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The mystery of the missing Green Lantern ring — solved!

Justice League #1 cover pencils by Jim Lee

If you were among those who looked at the cover of Justice League #1, the first issue in DC Comics’ line-wide reboot, and wondered whether Green Lantern’s trademark ring had been dropped as part of the character’s redesign, fear not: The mystery has been solved, by none other than artist (and co-publisher) Jim Lee.

Responding to questions about the missing jewelry, Lee wrote last night on Twitter, “Green Lantern has no ring on the Justice League image? Sounds like the work of Sinestro!” before assuring fans that, “Before it spins too far out of hand, (ha no pun intended) the ring will reappear by the time the comic debuts or b4 Sinestro is done w/it.”

But then he tracked down the true culprit: longtime inker Scott Williams. “HAHA case of the missing ring solved-was gonna say it was due to senility but I dug up the pencil scan-BEHOLD,” Lee wrote, linking to an image of the penciled cover (at right), which depicts Green Lantern with his ring. “So it’s true: a penciler is only as good as his inker … wow; must cut his rate, stat!”

Justice League #1, by Lee and writer Geoff Johns, will be released on Aug. 31, with a ring-wearing Green Lantern.



So what’s the excuse for Cyborg looking horrible? Or all the copy-cat V-neck mock turtlenecks? Ugh.

:rolling eyes at jloder: Whatever, man.

What DC is doing, completely revamping, is making a big mistake.
Based on their strategy, they “hope” things will work out, pulling in new young readers.
Hope? Not business formula pattern based on past and current core readers?
DC seriously sold out themselves.

Yeah, let’s blame the inker, instead of the actual editors whose job it is to catch stuff like this before okaying artwork.

“Not business formula pattern based on past and current core readers?”

Nice word salad there.

Current core readers are a small, dwindling and extremely fickle resource. Look at the Wonder Woman redesign last year. The current audience is just…an audience no one really would want to have. I know I’d rather have no audience and do what I want than have to deal with the type of entitled “I know what a good story is better than you do, Mr. Writer-Man!” Yeah, well, it’s very doubtful as you’re wasting your time preaching to a choir of like minded losers.

I mean, there are people on this site and others that will, given the chance, proclaim Watchmen a worthless piece of garbage. Not trolls, but actual ‘core audience’ members whose knowledge of the thing they supposedly love is so negligible they think Dave Gibbons is boring, and Rob Liefeld is the gold standard of quality comic book art. They sincerely believe these things. They are sincerely ignorant and to try to cater them is pure bad craziness.

The real problem is they’re using an old dying format (monthly periodical) to try to bring in readers who do not buy magazines, why would someone who has zero interest in an advertising heavy format buy these new DC comics in a format that they do not care for?

And former readers? Maybe they just can’t handle the stories they were getting from DC and Marvel and left it. Maybe they simply do not have the time. Maybe they have jobs and wives/husbands and kids. You’re not going to bring people back who don’t want to, and this has just about as good a chance of bringing them back as anything.

Like I said in another thread, this is half measures, and if they had really been interested in doing it right they would have given the current fans a years worth of stories to end the current universe, then offered up something new.

Instead… we get Flashpoint, a story that doesn’t even take place in the mainline DCU featuring Barry Allen a character who has only been back for a year, year and a half. They are cancelling books that have been around for LESS THAN SIX MONTHS. What is going to happen to Xombi? WTF were they thinking when they started that book six months before it was going to be rebooted, or just dropped. It’s illogical bullshiat.

It just seems…like they had this Flashpoint thing coming and decided to turn it into the reboot moment halfway through the build up to it.

It’s not just sloppy it’s confusing, and the Flashpoint books I’ve read have been…a jumbled mess. Was Johns off his meds? The tone of Flashpoint is all over the map, it’s nothing but random ideas and exposition, and art from the weakest of the Kuberts.

Eh. I like the concept of a reboot the DCU has been a confusing mess since Crisis (that didn’t help at all, but at least the COIE story was good), but think the execution is all…muddled.

“So it’s true: a penciler is only as good as his inker … wow; must cut his rate, stat!”

Hilarious joke to make in a lousy economic climate.

Justice League V-Neck!

The V neck’s look good. Y’all just upset cause the JLA is looking so fabulous. Its a nice aesthetic

Yeah, that’s what it is that’s so upsetting. The “fabulousness” of it all.

Nicholas Post

June 2, 2011 at 11:47 am

Well said!

Jokes aside, I think that if you’re threatened or upset by something as inconsequential as v neck collar things on super hero costumes, then there’s just something wrong with you. It’s so minor and meaningless.

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