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SDCC ’11 | Scalped confirmed to end with Issue 60

Scalped, Vol. 1

Scalped, the Eisner Award-nominated crime series by Jason Aaron and R. M. Guéra, will end in April with Issue 60.

While Aaron had repeatedly suggested the Vertigo comic was nearing its conclusion, he resisted naming a final issue, writing just three months ago that, “It’s never been a secret that Scalped had a definite ending point. I still haven’t put a specific issue number on it, but we’re certainly getting closer.”

However, during Thursday’s Vertigo panel at Comic-Con International, Executive Editor Karen Berger got specific, confirming that Aaron and Guéra will bring the story to a close with the 60th issue.

Debuting in January 2007, Scalped is a gritty crime Western that’s been described as “The Sopranos on an Indian reservation.” It follows Dashiell Bad Horse, an angry undercover FBI agent who’s to return to the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation after a 15-year absence to infiltrate the criminal organization headed by Chief Lincoln Red Crow and bring him to just for the murder of two agents 30 years earlier.

The end of Scalped will follow the conclusion of DMZ in December and the cancellation of Northlanders in March.



NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!It’s too soon.

This makes me sad. The best comic around today, and hopefully in years to come it will be recognised as one of the best ever. I hope there’s a big Scalped retrospective panel at New York Comic Con, I would SO be there!

This was clearly editorially mandated. The series doesn’t even feel a little like it’s reaching a crescendo, and with DC winding down everything that isn’t a part of “the new 52,” this is just another worrying sign that the new administration is far more concerned with rehashing old ideas than investing in new ones.

Scalped and Northlanders ending is a bummer. As it is mentioned, everyone knew Scalped was intended to be a finite series, but it does seem like the end is coming up way faster than the story would allow to happen.

I’d hate to see this go, but I have noticed that DC is really squashing other series not related to the new reboot. At least FABLES is safe.

Paul, this is not editorially mandated at all, and the series is quite clearly reaching its crescendo, with Dash getting closer to Red Crow, Carol embracing the old ways, the showdown between Dash and Catcher. This has been the plan all along. Jason Aaron had always planned it to end around issue 60, and here it is.

Flavio Martins

July 22, 2011 at 2:05 pm

Man, whenever i read fanboy’s conspiracy theories about DC trying to “squash” Vertigo, i only laugh and shake my head.

P.S.: I really gonna miss “Scalped”. :-(

Yeah, 60 issues seems to be the norm for most Vertigo series. I’d be shocked if people didn’t have some sort of 5 year plan in their initial pitch.

That’s not at all it, Paul. Jason Aaron has stated that he’s planned a clear end for Scalped and if sound like you haven’t been reading the series at all since there is a definite feeling of things about to hit a critical point in the plot.

Jeff Lemire said Sweet Tooth is likely to be 40 issues or so, so don’t flip out when he ends that series.

Lemire said that he knows how to end the series withing four to five issues, but if doesn’t have to, he won’t. Thankfully, that doesn’t seem like it’ll happen anytime soon.

I hope the new series is the one I think it is.

Sandman ran for 75 issues
Invisibles ran for 59 issues
Preacher ran for 75 issues
100 Bullets ran for 100 issues
Transmetropolitanran for 60 issues, as did Y – The Last Man
DMZ ends in #66, Northlanders in #50

All seminal creator-owned Vertigo titles (not including Sandman here), and Scaped will soon
be included in that pantheon. The only ones that last for more or have been relaunched are
those owned by DC.

No conspiracy here, just editorial and finantial logic.

But I won’t be surprised if in one or two years time Scalped is reissued at Icon.

Yeah, that is one of the things I love about Vertigo comics. The majority have a clear end that they work towards. And for Hellblazer it seems every creator has a clear beginning and end for their run.

And the fact that DC keeps the trades in stock, means that these great stories will continue to entertain readers for years to come.

Transmet is a series I have just recently started to buy in trades. ;)

“All seminal creator-owned Vertigo titles (not including Sandman here), and Scaped will soon
be included in that pantheon. The only ones that last for more or have been relaunched are
those owned by DC.”

Well there is the now over 100 issues Fables, but that seems to be the exception that proves the rule.

Preacher ran for 66 solely counting the actual series, otherwise we could SAY the Sandman is still going as there are periodic releases. The 60s seem to be the sweet spot, and Azzarello said he wanted to end 100 Bullets earlier and regretted saying that 100 would be the end point. It did at times seem to stretch out a bit.

People have said Fables is going too long, but by it’s very nature there are infinite numbers of stories one could tell, though I won’t be interested in any that aren’t penned, plotted or overseen by Willingham.

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