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What’s happening with Wizard’s Winnipeg convention?

A concerned fan alerted us via email that Wizard World has removed the convention formerly known as the Central Canada Comic Con, or C4, in Winnipeg from their convention listings page; trying to hit the Winnipeg page on their site gives you a 404 error.

While there don’t appear to be any details on why the listing was removed, posts on the show’s Facebook group indicate the show will go on. Michael Paille of Raven Toys, Comics & Games posted a message asking for help to keep the show going, noting “I guarantee you Winnipeg will have a comic con this year!” In another post, he indicated he has booked the convention center.

Wizard acquired the convention last November, and according to the press release that went out at the time, it is (was?) scheduled for Oct. 28-30.

I’ve reached out to both Wizard World and Paille for additional comment, and will post any updates I receive.

Update: Paille has posted an update on the Raven Comics blog, noting that Wizard is out, but the con will continue. And he’s looking for help with various fundraising activities, so if interested, head over there to check them out.



It (along with Wizard World Atlanta) is not on the list of shows on the Wizard World website. Atlanta still has a page, though, but it seems a bit confused. One part of the page says it is Dec. 3-4, 2011. Another says the dates are still TBA. I enjoyed last year’s show well enough. Got to meet some cool creators, Chris Schweizer and Cameron Stewart. Hoping they still have it.

I wonder if it has something to do with the NHL coming back? If there are games scheduled for that day, it could be chaos in downtown Winnipeg.

Well, that’s disappointing. If the convention does go on, unaffiliated, the guest list will probably be a lot smaller.

I have exhibited at the last 3 Winnipeg Comic Cons and have enjoyed the atmosphere and people very much. When Wizard World took over, the exhibitor fee rates doubled. They also raised admission prices and weekend passes substantially as well. Who knows, maybe they out-priced themselves for the Winnipeg market.

Just checked on Raven’s site and the comic con is still on, albeit, without Wizard World. Here is the link to statement from Michael Paille:

If you’ve enjoyed the Comic Con from past years, please support the cause and get involved!

I’m glad I didn’t buy those early bird tickets…

Well, here’s hoping he can pull it off on such short notice.

LOL, Winnipeg is not a Wizard Comic con city.
Was at the last con and the numbers they say attended are a bit of a stretch from reality.

Keep it as a small show and it will do good.

Im curious to all the volunteer work that’s being done. Obviously to run a con takes a load of money, if this is all volunteer, how does all that cash get accounted for? Volunteers could rip them off, there is no real Con “com” or organization (less you count two people) and this is being run again by the same person who knew that Ray Park, a headliner was not coming and knew about it in March of 09, as Park posted it himself on his Twitter for not being able to make it?

Sounds like the fans, AKA the volunteers are doing all the work, and not getting the credit. and who donates anything now a days without getting something in return? Tax receipts? Sounds funny to me. Never heard of a con going off by donations. Any person off the street could ask for donations for this, and it would never be seen, so wheres the accountability?

they (the organizers) make a real good attempt at continuing this show, when they refer to potential ticket buyers who ask legitimate questions as douchebags. real classy and still no offical word from wizard as to why they dropped it? and giving money in the form of dontations to an organization that isnt even registered as a non profit but advertise that they are?

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