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Who’s the mysterious 15th member of the Justice League?

Justice League, by Jim Lee

When an image of the full, 15-member lineup of DC Comics’ relaunched Justice League leaked over the weekend, discussion immediately turned to the identity of two of the four female characters.

The figure on the left, between Atom and Firestorm, was quickly pegged as Element Woman, a member of the Secret Seven who debuted in Flashpoint #1. But the character opposite her hasn’t been so easy. Speculation soon settled on Zealot from the WildStorm universe, Black Canary, Power Girl — fan blog DC Women Kicking Ass has head shot comparisons — and even the monster-hunting Miranda Shrieve introduced in Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #1.

All are seemingly good contenders — all blonde, all with something to contribute to the Justice League roster, and to the newly tweaked DC Universe continuity. Black Canary has a history with the League — she’s alternately a founding member or a later addition, depending on the reboot — while Power Girl served with Justice League Europe. Of course, if the Justice League is starting anew, then none of that much matters. Zealot would help to cement the mergers of the DC and WildStorm universes (Martian Manhunter is now part of Stormwatch), and Miranda, along with Element Woman, would help to untangle how, or if, the threads of Flashpoint tie into the New DCU.

There are solid cases for each of those characters, right? Even if none has the beauty mark that the mystery woman sports above her lip. Right? Well, no.

Overnight, Justice League writer Geoff Johns dropped a bombshell that destroyed all of those theories. “That is not a blonde,” he wrote on Twitter. “(No one’s guessed the characters correctly yet.)”

So back to the drawing board, fandom! Who’s a not-blonde, beauty-mark bearing, turtleneck-wearing superheroine that no one’s thought of yet?



I think the one on the left isn’t Element Woman – she has Wildstorm-esque headgear.

Amethyst and the driver lady from Flash who is helping out Kid Flash.

it’s Scandal Savage

Anthony Cheng

June 27, 2011 at 8:15 am

Silver hair and beauty mark? How about Dream Girl from the Legion of Super-Heroes?

Is it supposed to be a secret, considering we know who everyone else is?

Just because she isn’t a blonde, doesn’t mean she isn’t one of the guessed at heroines. And doesn’t Zealot have white hair?

High Collar McBoobs

I don’t know that the mystery character looks terribly much like Zealot, but it does look quite a bit like Savant.

Also, Johns could be telling the truth, or he could be obfuscating. No way of knowing atm.

My guess was that it is Ice.

I really hope it’s a reboot of the obscure “Kitten” character

Her battle cry: “No one needs rescue me from a tree!”

Actually, Black Canary isn’t a blonde… she just wears a blond wig!

I like the Savant and Ice guesses. Savant would be swapping “universal” places with Martian Manhunter, and Ice has ties to the JLA.

Ricardo Amaral

June 27, 2011 at 11:26 am

Ice is on JLI. So it’s a no. She does look like Dart, from Atari Force sans stripes though.

I’m thinking with the headgear it could be an update of Dr. Light.

“She does look like Dart, from Atari Force sans stripes though.”

I would buy two of every issue if they found a way to bring Atari Force into the DCU.

I vote for a Dart/Tempest/Packrat Justice League that would one day cross over with a Rom-led Avengers.

How about Maxima?

How about Tomorrow Woman? She seems to keep popping up now and then.

It’s Scandal Savage. High collar, hairstyle, red hair, beauty mark.

Everyone has a high collar now. :)

Brian Knippenberg

June 27, 2011 at 9:54 pm

Squashua, compare the costume, texture of skin, hands, overall look of the female character on the left to Jim Lee’s sketch of Element Woman. Looks like the same character to me.

Davide Giurlando

July 3, 2011 at 1:10 am

It’s Lois Lane. As a modern version of the human member of the League (à la Snapper Carr, or Rick Jones).
That’s why they promoted a whole Flashpoint miniseries about her.

She has WHITE hair you can tell cause Green arrow’s goatee is blonde (more yellow) so whoever it is has white hair.

I’m really hoping that its Power Girl, just so that way we know she isn’t erased or something. I have really come to love Karen Starr, ever since her solo comic started. She was a great female lead and I’d hate to see all the great stuff that was done with the character tossed aside, like what happened with Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain and Donna Troy.

@Panda: Actually Black Canary doesn’t wear a wig anymore and hasn’t worn one in like… 15 years I think. She dyes her hair blonde these days.

It SHOULD be Black Canary, who is an essential Leaguer, as far as I’m concerned. My first guess was Ice, but she’s doing something else. Dream Girl is a very intriguing suggestion. What about Arisia, the Green Lantern? Or – God help us – the Little Mermaid?

With grifter, stormwatch, and voodoo all in their own series (and surprisingly a Gen13 member not on the Teen Titans roster) i’d bet Lee wants at least one WildCAT on the premier team, the think the team is lacking is a non-powered ground based fighter (i’m putting batman in the brain/detective category) so i’m betting on Zealot.

Darkhorse hope: Cassie Cain (1,000,000 to 1 odds but a fanboy can dream cant he)

This has kind of turned into a vote. So mine goes to Miss Martian or TomorrowWoman!

I’m going with a newly-rebooted Lady Quark for the not-blonde mystery woman.

Ms majestic

Actually Scandal Savage does have a little beauty mark but I don’t really know anything about her. Not sure if she is good or bad or what.

Now I’m guessing.
Silver Sorceress?

I thought it was obviously Scandal Savage tbh. :$

Good evidence towards the Scandal Savage thought….

I am going for Oracle. The first JL is set 5 years ago and its been stated that Killing Joke did happen, so 5 years ago Batgirl would have been Oracle. Also as Cyborg is on the team there is an easy Deus Ex Machina to go from Oracle to Batgirl

i don’t know how zealot is considered a blonde in this article, she has, and always has had silver/white hair.

It’s Zealot and she never was a blonde.

It’s Roxy, from Gen 13

Helen Mirren

Stargirl all grown up? Star woman?

Dove… and I would really like to see Dove in the major league.


She looks atlantean to me…Mera?

My vote is for LadyCop

It could be Jeannette or Scandal Savage from secret six because of the beuty mark, or the clothing seems similar to Miranda Shrieve’s black trenchcoat and red polo neck.

Still, its probably a wildstorm character or someone new…

I’d rather it was the Zealot, but I think this is the same Miranda Shrieve.


It really looks like Miranda, due to the black coat and red turtleneck. Geoff Johns has always said “no” to certain plot points, like when everyone assumed there would be a White Lantern and he refused to confirm and then I think he outright denied. It’s not quite clear how someone like Miranda would fit into the League though.

Maybe a longshot but another white-haired character if Fury.

Whose hand is that in front of Firestorm? If it is Element Woman it should be a right hand instead of a left hand. Is this a mistake or is there something else we dont know yet?

Far out guess: a DCnU version of The Question because of the turtleneck and trenchcoat.

Is it possible the new character is still a…Secret?

Christopher Louderback

July 3, 2011 at 7:38 am

Has anyone guessed Ravager yet?

I think Eric’s keen eye is on to something with that mystery hand next to Firestorm. If you look a little closer, it seems like there is also a DC-style heroine bustier as well, but way below where it would be if the woman to the top-left of Firestorm (who I still think is Dr. Light) was wearing it. The arm and hand are pretty rough-looking like Element Women’s, but angle-wise where the rest of her should show clearly is only smoke and Firestorm’s nuclear “hair.” Either a pretty good artist trick at showing 2 characters with 1 partially hidden, or a pretty sloppy artist’s mistake in human physiology. But then again, I might be wrong on both counts! :-)

I agree its got to be High Collar Mcboobs!


i’m liking miranada shrieve

Under these circumstances I couldn’t care less. This “relaunch” sickens me. BTW Black Canary dyed her hair blonde years ago…

What if the character is Secret from the Young Justice Series. The collar and the hair are right. With the reboot, she could be back in her ghost form.

given she’s in what looks like “civilian” attire and the move to Smallville-ize several characters (eg Ollie) that it could be Chloe Sullivan acting as WatchTower…

Doesn’t matter if Ice in on JLI. Batman is too and he’s here in the JL. It’s not Power Girl. In a piece I saw about the 10 Myths about the reboot (and it is a reboot regardless of what DC wants to say), Karen Starr, Power Girl’s alter-ego, will be making appearances, but not as Power Girl. And you might as well forget about using the costume as a reference since so many of the characters are getting redesigns on theirs. I agree with the person who commented that Jim Lee would want to try and bring in a Wildstorm character to the league.

I’m not bothering to guess because with the changes they’re making to the characters, it could be anyone.

Could this just be a promotional piece featuring some of the characters from each of the three Justice League teams? Deadman’s there and we know he’s a member of the Dark League…

Here’s a crazy guess. Since Green Arrow’s new design was somewhat influenced by the costume worn in Smallville, what if they are also taking the idea of Chloe Sullivan’s Watchtower into the DCnU.

If I’m not mistaken, when Chloe was first introduced into the DCU in the Jimmy Olsen back up stories, she looked a bit like this.

Just a crazy thought…

Tefe Holland

I think the lady on the left is Taboo, from Wildstorm’s Whiplash series.

White hair is a type of blonde hair. It is called Platinum Blonde. Does Geoff know that? If so, then the hair could be light blue or violet?

it’s Jemm, Son of Saturn

It’s Aunt May.

Or someone new.

It’s either Jayna or Zan. This time the Wonder Twins are on her chest!
(And it looks like poor Apache Chief got screwed over for a spot, once again).

It cant be Chloe she doesnt wear a turtleneck.


Catilin Fairchild from Gen 13!

Its ice. Obviously.

Went through the 1980s Who’s Who of the DC Universe and couldn’t see anyone that matched in there. Couple of Firestorm and Legion villains were the only ones that had a slight possibility, but no one with the beauty mark. I hope she has some kind of power and is more than just a knife-thrower/ sword-swinger or street level fighter.

At first I was wishing it was Black Canary and then I got excited by the monster-killer or especially Dove. But now I am dreaming of Dream Girl, which I think would be the coolest choice of all the options I’ve heard.

That’s Zealot from WildC.A.T.S.


July 3, 2011 at 4:04 pm

It’s Zealot from WC. If they’re incorporating Wildstorm into mainstream, she has to be a part of something major.

Given how much I love Secret Six, I kinda hope it’s Scandal Savage. But on the other hand, I identify that character so much with how Gail SImone brilliantly brought her to life, I don’t think it would be the same with anyone else writing her.

My guess? Wolverine! Dude, sales of JLA would tripple over night!

It can only be…

Ma Kent!

On second thought, looking carefully, I think it’s the Anti-Monitor.

It needs to be Zealot. If they are not going to do a Wildcats book it needs to be her.

Is it me?

Zealot’s not a blonde. She has white hair.

i’m still thinking either black canary or miranda shrieve but for white hair the only character i casn think of is ice from jli because i think she wore her hair like that at some point.

@tim- secret is kind of a far out guess and thanks for that since im loving both the comic and cartoon of young justice and since deadman is there, he might bring his apprentice along to keep better track of her. But the main hole in your theory is that contiunity wise , she is only been ghost for a couple years starting recently and since this is about 20 years in the past, she would be still alive and a fetus at this point.


An alternate version of Tomorrow Woman could be fun. Though it doesn’t look a thing like her (but hey, reboots).

Who’s the mysterious 15th member of the Justice League?

Who cares?

Projectra from Legion of Superheroes? Doesn’t she have a birthmark as well? Or am I just thinking of Dream Girl?

Female version of the introduced-in-Flashpoint character The Outsider.
She’s a lady in normal continuity.

I’m honestly just glad it isn’t Power Girl.

@JAime: Obviously no one, hence this blog post

There is no interest at all in this book, move along.

Hate powergirl?

Stephen Williamson

July 4, 2011 at 2:58 am

@Gi Joel There actually is one PG with white hair: No beauty mark to speak of, but…

The Justice League is an always should be the following DC characters:
1) Superman
2) Wonder Woman
3) Batman
4) Martain Manhunter
5) Green Lantern
6) Flash
7) Green Arrow
8) Captain Marvel (Shazam)
9) Aquaman
10) Atom

This covers all the bases. Space, Land, Air, Water, Science and Magic.

Maybe its Sister Superior from Justice League Elite. This team needs someone a little edgy.

I’ll go and say (just because nobody has said it yet) that it’s Zatanna with a revamped look.

if she is not a blonde that rules out power girl and black canary. so i am thinking either zealot or maybe scandal but would scandal try the hero gig. for the mystery woman could be a new character that is to debute in justice leque all together. though red hair has me thinking maybe barbara aka oracle

The more I look at that image, the more I think, why didn’t they just introduce the DC characters in the Wildstorm Universe.

Ma Hunkel?

It’s gotta be Mera (on the right). I hope it is. They’ve been building her up. And she deserves to finally be an official member of the league. Plus, in Flashpoint she wears a full warrior helmet. So, this is a revised variation of it. Who else thinks/hopes it’s Mera?

Actually… could it be Amethyst? I thought I’d read something where Johns made a comment to the effect that she’d be a major player in Flashpoint, which would be a reason to carry her forward to the DCnU as well.

I thought Amethyst when I saw it too. Amethyst is in Flashpoint and is a powerful magic character, something not reflected in the others.

What about Chase though?

I personally hope it’s Courtney Whitmore: Starwoman.

The first rumor I heard was about Zealot, which wouldn’t be surprising with Jim Lee on board, and Martian Manhunter compromizing himself with AUTHORITY…the problem is Zealot who could easily foreshadowing WW, two Amazons in the same team is one too many (ellipses)

It looks like Scandal Savage, I agree with that. It would be sort of cool if it was Lady Quark, too.

@tim o’shea- that character reminds me more of catgirl, kitirina falcone who is catwoman’s partner.But i think its pretty cool to see superfriends character make into regular contuinity and such. for example Wendy and Marvin Harris making a appearance in ten titans and young justice. Or the ultimen from JLU. I would have done this weird thing were El Dorado was basically Mon-el because of Mon-el is part mayan. on that note i think it would be cool if she was rima, the jungle girl or jayna, the female wonder twin althought she goes by her ultimen name of downpour because its seems cool.

@Gijoel- I cant speak for Scud but i have one main reason why i dont want her to be here
1. She isn’t a character we need to see her since she doesn’t bring anything new to the table since Superman has the same power set she does and although she has scientific know-how that could be useful but there are other characters who have that and they might be lesser known so you would want to give them the leg up than rather than use her. plus she is on 4 other teams so just use her in one of those like jli.

ooh we know Johns loves SUPERFRIENDS, maybe its Rima! That would actually be kinda cool, rather then some Wildstorm nobody.

I guess could be Hawkgirl… She’s alive on her “elemental” form, so, a return is still possible. Just a guess, no one cited her name yet.

How about Jenny Spark?

I’m hoping it’s Zealot.

Amethyst in the blue, and Karen Starr in the red. Go back about four or five months and on one of those Rip Hunter chalkboards are various descriptions that have all pretty much led into Flashpoint. One of the clues is in regards to Gemworld. Element Girl could well be Amethyst. Didio and Johns have both stated that Karen Starr will be showing up in the DCnU. Having it be Karen Starr/Powergirl would tie into Johns being snarky enough to tell the reading public, “I didn’t say it would be Powergirl…”

I’m just curious as to who will be drawing the second JL story arc, IF Lee is able to complete 4-6 issues and an arc…

Most likely to make everyone disgusted it’s probably Cole Cash or Nicole Cash aka Grifter.

I have to agree with Taboo on the left. and the right could be Savant or Christie Blaze. Either of those adds more character involvement to the League than Zealot does. Plus then you would have Wonder Woman and Zealot on the same team. Better to have Z show up later on a relaunched Society team… thus giving them their own butt kicking Amazon (Coda).


July 5, 2011 at 1:33 pm

@ Jaime. You wrote “Who’s the mysterious 15th member of the Justice League?

Who cares?”

Well obviously, the 100+ people that replied, for starters. And since you took the time, we’ll include you in that group too, Mmm-kay?

What about the character that Booster Gold has been with the last few issues? She looks a little like that character in the drawing, has black hair, and does have powers?

Looks like Zealot to me from wildcats and storm watch, which would be awesome just writing the friendly competitive rivalry between her and Wonder Woman could be fun.

No to Ice. She’s in JLI.
No ro Dream Girl. Her ability of premenitions was hard to writing into Legion. She wouldn’t add much.
No to Power Girl. I haven’t seen any other Earth Two characters in the new DCU.

I give up.

Cascade from Soverign Seven?

Not blonde – WHITE hair. It’s Jeannette, formerly of the Secret Six.

I’ve actually read that it’s an updated version of Lady Luck. She’s a Golden Age character created by Will Eisner.
But who knows…..

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