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First look at Adam Hughes’ cover for Batgirl #2

Batgirl #2, by Adam Hughes

Late last night Adam Hughes unveiled his cover for October’s Batgirl #2, featuring a rather youthful Barbara Gordon, writing on Twitter: “My cover to @GailSimone ‘s BATGIRL#2, coming in October! Read this comic cos Batgirl’s way cuter than Batman!”

But why does Barbara look like she stepped out of the pages of Year One? That’s what Batgirl fans would like to know!

“She looks like she’s MAYBE 15, holy crap,” be-themoon wrote in the comments of DC Women Kicking Ass. “What was that about a more seasoned, nuanced character, DC? Part of me is tired of even bothering to care about what idiocy DC is getting up to next right now.”

Foxforsale offered: “Very young! Maybe its a flashback? They’ll probably be doing lots of those to establish her history with new readers … and to be nostalgic … they fucking love nostalgia.”



These “fans” are so right in their “reviews”. Why, when I read BATGIRL #2 for the first time, i was shocked by how terrible it was. Oh, wait… none of us have read it yet!

I’d say maybe they’re basing their animosity on the series being written by an unproven or lousy writer but this is Gail Simone who writes Barbara Gordon like she was born to do it so I am completely confused by this baseless whining. It’s just petty and small and so very, very like comic book fans. Kind of a good reminder to stay away from comic book blogs until these books have come out and anybody has anything substantial to say.

be-themoon and those of similar opinion should do the same because they’re very obviously exasperated and frustrated to the point of exhaustion by how thoroughly DC has bungled this relaunch (you know, the one that will occur two months in the future). Pity that.

The comic is called BATGIRL, so it shouldn’t be silly if the character looks youthful on the cover.

If the comic was called BATCOUGAR, then that would be a different story.

Yeah, but you can’t argue with that nostalgia part. “they fucking love nostalgia.” They sure do.

Advantage: Monetta.

I would more likely read a comic called BatCougar than BatGirl.

Two thoughts.

1) It definately shows a young woman, looks like late teens. Good job on the artist capturing that.

2) My first thought was “When did Steph dye her hair?”

What strikes me about this cover is … she looks scared! And is HIDING behind a tombstone!! Now why in the world would anyone want to buy a relaunched of a FRIGHTENED Batgirl? Guess I’m not smart enough to understand the editorial decisions at DC …

RELAX PEOPLE AND TAKE A DEEP BREATH!!! It is a different costume than the image of #1, which makes me feel that it is a flashback scene from her first stint in the cowl!

I don’t see scared, I see determined, she’s waiting to ambush two gun cape guy. She’s not hiding, she’s waiting.

Seasoned, nuanced character? Good lord, this is the kind of ridiculous hyperbole that has me tuning the complaints out.

A return to the superlative Year One is better than anything ive seen from Babs and Batgirl in YEARS.

Also, if she was hiding, why is sticking her arm out? She expects twoguncapeguy not to see her at all, then she can catch him from behind.

Why? Cuz he’s got GUNS. All she has is batarangs.

I would read the hell out of a Batcougar book!

@JGT I see fear too, which mean I hope, as someone suggested above, it’s a flashback.

@DrunkJack If she can see him and expects the guy who looks to be actively searching for someone/thing (note the motion lines in the rain by the gun barrels) to not see her, she needs more practice.


@ Stephen Batcougar… so it would be Barbara and Tim? Barbara and Jason?

Batcougar – yes please. If only a one shot. And nobody seems to have noticed – isn’t that Ghost from Dark Horse in the BG?

What a nice, gritty looking gravestone Batgirl is hiding behind. Nice laid out textures, good use of colour. Certainly a work of art – hear hear! Well done, Mr Hughes.


July 6, 2011 at 9:45 am

OMG! why has no one commented on her GIANT FEET!!!

Did all her blood pool there when she was stuck in the chair? Is she Barbara Baggins now? Or–wait–was that the Earth-61 Batgirl???

So confused….

I don’t see fear. And why wouldn’t she lie low until she was in position to attack? Batman didn’t spend years learning how to conceal himself in shadows just because it looks cool(though it is).

Hmmmm. It just looks like a well done, intriguing cover that promises something that might actually be in the story. Just like they used to do years ago in the 1960’s and ’70’s when comics used to sell in the millions of copies. Covers used to frequently show the hero in peril so that you would buy the book to see how they got out of it. As opposed to the generic, let’s have an action shot of the hero that could be used on the cover of any issue. Maybe the folks at DC have decided to go back to using some sales expertise and good craftsmanship to actually try to SELL some of their books. Wouldn’t that be novel these days?

Simon DelMonte

July 6, 2011 at 11:21 am

This is a book DC will not win with. It could be the best thing Gail has ever done, and it won’t matter. Because it’s a bad idea to turn the clock back. Because the fans are angry. Because some people will never cut DC any slack. Because we’re losing Oracle.

I understand all that. I agree with a lot of that. I am sure that the only people on Earth who don’t know what a mistake this is work for DC.

But there is a saying I will invoke about books and covers.

I will hold my tongue till the fall. It’s really not that bad a plan.

It just hit me…the new #1’s aren’t out yet, which means this is the first 2nd issue from DC’s new 52 to be seen!

Has anyone considered that she’s young on the cover because it might be set at the dawn of the heroic age like Action Comics and Justice League?

DC stated at the outset that they were going with younger versions of the characters, so I’m not sure where the surprise at her apparent youthfulness comes from.

What’s getting me is that I can’t stop seeing “Batgirl as played by Karen (Amy Pond) Gillan” in this image.

Dangnabbit, now I really want to write BATCOUGAR.

I liked Adam’s first cover a lot. But this one is leagues beyond, it’s just a stunning piece.

That guy is ridiculous. It’s like he draws with a pen made of awesome rainbow happy puppy ink.

Never judge a book by it’s cover? I’m hoping that all the DC naysayers are totally wrong.

No matter how hard DC try to make Barbara fit this new continuity and not restore Killing Joke. This new DCU is a retcon and doing this, to a character who became a role model to paraplegics, showing no matter the shortcoming, you can accomplish anything. Nice move DC and no matter how excellent is a cove image, inside is waht matters and this. even this awesome cover will make me buy it.

God, some of these comments are just damn STUPID – to the extreme! The character was already stated as having been youthened a bit, I don’t see a teenager in this image at ALL – and it doesn’t matter if you do. The cover artist is NOT the interior artists and the one panel of interior art we HAVE seen shows a far grittier and mature looking Barbara Gordon – oh, that’s right, somebody will b*tch that she’s woman with “girl ” in her name etc. etc. etc. Blah, blah, blah! Such childish repetitive nonsense about a book that has NOT even come out yet! I’m thrilled by the book, I think the cover to #2 looks ligh tyears better than #1 and I think the interior panel I have seen is breathtaking – even in B&W. People carrying on about and judging a book that is 2 months away from even being released reminds me of why blogs for comic fans is definitely a waste of time. They just live to complain. This “Batgirl” book will do exceedingly well for a few reasons… a great writer, excellent art and tons of advance media attention. THIS Batgirl will be around for the long haul! I totally agree with the one poster who noted that there was a time when DC covers were more interesting – like this one. It evokes the intensity of Neal Adams in Detective in the early 70’s – when Babs as batgirl was frequently the back up story. It SELLS a book and isn’t just some variation of a single panel in the story. Awesome!

@Rob You might want to read this post with comments from Adam Hughes’ wife regarding how Babs is drawn :)

Thanks Sue, Already familiar with Adam Highe’s wife’s comments. The fact that he was asked to draw her younger does not mean she will be all that much younger in the story. Even if she is – so what? This is fiction. People are acting as if a real timeline should be used or something – if that’s the case – Babs is well into her retirement years. Grant Morrison said it best when asked about the age of a superhero once, he said in so many words – “…it doesn’t matter, they aren’t real!” How true. Geez, this is fiction. DC just wants their heroes to look as vibrant as they can. So what if Babs is youthened somewhat? She will still have been Oracle. Why do people get hung up on the age of Babs – but nobody seems to care that Batman is a 72 yr. old character? Why is Barbara Gordon always being trapped by supposed fans into character defining situations to make her so “real”. She isn’t and never will be – why can’t we just enjoy the damn story without having to psychoanalyze everything to death – it just sucks the fun out of it all.

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