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From Turtles to Dinosaurs: Mirage artist Jim Lawson branches out

Cartoonist Jim Lawson has spent the past 20+ years working under Peter Laird’s Mirage Studios banner on its flagship characters, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But now he’s branching out and trading in Turtles for Dinosaurs — and not the teenage, mutant, or ninja kind.

In his new webcomic series Paleo: Loner, Lawson shows the paleolithic story of one of dinosaurs’ fiercest members, a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Using a more realistic style than his TMNT work,Lawson contrasts the visuals with a third-person narrative that gets inside the head of this fearsome monster and why he does what he does.

In addition to the story and the art, one of the things that stood out to me is although Lawson is presenting this digitally as webcomic, looking at the pages you’ll see they’re hand-drawn and hand-lettered — a rare thing in print comics or digital.



Jim’s run on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was amazing. I’ll definitely check this out.

yep! Love his work on TMNT; Paleo has been looking fantastic too… definitely different from TMNT but it’s still definitely Jim Lawson.

I got a super-rad commission from him a month or so ago… very easy to work with, very quick, very pleasant, and very highly recommended for anyone looking for some commission work:

The comic is great fun! I just wish he’d used ComicPress for his website; it would be nice to scroll through the pages as though you’re reading a comic instead of clicking on one blog post, clicking “back,” then clicking on another to read the next page, etc.

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