is two-fold: your passengers and the boat itself. We’re going to have to build you a whole new boat. And while you’re at it, you’re passengers are more of a problem then the hole. Those complany, whiny wretches keep complaining how they’re getting all wet. How dare they? We did an excellent job! With your new boat, you’re going to need new passengers.

Are you really going to buy a boat from these guys? Because if you do, don’t be surprised or complain when you get exactly what you paid for. They promised a whole new boat, they’re going to deliver a hole new boat. .

thank is the stupidest and most long winded anoalogy that doesn’t fir the situation at all…

Go try and be an armchair creative guy elsewhere –you failed miserably in this post.. Wow. you took the time to post this drivel? You are clearly just hating for the sake of hating. Typical fanboy

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