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Comic-Con reveals Jim Lee’s Justice League cover for souvenir book

Art by Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair

Comic-Con International has unveiled the cover art for this year’s souvenir book, featuring the core of DC Comics’ new Justice League lineup by Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Alex Sinclair. The 192-page book will be available for free to attendees of the July 21-24 event in San Diego.

The image will also grace the Official CCI 2011 T-shirt, which will be available at the Comic-Con Boutique (Booth #2515) for prices ranging from $18.95 to $24.95, depending on size. More details about the souvenir book, T-shirt and other convention exclusives are available on the Comic-Con website.




Magus Operandi

July 13, 2011 at 2:13 pm

Wonder Woman has pants!

You think maybe you could actually make WW top look right?

He should stop drawing pin-ups and worry about his deadlines. If the books look as rushed as this does, so help me…. BUT, I am glad Wonder Woman still has the pants in this pic, and not the star spangled shorts she has that are edited into the WW #1 cover on the DC 52 #1 preview coming out next Wednesday….

Nice to see the pants!

but superman isn’t wearing jeans, thats hardly springteenesque Lee.

Oh look GL finally has a ring. Unlike the first solicit

Haha! Complaints from some when she wears pants. Complaints from others when she’s in the classic shorts. I love you, internet! Never change.

Anyone else think it’s rad that, while everyone else is flying upward, Aquaman appears to be falling forward?

Nas, there was no way they were ever going to please everyone (though at this point, its looking like can they please ANYONE) concerning the pants. :)

“Oh look GL finally has a ring. Unlike the first solicit”

Yep, Scott Williams did not accidentally ink over it this time. (It was in Jim Lee’s sketch for that initial solicit)

I bet the book will look great. I’m buying this!


WW’s nipple’s would be showing if her top was cut that way… smh.

How long ago do you guys think Jim Lee started drawing all of his projects in order to meet these deadlines? And how long before he’s late on something again hahaha

Where are WW’s nipples? Because that top is so low, we should be seeing some nip peeking out.

hehe. Pants.

DC are playing with you and the whiny famboys are just falling into it!

Pants! No Pants! No ring! Ring! Internet trolls… No life!!! Really, I mean… Who cares?! At the end of the day you’ll all be buying it anyway. Even if Diana has on nothing but a thong and Hal has a tongue ring. Jabronis.

The Flash looks like he’s trying to dance “The Robot.”

@Mr_Wayne Pants! No Pants! No ring! Ring! Internet trolls… No life!!! Really, I mean… Who cares?! At the end of the day you’ll all be buying it anyway. Even if Diana has on nothing but a thong and Hal has a tongue ring. Jabronis.

LOL. You hit the nail on the head.

Lovely art but I one of those that feel disenfranchised by this whole relaunch ordeal. Sigh, we’ll see.

It’s amazing that Superman and Batman now takes a backseat to Green Lantern

Green Lantern Has a ring! Where’s Sinestro? Sinestro suppose to be in the League right?

“Pants! No Pants! No ring! Ring! Internet trolls… No life!!! Really, I mean… Who cares?! ”

I don’t know… if forced to choose between someone expressing their opinion about the costume in a comic, and someone criticizing others for doing just that, I’ll go with option A every time.

God I hate it when he makes Batman’s ears so obvious beneath the mask.

Just realised Aquaman has some serious sideburns, also Wonder Woman’s top appears weirdly skin tight when I’m not sure it supsed to.

But yeah, anyway, cool picture…

Ugh… Superman looks absolutely awful… And none of the others’ ‘changes’ are all that impressive either….

They look like bad action figures…

That Batman costume is boring as #$%. David Finch’s redesign of the costume was a million times cooler.

Can’t Wait for Justice league international! This..not so much

I’ll give it this: for the first time since I’ve seen pics of this new JLA, Cyborg looks like he belongs there. Now is that cause he’s been given more majesty or because the rest of the JLA look more mediocre? I dunnow. Either way, OF COURSE I’m getting this, and you all know you are too. Oh and Aquaman looks like he’s doing the five-star frog splash. Just sayin’

Aquaman needs to lose both the sideburns and his left hand.

Shawn Geabhart

July 13, 2011 at 7:36 pm

Oh great, I love W.I.L.D.Cats….oh wait, what…’s the Justice League?…..really……….look at the time….honestly this may end up being a very good book, but visually I am not digging the uniform look of the uniforms…it kind hits me as being very Marvel like….much of this reboot kind of feels like that which may not be a good thing.

Beautiful cover, expertly drawn. I’ve been a fan of Jim since childhood and his work is constantly solid. Bravo!

Polite plea to Jim Lee:
Jim, I am so looking forward to your run on JLA with Geoff Johns. But I have to ask – does it not strike you as strange that while the neck lines of Hal and Clark’s outfits have risen, Diana’s has slipped down so far (at least in your depiction) that it threatens to expose her? Will I have to read your comic in secret? As it is, I will be extremely uncomfortable on the train, or on the couch at home beside my wife and daughters, with the new JLA comic. Moreover, how practical is that sort of neck-line for a warrior engaged in vigorous physical activity? Couldn’t you raise the top of the bodice, as Cliff Chiang is doing in his run on Wonder Woman, to cover the breasts? If you could do that, I would be most grateful.

Having read GL 67, who the fudge is that Green Lantern? I thought Sinestro was the main Green Lantern? How long will Hal remain ringless?

That’s some nice art! I see that WW is missing her arm band which is a good thing.

ATTENTION :All you early 20 somthings—- I advise you all to take a look at DCs ZERO HOUR & Zero month from 1994. It was a reboot/relaunch EXACTLY like the one we are about to have in september.

EVERYTHING that happend in ZERO HOUR & ZERO month- including the flashy creative teams and “bold new directions” – ALL of it fell apart and was forgotten about by the next year.

DCs biggest problem is its conflicting continuity. They have tried since 1985 to make sense of it with reboot after reboot. And it only makes it worse EVERY TIME.

So everyone going crazy over Jim Lee’s JLA…… what happens a yr from now when half the team is replaced with C grade characters and Mr Lee is off doing somthing else??

This reboot will be DCs demise. At first it will make a HUGE splash.. but once the novelty dies down and another publisher has somthing “HUGE” to offer…… DC will be stuck with a mishmoshed continuity once more. The jaded loyal readership they screwed over will be gone and the reality is that KIDS DONT BUY COMICS… Its all down hill for DC by 2012

Great art, however, Wonder Woman doesn’t look like anything special in that outfit and gets lost among the others. Bring back her Iconic look please.

I imagine they will make DC more accessible to new readers. I like DC but some of it is confusing with it’s alternate realities and other factors. I think DC has been more ‘story’ oriented even in its big events. I doubt they did any ‘I quit’ moments at the end of their crossovers.

So while most of the crew is flying upward, Aquaman looks like he’s diving off a cliff, Flash is inexplicably higher off the ground than GL and WW (does he fly now too?), and Batman is either riding his bat-glider or GL is in flying position but only 2 inches off the ground. And is Cyborg about to crash into Superman? Their trajectories look risky….

As for WW, besides the very large stars on her pants, I’m wondering how her tailor managed to make the crest of her corset such that the eagle-head follows the curve of her cleavage without interrupting the line of the silhouette.

I know it’s a promo, but even good promos can at least maintain some consistency in terms of how the characters relate to their shared space!

new costumes aren’t bad, except for the high collar on Superman and the fetish neckless/collar on WonderWoman

oh, and Cyborg.

This would have been cool… back in the 90’s.

That art is not Lee at his finest. It looks like its only half done. Like the legs of both Wonder Woman and Superman – its like he couldn’t be bothered to finish it!

Pretty poor performance. Let hope he puts more effort into the actual JLA comic…..

At least they’ve established, without a doubt thanks to this art, that Wonder Woman has no…um…anatomically correct coloration and texture…on her tatas. Who cars about the whole shorts vs. pants fiasco. We now know she’ll never nurse children. THAT is huge!

Is Superman wearing a red thong???

Aw… Isn’t it cute how they all have coordinating pajamas!

No one notice no Manhunter, instead we get cyborg.?

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