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ComiXology offers digital Planetary omnibus

The standard format for digital comics is single issues, which can be an expensive way to read an entire story. Fortunately, more and more publishers are experimenting with digital bundles and graphic novels, and here’s the biggest one of them all: ComiXology is offering Warren Ellis and John Cassaday’s Planetary, all 633 pages/27 issues of it, for $24.99. (Unless I’m missing something, this is only available on comiXology’s Comics app, not on the DC app.) That’s quite a bargain compared to buying it one issue at a time, which would set you back almost $52 (the first issue is free), and it includes an eight-page introductory story as well.

This is where the rubber meets the road for potential digital customers. On the one hand, $24.99 is a lot of money for something that is “only” pixels on a screen; on the other hand, it’s cheaper than the print edition—even secondhand, if Amazon is any guide. This looks like it may be a trial balloon of sorts, as it is only available until July 16. One has to wonder why—hopefully DC isn’t going in for that “digital vault” stupidity. Once you put the package together, it should stay on the digital shelf forever—it’s not like you’re going to run out of books. On the other hand, having the deal end just before Comic-Con may be significant; maybe there’s something more on the way.

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I’m a huge advocate of Digital comics, I love this. IDW will sometimes releas thier collections at a deep discount too. I picked up Last Stand of the Wreckers for $6 thru thier digital app.

I still haven’t gotten around to picking up the last trade int he Planetary series, andI’ve never read the 80 page intro, so for $25, I’ll be getting this.

This is a great first step, I only wish there was an easy option to get these in a CBR/CBZ format so you can back it up yourself.

Hi all-

It’s available on the DC App as well. Just give it a minute to update after launch.


Awesome! This is great news!

Sadly I won’t be able to take advantage of it – don’t get paid until after it’s gone. But I’d probably be willing to buy it if they keep the omnibus available even at a slightly higher price ($29.99 or maybe even $34.99).

This is the kind of thing the industry needs: digital trades.

This is definitely a great idea and the way comics should be sold digitally (given the ridiculous price for individual issues). It’s cool that they’re doing it with such a great series, too (I was starting to buy the individual issues slowly, every so often).

The more I think about it, the more I believe a lot of the accessibility problems of comics (not just digitally) stem from the disposable nature of the periodical. People have been buying self-contained books forever…just give it to them in that way. I’ve bought comiXology “collections” of Invincible, Walking Dead, and Mage since they’re a good value; why not do it more often? It’s absurd that one has to buy individual “accesss” (since you’re not even buying a digital file) to each issue of, say, The Dark Knight Returns or Year One instead of simply buying them as a self-contained story at a more reasonable price.

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