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Your video of the day | Rocketeer 20th anniversary fan film

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the film adaptation of Dave Stevens’ Rocketeer comics, and John Banana has created an animated tribute that’s pretty dang awesome. Check it out.



Simply magnificent.

That was great!!

Soooooo good! *off to rent the film*

That was pretty awesome.

That was cool….

What’s NOT cool is that here’s the 20th anniversary, and there’s been nothing from Disney regarding a really nice Blu-Ray release of the movie. The DVD that’s out there isn’t even anamorphic, so it looks like crap on a big screen TV. They even did a special screening of the movie in LA with a cast panel discussion last week, and they said there were no plans for a Blu-Ray at this time.

Disney didn’t know how to promote that movie 20 years ago, and they STILL don’t. Makes you wonder how well this whole Marvel thing’s gonna go.

I should also mention… I’d never heard of John Banana before. Is this guy working in the industry? Someone (Are you listening Disney?) should talk to him about making this into an actual animated series. It’s perfect! It would fit in really well on the Disney XD channel. Pair it up with The Avengers cartoon. Actually, this would be a better show than The Avengers is.

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