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CCI apologizes for asking Matt Wayne to change his Dwayne McDuffie tribute

Dwayne McDuffie

This year’s Comic-Con International souvenir book will include tributes to comics and animation writer Dwayne McDuffie, who passed away in February. One creator whose contribution won’t be included, however, is Matt Wayne. The former Milestone editor and Justice League Unlimited story editor shared on the Dwayne McDuffie forums last week that he was approached to write a tribute, which the editors of the book asked him to change after seeing his final submission.

“I ran my tribute past Dwayne’s wife before I sent it, and she dubbed it ‘perfect,'” he wrote in his forum post. “But the people at Comic-Con asked me to change it, and I decided to just let it go. I’m worried that Dwayne is going to be the industry’s ‘proof’ that we’re all post-racial and chummy, now that they can’t be embarrassed into hiring him anymore, and I don’t want to contribute to that absurd but inevitable narrative.”

You can read Wayne’s entire tribute over on the forums.

David Glanzer, director of marketing and public relations for CCI, said that the book’s editors asked for the piece to be “celebratory” in nature, in keeping with other pieces in the book.

“As you know we held Dwayne McDuffie in high regard as he was a past recipient of our Inkpot award. Most recently we held a tribute panel for him at WonderCon. The changes requested were never meant to slight him or his family, and we really are truly sorry for the anguish this has caused,” Glanzer told Robot 6. “In the future we will try to prevent a similar situation as this from occurring by having a larger circle of people weigh in on any potential changes or edits to In Memoriam pieces.

“Again we offer our heart felt apology to Matt Wayne and the family and friends of Dwayne McDuffie.”



Geez, what a bunch of cowards and opportunists. And sorry, Mr. Glanzer, but your “heart felt apology” won’t do anything to fix your preferred narrative now.

Wayne’s tribute is insightful, sincere, and appropriate; it needs to be read by as many people as possible.

His tribute only makes me miss McDuffie more.

I find it hard to believe that a man with so much talent only got his first monthly assignment in 2007. Even then, they screwed him with DC’s editorial mandates, pushing something stupid of the month. The guy also makes a great point, there are some terrible writers that got better jobs than McDuffie. I hate the race card and I clearly don’t have any details, but with someone so talented why did it take 2 decades?

MAD: Seriously, dude? They apologized and it seemed pretty sincere. You can’t just accept that?

“In the future we will try to prevent a similar situation as this from occurring…”
yeah, that’s great, but why can’t McDuffie get a proper tribute NOW??

How do you spell “lame”?


One can’t accept the apology because CCI asked him to write the tribute, he did and they rejected it. THEY didn’t like what was said, fearing the truth that was be told in that tribute. Make matters worse, how much you want to bet that there’s now tribute to Dwayne anywhere in that souvenir book? That would be an ultimate slap in the face to his legacy.

A lovely tribute. I, too am shocked that he didn’t get a shot at a monthly until 2007. I wish I could believe the colour of McDuffie’s skin didn’t play a role in some of the career challenges he faced, but I simply cannot. A shame.

I think it’s fairly certain that MORE people read Matt’s tribute through all the press it’s gotten than would have read it had it been included.

If the goal was to get the sentiments of Matt’s message out where it could be read, debated and considered, and to a place where it could have the widest positive impact on the comics industry, then CCI did Matt — and us all — a favor by generating all this press for it.


Oh good, that makes it all right, then. Just because it worked out even better than it might have originally doesn’t mean that CCI did a good thing in the first place, unless it was their calculated intention to drum up attention through controversy by rejecting it outright. Unless that outlandish scenario is proven to be the case, don’t give credit where it’s not due.

after reading that tribute can see why some one at cci decided they did not have the guts to print it for it was a truthful tribute to dwayne and some one at cci proably got their feathered ruffled by matt speaking truth fully about how much he cared for dwayne. for an apology for killing the thing after it got support from even dwaynes family just shows some one at cci is trying to save face over being too embarressed to print the thing the way it was written

What a spineless, pathetic move by CCI. The apology is almost meaningless. Realize you were wrong and find a way to print the tribute.


Wow, I was unaware I could only post things that were completely literal. Let me rephrase in less nuanced language: It is ironic that CCI’s attempts at censoring this message resulted in it being more widely distributed.

There is no giving credit — Just an admission that the content of Matt’s tribute is more important than being angry at CCI. And if you can’t get over your anger at CCI, you’re not powerless — no one’s stopping anyone from printing the tribute themselves and handing it out in front of the convention center — and I would gladly contribute to a Kickstarter to cover printing costs.

Why the hell is Robot6 trying to hide this story?

Could you explain what you mean by “hide this story”? Because it isn’t hidden from anybody.

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