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Comics A.M. | DC’s Flashpoint-New 52 link; Borders warns off investors

Flashpoint #3

Comics | Flashpoint editor Eddie Berganza talks to USA Today about the midpoint of DC’s big summer event series and how it might tie into the September relaunch: “They’re starting to figure out where these 52 are coming from, and it’s staring them right in the face with Flashpoint. A lot of the concepts, a lot of the ideas, they’re cropping up within the pages. You have a book called Frankenstein in the Flashpoint world, and guess what, we’re doing Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE. You’ll see a couple of other background players start showing up that become more important as we go into September.” [USA Today]

Retailing | Borders Group warned investors on Tuesday against buying any more of the company’s stock as it soon could be worthless. If a federal bankruptcy court approves the $215-million opening bid submitted last week, the bookseller would become a subsidiary of the privately held Direct Brands, owner of the Book of the Month Club and Columbia House, meaning stock will no longer be traded. [The Detroit News]

Passings | Manga writer Shinji Wada, who teamed up with You Higuro on the lighthearted romance/caper/parody Crown, has died. [Anime News Network]

Teen Angels and New Mutants

Creators | Saga of the Swamp Thing artist Steve Bissette talks about his new book, Teen Angels and New Mutants, a 400-page “history of the ways entertainment has exploited teenagers, both fictional and actual, and partly a critical analysis of the early ’90s comics series Brat Pack.” [Shelf Life]

Creators | Tom Neely, who was interviewed just yesterday by Robot 6, talks more about his “painted novel” The Wolf. Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles will host a launch party for the book on Thursday Friday. [LA Weekly]

Creators | Whilce Portacio, Francis Manapul and several other Filipino comic book creators answer questions about their work and provide updates on their latest projects. [Philippine Daily Inquirer]

Creators | Jillian Tamaki gives an in-depth interview about her career, Skim and her job as an art instructor, among other topics. [The Comics Journal]

Digital | Paperkeg describes a social encounter with a comics retailer who made some recommendations, just the sort of thing that happens all the time in local comics shops—except that this time it was all digital. [Paperkeg]



So, Flashpoint is part story, part advertisement/justification for September..?

Oh, and if you’re going to talk trash, at least have the decency to do it grammatically…

Let’s keep it civil, guys. Comments have been deleted.

So Blackest Night led to Brightest Day led to Flashpoint led to The New 52. How is this “relaunch” anything other than yet another cynical event? I was much more excited by the idea of a reboot and starting over with just the core concept of these characters. Ever since this announcement broke, DC have been back-pedalling like crazy.

And you know they’re going to go back to Detective Comics original numbering in a years time for #900.

That’s the thing. DC hasn’t gone back on their words. They never said “reboot”. They never said that they were gonna wipe everything away and start from scratch. They slowly trickled information and people ran wild with rumors and speculation. Now that these rumors and speculations are being swatted one at a time, people claim DC is back-pedalling. If they do go back to Detective 900, that’s many years down the road. Dan Didio sepicifically said, “DC doesn’t have any plans right now”. He knows his PR. He chose his words carefully.

Jake Challenger

July 6, 2011 at 7:49 am

Flashpoint is an event like most others. Just like Marvel’s Secret Invasion led to Dark Reign, and yes, like Blackest Night led to Brightest Day.

DC is “relaunching” its comics line in September and including fallout from Flashpoint. They’ve said pretty much all along that it’s not a reboot, but a “relaunch”. I don’t understand the confusion or the drama it’s causing.

I’m more surprised that people are surprised that an event comic is leading to more comics of characters featured therein.

How long have you guys been reading superheroes?

I’m not into FLASHPOINT at all (except the Azzarello series, natch) because I do see it as a cynical event that only acts as a prelude to the next big thing and we’re all sick of those and I actually gave up on them years ago (and unlike most comic book fans, I really do stop buying when I get fed up with something).

The New 52, however, isn’t an event, it’s a dramatic shift in their publishing/business model that is also featuring new creative teams and new stories as a way to bring new readers onboard. I know, I know… we’ve heard the “new readers” thing a thousand times but it’s always been about distribution and accessibility and they’re making enough of a change this time that I think they mean it.

For this to be a cynical and calculated “event” like the events we’re used to, it’d have to be a line-wide storyline encompassing all or most of their books and marrying them to a central story that is designed to make you spend the maximum amount of cash, since you’d want as many parts of the narrative as possible, obviously.

What makes you think the titles of the New 52 will be chained together in such an obnoxious and reader-unfriendly fashion? Frankly, the fact that all 52 of these comics seem to be stand-alone is so awesome, I’m willing to support it for that alone. That seems like the OPPOSITE of the irritating “House of M/Civil War/Secret Invasion” model and I love it.

I’ve heard that there will be subtle hints here and there because this is still a shared universe. The 52 have been grouped into families so those will be more involved. However, you won’t need to read all to understand everything unless you’re a completist. I’m just wondering how long into the relaunch before a crossover or major event.

JK, Tom Neely’s appearance at Secret Headquarters is actually this Friday. I’m hoping to make it.

A shared universe, yes but each title seems to be its own stand-alone series without being connected to one wide-line overarching story that dictates tone and substance. And that’s a GOOD thing, right? Since everyone was so turned off by the DARKEST NIGHT/BRIGHTEST DAY type of events? I know I’m not the only one. In fact, there should be a groundswell of support for a superhero universe that constitutes a bunch of stand-alone series that have the possibility to interact but are not necessarily tethered together via crossover. That IS what everyone’s been clamoring for and it’s probably the only way new readers will be able to figure out how to read them… unless I’m missing something, DC’s done right on that front.

“I’m just wondering how long into the relaunch before a crossover or major event.”

I’d be happy not to see one again! They’ve sucked since I was a kid buying comics from a newsstand in the 90’s so we should be done with them. Another reason I’m hoping this relaunch is successful is because I’d like DC and Marvel to get the hint that this is a better model than the “eternal interlocking crossover” model.

Thanks Corey; it’s been corrected. Let us know how it goes!

D. Peace, you are so right. I subscribe to some series, where the conclusion is elsewhere. Most times, I don’t bother to buy the conclusion, which just further disengages me from the series I already prefer.

As a result, I’m not only not buying $4 Marvels, but I’m also reducing some $3 Marvels (and DCs) due to a lack of continued interest.

I hope that DC doesn’t continue that awfulness with Green Lantern (which hasn’t had a coherent story in about 2 years—due to all of the overlapping trash). In fact, I am optimistic that the new-launch DC will have many good standalone series (and maybe more one-and-dones?). This would mean more work for writers, but better stories….

Simon DelMonte

July 6, 2011 at 11:24 am

I bought the Frankenstein Flashpoint book based on good word of mouth, I really like it. And I plan to see what Lemire has up his sleeve for the ongoing.

Nothing wrong with that, is there?

(OK, it’s also because I also read Sweet Tooth and now think he’s a really good writer.)

with so many tittles, and so many cross over series, why not put more emphasis on tpb’s…….if no one has noticed, not a lot of people are making $ these days……..$4.00 comics??? WTF? the way I see it is that comics have hit a second golden age…..great stories,awesome art, I even love the bigtime universe crossing events, but who can afford them all? I’d say it’s time to rethink the marketing strategy, before the whole buisness goes down the tubes…..not only the market strategy but also the publication stategy…..Sure if I had an extra $1,000 a month to spend on all the comics I want to read I wouldn’t care, but that isn’t the case.

July 6, 2011 at 10:59 pm

DC burned us on COUNTDOWN saying it would lead into FINAL CRISIS…. It didnt. Was a major mishmosh that didnt connect at all.

September is a R E B O O T period. They can BS us all they want but when you alter or wipe out any characters CONTINUITY– then its a reboot.

The Superman titles alone are a MAJOR MAJOR reboot.

And keeping SOME continuity but merging it with a NEW continuity is the WORST IDEA>

Start it all over COMPLETELY FROM SCRATCH or dont do it at all.

That means a proper reboot/ relaunch – doesnt include ANY legacy heroes.
It means Dick Grayson is Robin and Wally West is Kid Flash.

How the heck do you say the DCnU is 5yrs old and have a 20 somthing Superman but Batman has a 13yrold son and 3 other Robins before him?????????

This will be DC’s death knell.


It seems obvious to me that Flashpoint is DC’s way of trying to satisfy both old and new readers: For new readers, they can just start with the September #1 stories. For old readers who want some kind of in-story explanation for the new universe, they can segue into it via Flashpoint. (Personally, I’m an old reader who will be happy to just treat September as its own separate continuity from the DCU we’ve had the last few years.) I see it as actually a win-win situation — and for those folks who, like me, would be happy to imagine the prior DCU as going on on some other Earth we may never revisit, the actual main books are unaffected by Flashpoint with no crossovers and, quite possibly from the way August’s solicits are written, a nice sense of closure with their final issues. I’m okay with that.

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