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First look at Steve Orlando and Polly Guo’s Morningstar

[Note: Article edited to add publisher information.]

The Internet is a wonderful thing. Twenty years ago when you wanted to find out about the next big comics talent you had to wait for them to hit shelves in indie comics or a small anthology title. Now every day something new is popping up on the internet.

Today, we have Morningstar. Written by U.K. Albany indie writer Steve Orlando, I found out about the upcoming graphic novel via the book’s artist Polly Guo. Guo describes it as a “balls-out superhero punchfest” covering the redemption of the fallen angel Lucifer in the Kingdom of God. Tying into the writings of poet John Milton’s Paradise Lost, Morningstar is scheduled for publication in late 2012 by 215 Ink … and doesn’t this look great?



I love discovering great lesser known/independent graphic novels, comics and webcomics through these features. Great looking book that I’ll definitely check out.

I tried looking for the comic but haven’t found it anywhere besides here and on the artist’s resume page, and writer’s page. When is it ‘actually’ scheduled to come out? I really want to see the this comic.

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