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Erik Larsen to resurrect Osama bin Laden in Savage Dragon

Savage Dragon #177

Never one to shy away from politics or controversy, Erik Larsen will bring Osama bin Laden back from the dead as an irradiated giant green monster in October’s Savage Dragon #177.

It seems that after the body of the al-Qaida founder was dropped into the ocean from the U.S.S. Carl Vinson, it came into contact with radiation, bringing the terrorist to life and transforming him into a literal monster — Godzilla-like, even — hellbent on destroying America. Unless Dragon’s children Malcolm and Angel can stop him.

“Radiation is the cure-all. You get some of that stuff and life is good. In the real world, you get diarrhea and your hair falls out. But in comics — boom! — you’re brought right back to life,” Larsen tells USA Today. “”There’s not really going to be anybody going, ‘Whoa, don’t hit him!’ He’s kind of a (jerk), let’s throw that out there.”

Savage Dragon has famously featured appearances by Hitler, former presidents George W. Bush and George Bush, candidate Barack Obama, President Obama, and even God and the Devil. But is five months a little too soon to bring back bin Laden? Larsen fully expects some criticism.

“It’s not like this is ancient history and we’re looking at pictures and most of the people are dead and gone,” he tells the newspaper. “This guy did evil crap recently.”



“Larsen fully expects some criticism.”

hm… I think “expects” should read seeks.

Kinda like Paris Hilton “expected” some media attention when she release nude pictures were “leaked.”

I think it’s already served its intended purpose – it’s caught everyone’s attention and will undoubtedly result in increased sales for at least that issue and one or two more. However, after buying comics for over 37 years I’m not one to fall into that trap. But good job!

I love Erik Larsen, he seems to understand that he is writing comics and no one can take them too seriously. Thank you Mr. Larsen for keeping it real in the comic book industry, punch Mark Miller in the face and i will officially propose to you.

People still read Savage Dragon?


I think his son is writing the stories. These cannot come out of an adult mind.

Savage Dragon is the best comic being published today .. and it is better now than it was when it started ..

that still doesn’t mean that people on the internet won’t say bad things about it .. but hey .. what else is new? :-)

Actually Savage Dragon is still really entertaining and you get tons of content in each issue (same reason I loved Larsen’s Spiderman run).

There is only one Erik Larsen. Accept no substitutes.

Jim McLauchlin

Not impressed.

This is in bad taste, and will obviously be a subpar piece of work…. Oh and putting Bin Laden in it won’t help it either.

Dragon was my favorite book for years and was an absolute classic but it lost its way before issue 75. Dropping my favorite was really difficult at the time but I don’t miss it at all. Kinda sad but then again so is the state of the book.

The Onion did a series of tweets about a giant Bin Laden attacking America a few months ago. I bet he follows them.

This sort of stuff is the reason I LOVE Erik Larsen !!
He is always willing to provide funnybook thrills and spills with a huge helping of humour.
“Is it too soon…..?”
I am not sure about the US response, but here in Australia and in other parts of the world the Bin Laden news was interesting for about a day, then more important things – economic woes in Europe, civil war in Libya, trade issues between Australia and Indonesia – took centre stage.

For the naysayers, I reckon you would be surprised if you actually read an issue of Savage Dragon, as it is the one comic that is as fun now as it was when I first started reading it. And it has done so with likable characters, great stories, real changes and WITHOUT A REBOOT or dodgy renumbering.
Wonder how many other comics and comics publishers can boast that claim ?

this looks really cool. i didn’t realize image was still around. it seemed like you guys were imploding a few years ago. loved tsd from 1st mini-series

Savage Dragon is a great quality comic issue after issue. A fun, enjoyable read each time out. Since Larsen controls everything about the comic, I feel it is incredibly true to his vision and to him as a person. I think that is why it holds such a special place in my heart. For those not reading it, please give it a try. Don’t sit there and say that you haven’t read it in a hundred issues, but somehow know the “state of the book” is “sad”. It’s not.

Googam son of Goom

July 6, 2011 at 6:55 pm

I’ve never read a Savage Dragon, but this ounds a lot more entertaining than Frank Miller’s new book.

Crazy craftsman Larsen!
Still green and strong, you have to respect a man who put such effort and dedication into his personal dream.
Better take example, he´s old school.

Savage Dragon has been my favourite funny book for going on seven years now. Erik keeps upping the ante with every issue (in a good way). I didn’t know how he was going to top killing the main character and handing the mantle over to Dragon’s son, but this shows me he’s still got some wildcards up his sleeve. These kind of books are why I read comics.

July 6, 2011 at 10:41 pm

Technically acording to Americas current ” best legal system in the world” If you dont have evidence that the person killed anyone – they let them go….even if they are a dispicable human being.
( Casey Anthony)

So by that logic- Osama was innocent….and OJ.

I don’t see how the “too soon” concept applies to Osama, he’s a monster, he should be getting the snot beaten out of him in comics all the time!

capt usa(Jim)

July 7, 2011 at 2:03 am

I have to agree with DeAndre Way. I mean Hitler was getting punched by Captain America before we went to war, but for some reason this might be considered too soon? The world of excessive political correctness needs to loosen up a little and have some fun. .

Oh look, Savage Dragon is in the newspaper…

Love it.

Thanks to Erik for putting out one of the best (and most underappreciated) comics on the stands!

“this looks really cool. i didn’t realize image was still around. it seemed like you guys were imploding a few years ago. loved tsd from 1st mini-series”

You didn’t realize that the third largest American comic book publisher was still around? Ooooooooooookay. If you say so.

Pull the other one.

I’m not offended, shocked, intrigued or interested. This screams of desperation for sales attention and this kind of humor is only well done by folks like Trey Parker and Matt Stone….Mr. Larsen is neither. Pass.

Savage Dragon is what got me back into comics 6 years ago or so. It’s still on my pull list and still one of my favorite books month-in and month-out. Can’t wait to read this just like I can’t wait for the next SD issue no matter what’s going on.

This book is still being published?


July 7, 2011 at 10:02 am

Let’s go Malcom and Angel!

Jack Flack: “Dragon was my favorite book for years and was an absolute classic but it lost its way before issue 75. Dropping my favorite was really difficult at the time but I don’t miss it at all. Kinda sad but then again so is the state of the book.”

I don’t know how you can comment on “the state of the book” that you haven’t read in 100 issues, but seriously, Savage Dragon is one of the finest, most unpredictable funnybooks out there. While I’ll admit that it lost some luster after 75 and started to meander a bit, since Erik left his position as Image’s publisher and rededicated himself to the book, SD has been just as stellar as it ever was. If you ever loved the book, now’s as good a time to jump back on as any…or if you want a really great jumping-on point, check out the “Back In Blue” trade paperback that starts with #145.

For all the naysayers chiming in, let me just say that when Larsen does stuff like this, yeah it’s for a little publicity, but it will be done with “tongue planted firmly in cheek,” and it will be good, old fashioned comic book FUN. This is not going to be some angsty, over-wrought political commentary. So lighten up a little, and give it a shot.

I’m not putting Larsen in the same category as Kirby, but much like “The King,” his work probably won’t be truly appreciated until he’s dead. Hate to say it. There’s just no reason that all the folks that read something like “Invincible” can’t support this title. Erik Larsen did it first, and best.

Every time Erik Larsen makes some news, you get some of the same tired negative responses. “Is thats still being published?” Um… yes, and thank god for that.

This is going to be a lot of fun. Savage Dragon is the best book out there and it has always been my favorite for about twenty years now. It kept me going back into that comic store all this time and for that, I can’t thank Erik Larsen enough.

Malcom and Angel are a lot of fun together and I am looking forward to the returning Dragon’s adventures in space too. It’s been a long, great ride but I can honestly say that this book has never been better than right now.

If you love comics, give it a try.

It will increase sales of his book – which is what it all boils down too.

So good on Larsen – for finding a different way to get a rise in sales other than a death or a new number one! haha..

Issue 178 – Osama, and Obama.

Issue 179 – Osama, Obama and Palin

Issue 180 – Osama, Obama, Palin and The Governator!

Issue 181 – ?

“Every time Erik Larsen makes some news, you get some of the same tired negative responses. “Is thats still being published?” ”

I wonder if those are the same guys all the time. That would be funny.

I don’t get the vehement Larsen haters. Like him or loathe him, the guy’s been cranking out his book day in and day out, and that’s respectable. He doesn’t do anything as an attention grab…he does it because he thinks it’ll be a gas to work on. People who like to cry “publicity stunt” are simply uncreative bores that can’t fathom the imagination of a hyperactive madman like Erik. I’ve been a fan forever, and in the interest of objectivity I’ll admit that I haven’t been taken with everything that’s ran through the pages of Savage Dragon. This is something that will likely appeal to me visually, and it’s tailor made for Erik’s style. More power to him.

If people don’t like it, fine, but don’t come off like you have insight into the man’s creative motivations. Y’don’t. If you did, you’d be making comics, too. And if you’d made close to 200 of ‘em, I can guarantee you every one wouldn’t be a “masterpiece”.


July 12, 2011 at 3:58 pm

Erik Larsen cares about comics. He’s a collector and a creator, and while I’m sure that’s true for many other creators, Erik’s always been transparent about how he feels toward the industry. A sales gimmick? Absolutely, and no more so than a company-wide reboot or multi-title arc that “changes everything!” Look at that number — #177. How many other creator-driven titles have made it that far? I say skip one of DC’s 52 number 1 issues and buy this. If you’re going to vote for gimmicks with your spending habits, go all the way!

Compare Larsen’s Anti-Osama covers to Frank Miller’s Holy Terror.

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