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SuperGay, ‘the first video game about a gay superhero,’ launches

SuperGay & the Attack of His Ex-Girlfriends

Barcelona-based developer Klicrainbow has launched SuperGay & the Attack of His Ex-Girlfriends, an app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch billed as “the first video game about a gay superhero.” I didn’t look into the assertion, but I can’t think of any other gay-superhero video games.

The comic book-inspired storyline follows Tom Palmer, an idealistic young scientist who works at Genetic Corp. with his beautiful fiancée Ilsa Himmler and her father Dr. Arnold Himmler to develop a cloning project for humanitarian purposes. But when he discovers that Ilsa and Arnold have been secretly negotiating with foreign leaders to sell their work for military purposes, Tom searches for an escape. When a failed experiment transforms the young scientist into SuperGay, “the greatest superhero of all modern times,” he uses his newfound abilities — including Gay Power and Rainbow Ray — to try to stop his evil ex-girlfriend and her clone army.

In the game, SuperGay races, fights and … dances … his way through 32 levels to stop an imminent nuclear war. Check out the trailer and additional game art after the break.

SuperGay & the Attack of His Ex-Girlfriends

SuperGay & the Attack of His Ex-Girlfriends



Seems kind of a stereotype rather than a heartfelt attempt at getting a gay character his/her own game.

This seems extremely stereotypical and almost borderline offensive.

Listen, when it comes to a gay guy getting his own video game for the first time, you gotta take what you can get. It probably between this and a 10 hour game where you learn the finer points of kinky intercourse and oral sex.

Just sayin. Don’t blame the game for doing what it can to make as much money as possible.

if you don’t make it stereotypical, it’s not comical.

The grey-haired scientist in the lower left corner looks like Peter Cushing.

That’s all I got.

Sounds stupid. I predict some LGBT-friendly person posting about why this is a good thing within a week or so.

I predict some “LGBT-friendly” person (i.e ME) posting right away to say it looks utterly shi*te. I don’t want gay superhero games where I have to show of my dance prowess and wear a pink spandex costume – I don’t identify with that.

I’ll agree with everyone else that says this seems extremely fucking offensive.

I dunno, doesn’t the over-the-top, cartoonish art clearly state: don’t take this too seriously? Besides, reading the description, it seems it’s a bit of a metaphor for a guy coming out of the closet and becoming all the more awesome (and fabulous!) because of it: be yourself, the website says. That causes me to think the people behind this have their hearts in the right place.

Besides, they’ve legalized gay marriage in Spain, unlike (significant parts of) the US and the UK. Isn’t that kind of state-sanctioned discrimination in the anglosphere a whole lot more offensive than this product of private enterprise?

I like it! Who cares that its pink spandex – would it be better if it was a different colour? Rainbow spandex maybe? I really like the animation. Hopefully they have good writers – and it plays off like the tongue in cheek way its meant too.

This could be a fun comic too – makes me think of the gay guy in Codename Knockout. ;)

I can’t believe it’s taken this long to come up with a gay superhero game. I don’t know how much fun it would be, if it wasn’t a bit steriotypical. I wouldn’t want him to be wearing baggy plaid flannel trousers and have a goatee. That said he could have just looked like every other superhero if you ask me. They’re all steriotypical. We claim the whole rainbow after all, not just pink. Superhero’s have been a part of gay culture for so long. This has really been a long time coming. Steriotypes are annoying, but at the same time. An anti-steriotype wouldn’t be a hell of a lot better. It can go too much the other way. Non-discrimination includes not discriminating against people who like pink spandex, gay or not.

Stereotypical or not, this is hilarious.

Played it and loved it. It’s got a great message and isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. The storyline is cute and the upper levels are challenging. I’m hoping there’ll be a sequel or a graphic novel. Stereotypical – Relax already and have fun with it.

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