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BOOM! hopes to educate new fans about comics with Elric microsite


The first issue of BOOM!’s Elric: The Balance Lost, by Chris Roberson and Francesco Biagini , hit comic stores and digital outlets today, along with a dedicated website that’s aimed at not only promoting the book but also educating non-comics fans about the medium.

The site,, includes a 10-page story starring Elric, as well as information on where to buy it (both in print and digitally), a backgrounder on Elric and creator Michael Moorcock, and an FAQ that answers questions about the publication frequency, how trade paperbacks work and even what a variant cover is. Much like they did with their Hellraiser PDF, which was aimed at horror fans in general and Clive Barker fans in particular who might not read comics, BOOM! is attempting to introduce potential new comics fans to how things work in the world of comics.

In the press release they emphasized how digital comics are more than just an iPad thing:

“With ELRIC, we’re not only focusing on print and mobile devices exclusively, but getting out onto internet browsers that billions of people use every day,” says Marketing & Sales Director Chip Mosher. “While there are only 25 million iPads out in the marketplace, there are billions of potential readers that have the ability to find comic books through their internet browsers. With our ELRIC microsite at we’ve not only included a complete prelude for free, but information on how and where to buy our comics both in print and digital — linking to both print, mobile vendors, and the lesser-known web-based option where you can buy and read through the browser as well.”



Excellent! I love it when adaptation/spinoff comics have extras like that to help out new-to-comics readers. Wonderful job explaining the history of comics, single issues vs. collections, the value of comics shops, etc.

Though what would have been /perfect/ is a “how to read comics” section. Sadly, a lot of newcomers to the medium consider art to be a “garnish” to the text in comics, and compare comics unfavorably to novels after blazing through the dialog. Efforts aimed at new readers should emphasize that comics offer an experience that’s meant to be unique, not just an imitation of film or prose.

(On the off chance anyone at BOOM! reads this and likes the idea, they’re welcome to cobble together something based on the How to Read Comics page at Hey, Women! Comics!) :

Angelica – glad you likee! Love what you did on your how to read comics site. You would not believe the questions we get every day through our contact form…like if subscriptions for 12 issues come all at once etc. There is a definite lack of understanding out there on the very basics of our industry and we do a bad job industry-wide of educating people about the medium.

Mark Kardwell

July 7, 2011 at 1:45 pm

Smart thinking. Good work.

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