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First look at art from relaunched Aquaman and Wonder Woman

Cosmic Book News continues to parcel out scans from the DC Comics: The New 52 preview, offering a look at a page from Aquaman #1 by Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, as well as penciled art from Wonder Woman #1, by Cliff Chiang and Brian Azzarello (see the full pages at Cosmic Book News). It’s worth noting that the latter provides further confirmation that the star-spangled shorts are indeed returning.

Check out the Aquaman art after the break. DC Comics: The New 52 preview will be available later today at Comic-Con International in San Diego and in comic stores nationwide. Wonder Woman #1 goes on sale Sept. 21, followed a week later by Aquaman #1.

Art from "Aquaman" #1, by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado



looks good

It’s a nice package, reminds me of the old DC Primer.

Well, there goes whatever hope I had that they’d be fixing Wonder Woman. Back with the panties. Blergh.

Maybe WW wears shorts in the summer and pants in the winter like us normal folk? Or maybe the shorts are for “superhero casual Fridays.”

Yeah. Shorts. That’s what’s been wrong with the WW comics all these years.

Hugo Sleestak

July 20, 2011 at 7:23 am

“They want the panties? We’ll give ‘em the panties. Old lady panties and skinny legs. Be careful what you wish for, fanboyz.”

I could be wrong about this, but since this is pencil art, perhaps it was drawn before the final costume design was chosen. Similarly, the version of the old costume that appeared on the cover of that preview sampler may have been drawn before the new costume design was decided upon, and someone in the production department may have accidentally put in an old file that had since been revised. Just a theory.

I didn’t care for them at first but the long pants have kind of grown on me, especially the way Cliff Chiang draws them. It’s a much cleaner, simpler design than her traditional costume (which I’ve always found to be too visually busy).

You go outside, you put on PANTS darn it!

Two of the only titles I’m looking forward to at all.

so which is it?pants or no pants?
make up your mind DC.

Such a HUGE mistake to put WW BACK in her sexist bikini bottom and HEELS, I’m so disappointed. When I saw Jim Lees’ cover for the new JL I thought “YES, finally”. That outfit she had in that cover incorporated the best of her classic look, the looks she’s been sporting for the past 13 issues and tied it all in real well. It was simple, elegant and FUNCTIONAL. Now they’ve gone and stuffed her back in heels and a bikini bottom.

I’m hoping that MAYBE she’ll have more than one look and that we’ll get to see her switch from bikini to pants from time to time. As it stands I’m not at all happy about her going all retro again.

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