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Who’s a cute widdle Master of Magnetism?

Baby Magneto by Victor Hugo (after Skottie Young)

As adorable as Skottie Young’s rendition of Marvel’s X-Babies is, something even cuter has emerged: CG artist Victor Hugo’s 3D take on one of Young’s X-Babies — Baby Magneto, the least-terrifying mutant terrorist in history. It’s a spectacular piece, but I particularly like the little details, like Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer and Cyclop’s visor in the toy box, and “ERIK” spelled out in magnetic letters. Visit the artist’s blog to see the giant-sized image.

(via Skottie Young, who dubbed the image “So freaking cool”)



Having seen this I now really really want Pixar to make a X-Kids film. John Lasseter make it happen!!!

The details I really like aren’t the little easter eggs in the backgrounds, but the fact that this looks like it could be a real kid’s room with real kid’s toys. The crib, picture frame, rug, and shelves make this look like a real place instead of some other space and time.

Plus, though it’s out of focus, the top picture appears to be Spidey!


To be true the bottom picture it’s Genosha and the top one it’s the House of M! haha! Thanks guys!! This is really AWESOME to me! =D

That’s awesome Victor. Incredible stuff.

I love this! Amazing work!

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